Mathematics Department 2000 Newsletter

Editor's Note: In early January, every alumna and alumnus of the mathematics
department should receive a hard copy of this newsletter via the US Mail.  If you 
did not receive your copy, please send your correct mailing address to the alumni office.
Mathematics Department

The University of Dayton
Mathematics Department
December 2000

Last year, Tom began his message with "This will be my last newsletter as Chair."  
So, I begin with "This will be my first newsletter as Chair."  I began serving a four 
year term as Chair on July 1, 2000.  I came to the University of Dayton in August 1980.  
Jack McCloskey hired me and I have worked only with Jack and Tom as Chairs during my 
twenty years here.  My goal is to serve this department as well as I've seen it served. 

I think it is clear from recent newsletters that the department is undergoing significant 
change due to retirements and new hires.  It is an exciting time.  We are bringing good 
people to the department.  We are bringing young and enthusiastic teachers who are 
developing strong research programs.  It is also a reflective time.  My long time 
colleagues, who have continued and developed the excellent reputation of the department, 
are retiring and moving on.  Last year, we hired Dr. Atif Abueida who earned his degree 
from Auburn University in combinatorics with Chris Rodger as his academic advisor.  Before 
coming to the USA, Atif had obtained nine years experience in secondary education.  We have 
also just recently hired Dr. Becky Krakowski who earned her degree from North Carolina 
State University in mathematics education.  Becky has five years experience in secondary 
education.  Moreover, the School of Education hired Dr. Janet Herrelko in mathematics 
education last year.  There are many movements today in mathematics education and the 
potential for collaboration is very exciting.

When I began serving my term as Chair, I knew that change would be the norm.  I was 
thinking mostly in terms of the retirements and the hiring.  Since that time, Brother 
Raymond Fitz has announced that he will step down as President of the University of Dayton 
during the summer of 2002.  Brother Ray was President when I came here in 1980.  John 
Geiger has announced that he will step down as Provost during the summer of 2001.  The 
administration has decided to replace John Geiger with an acting provost so that a new 
president can come on board and put an administration in place.  There is very much a 
sense of change permeating the entire university environment.  

A year ago, Tom wrote that the much anticipated renovation and building of the science 
complex would happen.  It has stalled briefly; the university has hired an architectural 
firm, the HOK Science + Technology Group, to develop a master plan for renovation and new 
building and to bring some fresh imagination to the project.  This exercise has moved the 
anticipated ground breaking from May, 2001 to October, 2001.  Planning is currently fast 
and furious. The university has already committed to the initial phase of a new building; 
recently, the renovation became a high priority university fund raising item and hopes are 
high that funds can be raised to complete the renovation phases as well. 

We like to hear from you.  We want to keep in touch and we have been updating our address 
book.  We are interested in email addresses as well.  We are always interested in 
opportunities for our students: positions, summer positions or internships, real applied 
mathematics clinics projects, and the like.  On behalf of the Department of Mathematics, 
I wish you a very special Christmas and a happy new millennium.

Paul Eloe


Thank you very much for your generous support.  We continue to use your support to provide 
matching funds to upgrade the department's technology capabilities.  The software package, 
Maple, is routinely employed in many courses and the introduction of Maple is a part of the 
MTH 168 syllabus.  The software package, Excel, is routinely used in MTH 128, the first 
semester mathematics course taken by School of Business Administration students.  The 
university now has a PCSAS site license and SAS is routinely used in the statistics courses. 
 We do not currently deliver any web based courses, but many of our faculty are 
experimenting with web based delivery.  The demands from technology continually grow and 
your support has been instrumental to our ability to deliver mathematics in a modern 

Our records, in conjunction with those of the University Advancement Office indicated 
that the following people have donated a total of $8,051.44 to the Department of Mathematics 
since, December, 1999:

Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan E. Baniak (81)
Alan (55) & Lydia Powers (57) Berens
Ms. Marcia J. Boyle (74)
Dr. & Mrs. Gregory Campbell (70)
Mr. & Mrs. Dennis D. Clemens (62)
Mr. Nicholas J. Continisio (74)
Dr. & Mrs. Franklin D. Demana (60)
David & Cheryl (92) Prenger Edelmann
Paul & Laura Schneider (84) Eloe
Susan Miller Enyart (81)
Jonathon (96) & Tammi Tobin (96) Fedders
Mr. & Mrs. J. William Friel
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas E. Gantner (62)
Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Hartke (66)
Dr. & Mrs. William J. Huster (78)
Mr. & Mrs. Paul S. Judd (82)
Victoria Steinlage & Kevin Kroeger (88)
Mr. & Mrs. George Morrison III (82)
Edward (76) and Mary Herrig (76) Mykytka
Mr. & Mrs. Timothy J. Rice (88)
Mr. James R. Sebastian (95)
Dr. & Mrs. Richard G. Segers (50)
John & Mary Sweeney (64) Sikora
Mr. & Mrs. Randall J. Smith (77)
Thomas (72) & Patricia Sobieralski
Mr. Robert W. Springer (77)
Mr. Kevin A. Thomas (76)
Mr. Yongzhi Zhang (97)

The above total includes employee matching gifts from the following corporations and 

American Express Foundation		Lockheed Martin Corporation
Eli Lilly and Company Fnd.			NCR Foundation
Hewitt Associates LLC			Principal Financial Group Fnd.
Independent Colleges IN Fnd.


Thank you also for your generous support of the Kenneth C. Schraut Memorial Lectureship 
Fund.  In November, Dr. Joe Diestal (MTH 64) of Kent State University delivered the 
kickoff lecture entitled, "Sums.  Series in Vector Spaces."   The current market value 
of the fund is $21,351, which includes gifts made during the past year totaling $550.00 
from the following:

Mr. & Mrs. Constance Kusmer & Stephen P. Hodges
Mr. Richard L. Iannarino (71)
Ronald & Pamela Steinkirchner (76)
Dr. & Mrs. C. Eugene Steuerle (68)
Mr. James T. Wiggenhorn

The above total includes matching gifts from the following corporations and foundations:

Nationwide Ins. Enterprise Fnd.
Lockheed Martin Corporation

19th Biennial Seminar and the Kenneth C. Schraut Memorial Lecture

The Biennial Seminar was held on the afternoon of Saturday, November 4, 2000.  The event 
included the kickoff to the Kenneth C. Schraut Memorial Lecture and the lecture was 
delivered by Dr. Joe Diestel (MTH 64).  The title of the lecture was "Sums.  Series in 
Vector Spaces."  The Schraut Lecture is intended to benefit the undergraduate majors. 
This lecture began with material that might very well have been presented by Dr. Schraut 
in advanced calculus; Joe then developed a colorful history of a theory that has developed 
through the twentieth century and Joe left us at the current state of the development of 
the theory.  The abstract can be found at  
We were happy to see Dr. Robert Buck (MS 69), Stephen Hodges (MTH 77), Kevin Thomas (MS 76),
 Joyce Marie Ray (MTH 74),  Marjorie August  (MTH 91), Daniel Messina (MS 94), Dr. Ann 
Farrell (MTH 80), Dr. Gregory Campbell (MTH 70), Dr. Peter Hovey (MTH 75), Dr. Alan 
Berens (MTH 55), George Morrison (MTH 82), and Yongzhi Zhang (MS 97).  Other alumni 
included Ralph Steinlage, Tom Gantner, Gerry Shaughnessy and Harry Mushenheim.


Full Time Faculty
Atif Abueida, 2000		Joe Mashburn, 1981
Wiebke Diestelkamp, 1998	Jack McCloskey, 1965
Paul Eloe, 1980			Harry Mushenheim, 1965
Tom Gantner, 1966		Shirley Ober, 1977
Bob Gorton, 1969		Youssef Raffoul, 1999
Joan Hart, 1999			Paula Saintignon, 1983
Aparna Higgins, 1984		Carroll Schleppi, 1984
Muhammad Islam, 1985		Gerry Shaughnessy, 1967
Becky Krakowski, 2000		Les Steinlage, 1969
Glen Lobo, 1999			Ralph Steinlage, 1966
John Kauflin, 1966

Part Time Faculty
Martha Carter, 1997		Don Jurick, 1991
Eric Cheney, 1989		Kumara Jayasuriya, 2000
Cheryl Edelmann, 1999		Karen Mickel, 1992
Robert Finnegan, 1985		Betty Schneider, 1989
Cathy Hundt, 1995		John Wulber, 1998 

Professors Emeriti
Stanley Back, 1998		Ben Rice, 1998
Bill Friel, 1963		Joe Stander, SM, 1959
Jerry Neff, 1990		Jerry Strange, 1958
Richard Peterson, 1998


