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Colloquium Schedule for Summer 2014

Date Speaker and Title Time/Location
Thursday, Jun 12 Fatimah Alshehri and Najlaa Khudher, University of Dayton
Decoding with the Golay and Extended Golay Codes
2:00 PM, SC 320
Monday, Jul 7 Jiaqi Li, University of Dayton
Valuing corporate pension risk: Evidence from analyst earning forecasts
10:30 AM, SC 320
Tuesday, Jul 29 Elizabeth Nehring, University of Dayton
The Effects of an Algebra and Functions Content Course for Pre-Service Middle School Teachers on Mathematical Conceptual Knowledge, Math Anxiety and Self-Efficacy
12:00 PM, SC 306
Tuesday, Jul 29 Richelle Zbinden, University of Dayton
Do the results of the ACCUPLACER placement exam and Algebra 2 final grades influence one another?
12:30 PM, SC 306
Tuesday, Jul 29 Chris Lammlein, University of Dayton
The Effect of PowerPoint Presentations on High School Precalculus Students' Academic Success
1:00 PM, SC 306
Wednesday, Jul 30 Brian Krilov, University of Dayton
A Comparison of Day Ahead Price Forecasting in AEP Dayton Hub Using GARCH and ARMAX Modeling Techniques
4:00 PM, SC 320

For more detailed information, or if you wish to give a talk, please contact Paul Eloe

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