Peter Powers
Department of Physics
University of Dayton


In the Fall I will teach PHY333, Digital & Analog Circuits

I regularly teach nonlinear optics and have written a textbook, Fundamentals of Nonlinear Optics, see link below. The textbook encompasses a broad spectrum of nonlinear phenomena from second-harmonic generation to soliton formation. The wide use of nonlinear optical phenomena in laboratories and commercial devices requires familiarity with the underlying physics as well as practical device considerations. This text adopts a combined approach to analyze the complimentary aspects of nonlinear optics, enabling a fundamental understanding of both a given effect and practical device applications.


My general research interests lie in the field of nonlinear optics and its application to other branches of physics and applied physics.  In particular, I am investigating methods of producing infrared light for use in applied spectroscopy.  This involves three research areas, designing and fabricating nonlinear optical materials, building nonlinear optical frequency conversion devices, and applying these devices to spectroscopic measurements.  I am pursuing research in all three of these areas.  

For more on my research go to the Nonlinear Optics Laboratory.


List of publications and conference presentations
List of patents


I have four children, William, Greg, Gina, and Eric. 


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