We have hired two new faculty members at the assistant professor level beginning 
August 2000.  They are Atif Abueida and Rebecca Krakowski.  Atif earned a Ph.D. 
in mathematics from Auburn University in 2000.  He pursues research in the area of 
combinatorics, with emphasis in graph theory and design theory.  Rebecca earned her 
Ph.D. in mathematics education from North Carolina State University in May 2000.  
She has five years experience in teaching high school mathematics prior to her graduate 
work.  We expect Rebecca to spend a lot of her time focusing on curriculum development 
and revision of mathematics content courses for education majors.  Shirley Ober and Les 
Steinlage have accepted full-time lecture positions beginning August 2000.  Both Shirley 
and Les had been on our part-time faculty member list for a long period of time.  Shirley 
has taught mathematics since 1977, and Les has taught since 1969 at UD.



Paul Eloe and Linqing Zhang (MS 98): Comparison of Green's functions for a family of 
multipoint boundary value problems, J. Math. Anal. Appl.  246(2000), 296-307 

Paul Eloe and M. Bohner: Higher order dynamic equations:  Wronskians, disconjugacy and 
interpolating families of functions, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 246(2000), 639-656.

Paul Eloe and J. Davis: Discrete Kiguradze type inequalities, J. Difference Equations and 
Appls. 6(2000), 431-441.

Paul Eloe and Muhammad Islam (with Bo Zhang): Uniform asymptotic stability in linear 
Volterra integrodifferential equations with application to delay systems, Dynam. Syst. 
& Appl. 9(2000), 331-344.

Muhammad Islam and Youssef Raffoul: Stability properties of linear Volterra 
integrodifferential equations with nonlinear perturbation, Comm. Appl. Anal., to appear.
Uniform asymptotic stability in linear Volterra difference equations, PanAmerican 
Math. J., to appear.

Paul Eloe and Youssef Raffoul (with D. T. Reid and K. C. Yin): Positive periodic solutions 
of nonlinear functional difference equations, J. Comp. & Math. Appl., to appear.

Youssef Raffoul: T-periodic solutions and a priori bounds, 32(2000), 643-652.

Joe Mashburn:   (with Z. Balogh, H. Bennett, D. Burke, G. Gruenhage, D. Lutzer): OIF spaces,
Questions & Answers in General Topology, Vol 18, 2000.

Paul Eloe, Joe Mashburn and L. Grimm: A boundary value problem on an unbounded domain, 
Diff. Eqns. and Dyn. Systems 8(2000), 125-140.

Wiebke Diestelkamp: The decomposability of orthogonal arrays on three symbols 
having t+1 rows strength t, J. Comb. Designs, 8(2000), 442-458. (with J. H. Beder) 
On the decomposition of orthogonal arrays, Utilitas Mathematica, to appear.

Aparna Higgins: (with Joseph Gallian) Helping students present their research, AMS Summer 
Conference Proceedings on Undergraduate Research, (1999), 289-295. Multi-faceted 
undergraduate research in mathematics at the University of Dayton, AMS Summer Conference 
Proceedings on Undergraduate Research, (1999), 297-305.

Wiebke Diestelkamp gave one talk at the AMS-MAA joint meeting in Washington DC in 
January 2000, and another talk at the Ohio NExT workshop at the spring MAA meeting at 
Marshall University.  She was invited to give a poster at the First Midwest Conference 
for New Directions in Experimental Design, Columbus, May 2000.  She has submitted an NSF 
grant based on her collaborative research work with J. Beder of University of 
Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  She received a research council grant for summer 2000 from UD.  

Paul Eloe organized a special session on Differential Inequalities and Applications for 
an AMS meeting held in Notre Dame University, April 2000.  Paul presented a talk at the 
Midwest Differential Equations Conference at Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, and he 
presented a talk at the November, 2000 AMS meeting in Birmingham, AL.  Both Muhammad 
Islam and Youssef Raffoul presented invited talks at a special session in the 953rd AMS 
meeting at Notre Dame University, April 2000. Also, Islam and Raffoul attended the 19th
Southeastern-Atlantic Regional Conference on Differential Equations at Virginia Tech in 
October 2000, where each gave a professional talk.  Joe Mashburn attended the Spring 
Topology Meeting in San Antonio, March 2000, and Topo2000 in July 2000.  Jennifer Hontz 
is on leave.  She is presently teaching at Meredith College in the Mathematics & Computer 
Science Department, in Raleigh, NC.  She supervised Geoffrey Dietz's honors thesis.  
Geoffrey graduated with a BS in mathematics in 2000.  Aparna Higgins continues to get 
invitations to speak at MAA Section meetings and to colleges about undergraduate research.  
She is an associate Co-director of Project NExT.  


