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Chautauqua Course DAY-24


Concepts for Teaching Introductory Meteorology


PAUL HAMILL, McHenry County College IL, and ERIC PRIEST, College of Lake County IL


May 19-21, 2014 in Dayton, OH                                                                                Apply: DAY


Note:  Applications should be sent to the DAY Field Center. This course has course fee of $195 (in addition to the $100 application fee), which covers stipends and travel for course directors and other course-related expenses.  Optional reduced rate lodging will be available to early applicants. Due to the hands-on nature of this course, there will be a strict limit on enrollment.


Science faculty are frequently asked to teach an introductory meteorology course, or a unit on meteorology in some more general course. The goals of this class are to help instructors organize an introductory meteorology course plan, review difficult meteorological concepts, and illustrate how to apply meteorological concepts to real-time weather. Among the topics to be covered are:

  • Course planning - concepts that must be covered; concepts that are optional
  • Weather analysis
  • Satellite and radar imagery interpretation.
  • Linking the surface and upper air: convergence, divergence, and vorticity
  • Atmospheric stability
  • Fronts
  • Numerical weather prediction


For college teachers of: any discipline; particularly for faculty who want to introduce a unit on meteorology in a natural science or physical science course.  Prerequisites: none, beyond basic training in the natural sciences.  Presentations will assume basic science, and will not assume specific topic information.



Costs for 2014

Application fee: $100

Course fee: $195 [Due in March 2014]

Optional campus lodging: around $58 per person per night in a single



Paul Hamill is an Associate Professor of Meteorology at McHenry County College with his major emphasis concentrated on synoptic meteorology. He has taught meteorology, astronomy, and earth science at the college for 16 years. Paul has completed research in his graduate work studying Antarctic meteorological teleconnections during El Nino events, and his post-graduate studies included conditional symmetric instability (thundersnow events). Eric Priest is an Associate Professor of Meteorology at the College of Lake County and his major emphasis is synoptic meteorology (weather analysis and forecasting). Before joining the faculty at CLC, Eric spent nearly twenty five years as an operational aviation meteorologist with the United States Air Force and United Airlines.



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