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Ceilidh Turns XXI

March 7, 2008


As a branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism, also known as the SCA, we serve primarily to recreate and reenact all aspects of the historical periods between 600 and 1600 AD in a number of different cultures and countries. You can be an English noble, a French scoundrel, or a Scottish fighter. Anything you're interested in from the Middle Ages is here at St. Joan and the SCA. 

As a local club, we provide instruction on period fencing, dancing, and sewing our own period clothing, as well as many other activities including wood working, art, cooking, singing, and much more!  On weekends, we often travel to area SCA events, where our members participate in fighting, feasting, archery, and dancing, dressed in period clothing. Most of our events can be attended on Saturday as a one day trip, but some events also include an option to camp in Medieval style.

At St. Joan, we do more before 1600 AD than most people do all day!


Visit the ACTIVITIES page to find the next meeting location


If you're interested in the culture of the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods, learn more about what we do in the SCA by logging on to http://www.scademo.com/. After you see some of the things we do, contact the club; or better yet, come to one of our weekly meetings. New people are always welcome, and it's a great feeling to find others who share your interests! Come join the Medieval Club, and be a part of something special.
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