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The University of Dayton Muslim Student Association was founded by Rouah Azmeh in 2005, who also served as the President of the organization till she graduated in 2007. The society also received official recogntion from the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership. Under the Presidency of Rouah Azmeh, the MSA organized the Ramadan Fastathon Event along with Islam Awareness Week, two programs which were to become keystone activities of the society.


After Rouah graduated, Faizan Ahmad took up the Presidency of the MSA. Building on the hard work done during the last two years, the Ramadan Fastathon and Islam Awareness Week were organized again and a significant increase in interest in the society and participation in activities was noted. Moreover, activities such as an interfaith discussion between the MSA and the Campus Ministry in Founders Hall, the giving out of sweets on campus as a token of festivities for Eid celebrations, and an exclusive MSA dinner with the President of UD Dr. Dan Curran were also organized. Also, a newly renovated Prayer Room for Muslims in Alumni Hall was ready for use in September 07, and the first Jumaa Prayer Services were held in the Prayer Room on October 19th 2007. Jason "Yaseen" Coleman, Vice President of the MSA, gave the sermon. Elections were held in April' 08 and a formal constitution was drawn up for the society.