Both Aparna Higgins and Muhammad Islam were promoted to the rank of full Professor 
effective from the fall of 2000-2001.


Tom Gantner is on an administrative sabbatical leave during the fall term of 2000.  
Tom is gathering interesting materials for the History of Mathematics course that he will 
teach in the Spring 2000.  He has been a very active member of the Ohio section of the MAA, 
and he will hold the position of the president of the Ohio section of the MAA for the 
year 2001.  Aparna Higgins is on a sabbatical leave for the full academic year of 2000-2001 
and she is at the U. S. Military Academy in West Point, NY.  Muhammad Islam will take his 
sabbatical for the spring term of 2001.  During his sabbatical, Islam plans to continue his 
research activities and develop materials on wavelet analysis to be included in MTH 583:  
Fourier Analysis course.  Inclusion of wavelet analysis, a relatively new and very useful 
mathematical tool to scientists and engineers, will enhance the course content of MTH 583. 
Carroll Schleppi took a sabbatical leave in the spring term of 2000.  She visited primary 
grade mathematics classes that exposed her to the application of the NCTM Principles and 
Standards.  Carroll and Jennifer Hontz have redesigned MTH 204:  Math Concepts I to meet 
the new NCTM Principles and Standards.  

MathSci - Computer Learning Environment

The MathSci Computer Learning Environment supplies the computer needs of students taking 
courses in Mathematics and Sciences.  It consists of two state-of-the-art computer labs 
equipped with Pentium III PCs housed in SH 319 and SH 307.  A major asset of the Environment 
are the MathSci Fellows, an outstanding group of undergraduates, who support the student 
users of the Environment and assist in maintaining its system and software.

SH307 is used equally for teaching and as an open environment.  SH319 is used as an open 
environment accessible to all students.  Student users have access to the campus networks, 
the internet, and specialized mathematics and science software (Maple, Matlab, ChemLab, 
Interactive Physics, etc.), and general purpose software (MS Office 2000).  Numerous 
Mathematics and Science instructors courses regularly assign homework that requires their 
students to use the MathSci.  A large number of upperclass and graduate students depend 
upon the mathematics programs available in the MathSci.

The MathSci has formed an alliance with the Office of Learning Assistance to create a 
comprehensive learning environment on the third floor of Sherman Hall.  In addition to 
the computer facilities and the MathSci Fellows, mathematics and science tutors are 
available in the classrooms adjacent to the computer facilities.  This has become a very 
successful Learning Village Initiative making the MathSci an important center for 
mathematics and science students.


Chris Bomba, Alfonso Hayslip, and Elizabeth Brooks attended the Annual Pi Mu Epsilon Student
 Conference in September 2000 at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.  They presented a poster 
entitled "Mathematical Pictures Worth A Thousand Words" with their advisor Joan Hart at the 

Geoff Dietz, Jennifer Mifflin, Jason Jewell, Elizabeth Brooks, Joel Helton, Chris Bomba, 
Heather Argadine, Timothy Denehy, and Brady Dreyer participated in the 60th Annual William 
Lowell Putnam Mathematical Competition in December, 1999. 
Math Club held a bake sale jointly with the Society for Physics Students to raise money for 
Hunger Awareness week in November 2000.  Math Club member Curtis Schultz spoke to the 
freshmen math majors on careers in actuarial science and his summer internship experience 
as an actuary in October 2000.  Club members are preparing to host the 5th Annual UD 
Highschool Math Competition to take place in March 2001.  Also, the club is hosting the 
"Puzzle Game" during Christmas on Campus.

Geoffrey Dietz won the Senior of the Year Award; Julia Tosi won the Sophmore of the 
Year Award.


