SCI190 Exam Procedures


General Procedures:
* Students will not be allowed in the room until all exams are distributed on the day of an exam
* When the door is open, students can find and exam and begin to work
* Exams cannot be moved to a different location
Test 1, 2, 3 and 4
* The first 4 exams are 25 minutes long
* Students must remain at their seats for the full 25 minutes.
* The exam will contain 12 True/False
* The exam will contain 16 Multiple Choice
* All exams will be collected at the end of the 25 minutes.
* Class will resume after the exams are collected.
* Chapters covered on each exam are identified in the calendar within the course syllabus.
Test 5
* Test 5 is a full 1 hour exam.
* Test 5 will be administered during the final exam block time (see calendar).
* Test 5 will have 24 True/False.
* Test 5 will have 32 Multiple Choice.
* Test 5 is NOT comprehensive.
* Once a student has completed Test 5, they may turn i nthe exam and are free to leave.