The purpose of the University of Dayton Collegiate Adolescent to Young Adult Club is threefold- to bring together AYA majors throughout all concentrations to build a greater community within the academic program, to further members' comprehension of the AYA age group beyond the academic classroom by applying our knowledge to service and field experience, and to provide the members with information on AYA career opportunities as well as build connections with professionals in the field. In general, UD CAYAC will help its members grow both academically and socially.


Professional Development

    -Participate in educational retreats
    -Go to conferences in the individual content areas (math, science, language arts, social studies, foreign languages)
    -Host speakers on various aspects of teaching
    -Give and receive help with 4-year plans, portfolios, and scheduling

Social Activities

    -"Teacher Movie" nights
    -Kayaking/Canoeing trip


    -Tutor high school students at DECA (Dayton Early College Academy), a charter school for inner-city students who could be the first in their families to attend college.
    -Volunteer at Christmas on Campus, an event that spread Christmas cheer to needy children in Dayton.
    -Volunteer with other activities as they arise.