Physics 440 Quantum Mechanics II

Instructor: Bruce Craver
Office: Sherman 101D
Phone: x92219 (229-2219 from off campus)

Text: Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by David J. Griffiths

This is the second of a two-semester course in quantum mechanics.


Quantum Mechanics in Three Dimensions (Chapter 4 in text)

Schroedinger equation in three dimensions
Hydrogen atom
Angular momentum

Identical Particles (Chapter 5 in text)

Two-Particle Systems

Time-Independent Perturbation Theory (Chapter 6 in text)

Non-degenerate and Degenerate Perturbation Theory
Fine Structure of Hydrogen
Zeeman Effect
Hyperfine Splitting

Time-Dependent Perturbation Theory (Chapter 9 in text)

Two-Level Systems
Emission and Absorption of Radiation
Spontaneous Emission

Scattering (Chapter 11 in text)

Partial Wave Analysis
Born Approximation

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