I am committed to fairness in grading. I ask that you put the names of your lab partner(s) on your reports.  That way I can grade the papers for each student group together.  It helps me avoid taking off points for one partner and not for another. 

If I take off points for something on your paper but not on someone else's paper, bring it to my attention.  I will give you back the points.  I will NEVER deduct the points from the other person.

I work very hard to grade everyone equally.  I am human and I will make mistakes.  Tell me about my mistakes so I can correct them to your benefit.

If you feel any grade I give is unfair, come discuss it with me.  I may not grant your argument, but I will NEVER reduce your grade or anyone else's based on your having raised the question.  I will respect you for standing up for what you feel is fair and will never hold against you the fact you raised a question of fairness.