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We are very pleased to announce that Dr. Wiebke Diestelkamp has received the College of Arts and Sciences 2008 Faculty Award for Outstanding Service. The citation for the award follows.



On the occasion of his receiving the

Faculty Award for Outstanding Service

Dr. Wiebke Diestelkamp

The 2008 faculty award for outstanding service in the College of Arts and Sciences is granted to Dr. Wiebke Diestelkamp, Department of Mathematics.

Since joining UD's Math Department eleven years ago, Dr. Diestelkamp has provided extensive and exemplary service to the Department, the College, the University, and the broader mathematical community, particularly in Ohio.  Although her service includes a wide spectrum of activities, three are particularly important: co-organizer of MathEvents since 2002, service to the Mathematical Association of America and Ohio NExT, and advising of students. 

MathEvents is a collection of celebrations of mathematics that has become a standard event every fall since 2002.  Each year, MathEvents is anchored by the Kenneth C. Schraut Memorial Lecture.  In even numbered years, the Biennial Alumni Seminar in the Mathematical Sciences is tied to the lecture.  This seminar includes Conversations among Women in Mathematics, an activity to promote mathematics for womenIn odd-numbered years, the Schraut lecture anchors Undergraduate Mathematics Day which allows undergraduates and sometimes high school students to give and attend talks at a professional conference celebrating all aspects of mathematics—research, learning, teaching and history.  The programs have developed and participation has grown over the years so that attendance is now near capacity at 170 attendees.  Each year, Dr. Diestelkamp and Dr. Aparna Higgins co-organize these programs including applying for funding, determining the schedule for the day, recruiting participants, and handling applications, along with arranging for housing, food service, signage, and audio-visual equipment to name but a view of the details that make the day a success.

The Mathematical Association of America is the world’s largest professional society that focuses on mathematics accessible at the undergraduate level.  The national organization is arranged into Sections with UD in the Ohio Section.  Dr. Diestelkamp has been UD’s liaison to the Ohio Section since her second year at UD.  In 2006, Dr. Diestelkamp was appointed the Liaison Coordinator of the Ohio Section, a position she still holds today.  This past January, she began a three year term on the Committee on MAA/Department Liaisons, a national appointment made by the President of the MAA from among all members of the MAA. 

Project NExT, New Experiences in Teaching, is a professional development program of the MAA for new and recent PhDs in math.  In 1999-2000, Dr. Diestelkamp was selected as one of 70 Project NExT fellows nationwide.  Because of the popularity and competitive nature of this program, many of the MAA Sections have since developed their own Project NExT programs.  Dr. Diestelkamp and two other former national fellows now direct Ohio NExT.  This is a year round activity that includes recruiting new faculty to the organization and coordinating two half-day workshops annually.  Dr. Diestelkamp also continues to be active with the national Project NExT.

Dr. Diestelkamp’s additional service activities are numerous.  For four years, she advised undeclared science transfer students from within UD and to UD.  Presently, she advises junior mathematics majors.  She has also served as a faculty mentor for a first-year minority student and on numerous thesis/dissertation committees for undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.  At the University level, Dr. Diestelkamp serves on the Judicial Hearing Board.  Locally, Dr. Diestelkamp has served the Dayton Chapter of the American Statistical Association.  After previously being elected vice president, she is currently serving as the chapter’s elected secretary/treasurer.

For these and her many unmentioned accomplishments, the College of Arts and Sciences is pleased to present the 2008 Outstanding Service Award to Dr. Wiebke Diestelkamp.