Rachael Kenney graduated with a Master of Science degree in applied mathematics in 
summer 2000.  She is working as a visiting instructor in the Department of Mathematics, 
North Carolina State University at Raleigh, NC.  Rachael's math clinic project "Local 
permutation polynomials for m-circulant Latin Squares" was supervised by Wiebke Diestelkamp.
Two graduate students, Yang Gao and Youssef Dib, attended the 19th Southeastern-Atlantic 
Regional Conference on Differential Equations at Virginia Tech in October 2000.


The first annual University of Dayton Alumni dinner was held in August 2000, at the ASA 
(American Statistical Association) meeting in Indianapolis.  Those attending had a
great time reminiscing about their time as undergraduates.  The food was great too!  
Among those attending were:  Jay Chmiel, Tom Santner, Greg Campbell, Chuck and Cathy 
Brinkman, Pete Hovey, Marylyn Schraut, Rafe Donahue, and Gerry and Judy Shaughnessy.

A portion of the following information was obtained from the UD Quarterly.

George Spahn (MTH 36) is now retired from a 64-year career in education that included 
service at Cathedral Latin High School in Cleveland, St. Joseph High School in Alameda, CA, 
Chaminade High School in Mineola, NY, Colegio San Jose in Puerto Rico, Chaminade High School 
in Hollywood, FL, Broward Community College in Davie, FL, and UD.  Though his undergraduate 
major was mathematics, he later earned a bachelor's and master's degrees in civil 
engineering and served six years as acting head of UD's civil engineering department, 
leading the effort to gain accreditation from the American Society for Engineering Education.
He writes, "I am now retired and volunteer as 'Mr. Wizard' in a Hope Outreach after-school
enrichment program for disadvantaged youngsters Tuesdays and Wednesdays during the school 

Catherine Ens Lizardi (MTH46) is retired and lives in Mexico City with her husband R. Ney 

Frederick Lane (MTH 62) was awarded the endowed teaching chair by the Sun Sentinel in 
Fort Lauderdale, FL.  Through 2001 he will use the position to develop and implement an 
interactive mathematics course on the Internet.  Frederic has taught mathematics at Palm 
Beach Community College for 15 years and is a member of the college's strategic planning 
committee and the technology committee as well as a member of various professional 
organizations.  He has five children and seven grandchildren and plays basketball weekly. 
He also plays tennis two times a week with his wife Shirl.

Daniel Burke (MTH 64) and Judith Trimmer Burke (EDE 88) live in Hilliard, OH, where Daniel 
is a self-employed computer consultant.

Dr. Robert Edward Lewand (MTH 66) recently published a monograph entitled Cryptological 
Mathematics with the Mathematical Association of America.  The book is featured on the 
cover of the most recent publication of The Mathematician's Resource also published by 
the Mathematics Association of America.  Dr. Lewand is a professor in the Department of 
Mathematics & Computer Science at Goucher College in Baltimore.

Bob Fondiller (MTA 68) and Pat Taylor Fondiller (EDE 68) live in Fremont, CA, where Bob 
is an account manager for Ariba Inc..  Pat works part time as a computer specialist for 
Fremont Unified School District.  They write, "Still living on the West Coast and have 
three graduations out here.  Our oldest daughter, Julianne, received her master's degree 
from the University of Washington in Seattle.  Our son, Chad, graduated from high school 
and will be attending the University of CA, San Diego for engineering.  In May 1999, our 
second daughter, Janine, graduated from San Francisco State University.  We celebrated 
30 years of marriage last year!"

Joan Giardina (MTH 70) was appointed a senior vice president and manager of personal 
trust investment services for Chicago Trust Co.

Jeffrey Vaughn (MTH 70) lives in Madison, IN, with his wife, Shari.  He writes, "Shari 
teaches elementary school in Carrolton, KY, and I work in information systems for the 
Department of Energy in Dayton.  Our daughter, Tania, graduated from Purdue in 1994, is 
married to Phil Kahn and lives in Savannah, GA.  Our son, Jeff, graduated from Purdue 
in May, and our youngest, Amy, is an art major at Indiana University."

Bill Madden (MTH 73) Currently, vice president of financial services for Brown & Brown Co. 
in Clark, N.J.  He is married with three boys, Cameron, Tyler, and Bradley.  He enjoys 
golf and coaching baseball and soccer.

Jane Pendergast (MTA 74) recently moved from the University of Florida to the University 
of Iowa, where she is a faculty member in the Department of Biostatistics in the College 
of Public Health and director of the Center for Public Health Statistics.  Jane also 
serves on the board of directors of the American Statistical Association and is chair of 
the regional advisory board of the eastern North American region of the International 
Biometric Society.

James P. Hartman (MTH 77) has recently initiated a career change of sorts, accepting the 
position of Director of Human Resources at Convergys, where he has been employed since 1979.
He attended the UD Career Fair in September 2000, and enjoyed the new look of the campus 
very much.  He is looking forward to hire UD graduates for his company in the future.

Andrew Ehrenzeller (MTH 81) and Suzanne Ksycewski Ehrenzeller (83) (REE) recently relocated 
to Apex, NC.  They have three children, Molly (5-27-90), Hannah (10-21-93) and Emma (8-12-97). 
Andrew is a project manager at IBM.

Rafe Donahue (MTH 87) continues his Darwinian ranking of your favorite college team 
at  A PDF format of a paper describing 
the ranking system can be found at the web site.  This article will appear in the 
Proceedings of the 2000 Annual Meetings of the American Statistical association.

Lori Jirles (MTH 88) and her husband, Paul, own Byesville & Northstar Pharmacies in Lore 
City, Ohio.  They have four children, Emily, Katherine, Rachel, and David.

Lisa Niehenke Harrington (MTH 89) and Thomas Harrington (MBA 94) have moved to Cleveland 
after three years in Atlanta.  They have two children, Caitlyn and Christopher.  Tom and 
Lisa write that they love to golf and are always interested in getting together with 
UD alumni especially those in the Cleveland area.

Mary Kaczynski Ollier (BSE 89) teaches mathematics at Carroll High School where she chairs 
the Department of Mathematics.

Thomas "T.J." Reisch (MTH 89) and Melissa Miller Reisch (CMT) live in Strongsville, Ohio. 
Thomas is a vice president of actuarial for the Ceres Group Inc.  Melissa is a district 
sales manager for Verizon Wireless.

Dan Simon (MTH 89) is now the K-12 supervisor of mathematics in the Scotch Plains-Fanwood 
School District.  Dan is also working on a doctorate in mathematics education at Rutgers 
University and is an adjunct professor at Middlesex County College.  He and his wife, Linda, 
live in Old Bridge, N.J. with their children, Shannon, Jacob, and Kyle.

Marjorie August (MTH 91) works for General Dynamics Land Systems Division in Sterling 
Heights, MI.  She has been recently promoted to Senior Software Engineer.

Eric Kaufmann (MS 91) has been tenured and promoted in the Department of Mathematics and 
Statistics, University of Arkansas, Little Rock. He lives with his wife Yihong and son 
Ryan Guang Kaufman.

Rebecca Busam Sorice (MTH 92) and her husband, Cory, announce the birth of Quinten (5-30-00).
The family lives in Atlanta.

David Edelman (ELE) and Cheryl Prenger Edelmann (MTH 92) announce the birth of Anthony 
Luke (2-3-99).  The family lives in Troy, Ohio.  Their e-mail address is

Joe Coyle (MS 93) was awarded a three year post-doc sponsored by the Engineering and 
Physical Sciences Research Council.  He is applying hp-finite element methods for the 
solutions of the Maxwell equations and he is working with Mark Ainsworth at the University 
of Strathelyde in Glasgow.

Kristin Toft Lampe (MTH 93) teaches at Carroll College in Wisconsin.  Kristi and her 
husband, Peter, live in Mukwonago, WI and Peter teaches mathematics at the University of 
Wisconsin, Whitewater.  We won't be seeing Kristi in New Orleans this January; she and 
Peter are expecting.

Dan Messina (MS 94) works as a Mathematical Modeling Engineer for Rad-con, Inc. and he has 
returned to the Cleveland area.

Amie Marie Gill Wood (MTH 96) and her husband, Michael, announce the birth of Joshua Michael

Martina Ruzickova (MS 97) is employed at Capital One in Information Technology e-commerce 
department, Richmond, VA.

Cortlund Sattler (MTH 97) married Holly Mosler (EDE) Nov. 27.  The couple lives in 
Sandusky, Ohio.  Cortlund is a merchandise area manager at Cedar Point Amusement Park.  
Holly teaches in the Sandusky City Schools.

Matt Carroll (MTH 99) is a working towards his Ph.D. degree in mathematics at the 
University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

Geoffrey Dietz (MTH 00) has begun his graduate studies in mathematics at the University of