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The Master of Science in Applied Mathematics (MAS) -- Description in the UD Graduate Catalog
The graduate program in applied mathematics is interdisciplinary in nature. A plan of study may include up to a four-course concentration in computer science, engineering, or business for students with appropriate backgrounds. The primary objective of the program in applied mathematics is to train students to do professional work in the applications of mathematics. The program provides a background in mathematical, numerical, and statistical analyses and students will gain valuable experience in modeling and computation. Students will have the opportunity to work on a semester or year-long project, the Mathematics Clinic project.
The program strives to offer an individualized plan of study that meets the needs and career goals of the student. This is achieved by offering a core of courses blending analysis, linear algebra, modeling, and numerical analysis in the Department of Mathematics. The student, with departmental approval, will select a four-course concentration of courses. This area of concentration can be outside the Department of Mathematics. The Mathematics Clinic project, the capstone requirement, is a research project in which the student applies mathematical, numerical, or statistical modeling methods to a problem related to the student's four course concentration. The Mathematics Clinic project can be a team project and can involve faculty members from several departments.

Required courses:

  • MTH 404 Complex Variables OR MTH 525 Complex Variables I
  • MTH 430 Real Analysis
  • MTH 531 Advanced Differential Equations OR MTH 535 Partial Differential Equations
  • MTH 555 Numerical Analysis I OR MTH 556 Numerical Analysis II
  • MTH 565 Linear Algebra
  • MTH 541 Mathematics Clinic

In addition, take 15 credit hours of MTH electives.

Course descriptions for all graduate mathematics courses
Course descriptions for all undergraduate mathematics courses

For more information about the MS in Applied Mathematics, contact

Dr. Paul Eloe
Department of Mathematics
University of Dayton
300 College Park
Dayton, OH 45469-2316

Phone: 937-229-2016
Fax: 937-229-2566