Welcome to the University of Dayton

SME Chapter S070

A Message from the Student Chair

This past school year has been a busy one for our Student Chapter and me. Some of my activities included:

Building a BUV (Basic Utility Vehicle) for SAE.

Research and Development work on a Seiko Robot to respond to specific commands for a SME project.

Planning events for SME.

Relaxing with my hobby rebuilding my vintage minichoppers, working on my truck, and tinkering with whatever else I can get my hands on...

What SME has done for me

My involvement with UD and SME enabled me to gain valuable work experience through an internship at Saia-Burgess (Vandalia, OH) manufacturing solenoids and switches.

Networking with the UD SME Chapter helped me establish my scholastic short-term and long-term goals of graduating with a double major in Mechanical Engineering Technology and Manufacturing Engineering Technology. Once I graduate and work in the field for awhile, I would like to head back to school to earn an MBA degree and further develop my engineering and business skillsets. My long-term career path focus is to establish a business start-up manufacturing plant building parts, accessories, and everything else for motorcycles and choppers. I would also like to create my own original choppers on moving assembly lines and have a specialty shop for future designs and custom radical rides.

Before I can achieve all of this I must first finish my current goal of graduating from UD. SME has helped me work towards my dream by making me the recipient of a scholarship courtesy of the SME's Education Foundation which is supported by the donations of the alumni members. I appreciate the efforts of this organization to make my UD college experience more affordable and am grateful to anyone and everyone who donated money to make the award of my scholarship possible. Thanks Again!!!

One Last thing that I must say about SME, the benefits and friendships are endless. I cannot tell you how many Presidents, Vice Presidents and fellow Engineers of companies and SME from the tri-state that I have met and impacted my life for the better. I feel anything is possible with the right work ethics and dreams, and all is supported by SME and its values. Like I said before, the benefits are endless and they are still coming my way. I love SME and what it stands for and I would like to help SME grow and to help keep and create jobs in manufacturing here in the USA.

Brooks Sease
SME Chapter S070
Student Chair
2003 - Present