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University of Dayton
International Taekwon-Do Club

The UD-ITC History and Scrapbook

A Collection of Pictures of Members and Events


Updated March 8, 2014



Mr. Cody Potts began his first term as the twenty-second President of the UD-ITC. