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Minor in Actuarial Sciences (ACS) -- Description in the Undergraduate Catalog
The Minor in Actuarial Science is designed to prepare students to pass the P and FM actuarial tests. It is also designed to supply students with VEE (Validation by Educational Experience) credit in economics, corporate finance, and applied statistics.
The minor contains seven courses in mathematics for a total of twenty-four semester hours. One of these is a course in the theory of interest and one is a seminar which prepares students to take the P test. Mathematics majors will take all but two of the mathematic requirements for the minor as part of their major requirements.
The minor also contains six courses in accounting, economics, and finance for a total of eighteen semester hours. Economics and finance majors will take all of these courses as part of their major requirements. They will be able to substitute two of the mathematics courses for those that they are required to take for their major.

A total of forty-six semester hours are required for the minor.

Required courses:

  • MTH 168 Analytic Geometry and Calculus I
  • MTH 169 Analytic Geometry and Calculus II (Prerequisite: MTH 168)
  • MTH 218 Analytic Geometry and Calculus III (Prerequisite: MTH 169)
  • MTH 229 Theory of Interest (Prerequisite: MTH 169)
  • MTH 328 Actuarial Probability Seminar (Prerequisite: MTH 411)
  • MTH 411 Probability and Statistics I (Prerequisite: MTH 218 and MTH 308)
  • MTH 412 Probability and Statistics II (Prerequisite: MTH 411)
  • ACC 207 Introduction to Financial Accounting
  • ECO 300 Principles of Economics (Prerequisite: MTH 168)
  • ECO 347 Intermediate Macroeconomic Analysis (Prerequisite: ECO 204 or 300)
  • ECO 410 Business and Economic Forecasting (Prerequisite: ECO 300 or 203/204, statistics)
  • FIN 301 Introduction to Financial Management (Prerequisite: ACC 200 or 207 or 301, ECO 203 or 300)
  • FIN 360 Investments (Prerequisite: FIN 301 w/ C grade)
  • FIN 470 Fixed income Securities (Prerequisite: FIN 360 or 371)
  • FIN 480 Options and Futures Markets (Prerequisite: FIN 301, FIN 360 or 371)

ECO 203/ECO 204 may be substituted for ECO 300/ECO 347.

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