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Why join? With a student member- ship to SPIE or OSA, you are eligible for journal subscriptions, scholar- ships and travel grants. You also get discounts on conference registra- tions and the opportunity to partici- pate in networking events. Application links are available below. Don't forget to select University of Dayton as your chapter affiliation. Join today, or contact an officer for more information.

Introducing EOP Student Lecture Series and Recruitment Campaign

TechFest Feb -, 2009   Are you planning to visit your hometown or undergraduate university in the near future? Interested in giving a seminar at a local university? You can help with recruitment for our UD EOP program.

You could contact one of your old professors or the chair of the physics or engineering department, and volunteer to give a short lecture or seminar to their undergrads sometime during your stay. We'll provide a couple of extra slides for your presentation describing our EOP graduate program and you can discuss your experiences at UD with the students.

There are some funds available for reimbursement for gas, with consideration given on a case-by-case basis. If you'd like help setting up lectures at specific universities, please contact Emily.

2009 TechFest is coming this weekend,  Sinclair Community College

TechFest Feb 14-15, 2009   The SPIE chapter is ready to go. Click the image for more information.

Optics Tour for High School Students,  LOCI

group picture Nov 11, 2008   Optics demonstrations for high school physics students at DECA including telescope, interference, diffraction, polarization, spectroscopy and micro-optics elements. Click the following link for more details and pictures.

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Having Fun in Electro-Optics Picnic,  Forrest Field Park

May 10, 2008   Electro-Optics picnic, a bi-annual tradition activity in EO program, was held in Forrest Field Park. People were enjoying themselves in the nature. Check the full article for more pictures.

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NEW SPIE Chapter Faculty Advisor

April, 2008   Dr. Qiwen Zhan, Associate Professor in Electro-Optics program, is the new faculty advisor . Thank Dr. Banerjee for being our faculty advisor for so many years.

SPIE Chapter Meeting,  Kettering Labs

March 28, 2008   SPIE chapter annual meeting was held in Kettering Labs. In this meeting, new officers were elected and possible new faculty advisor proposed. SPIE activities for spring and summer were discussed.

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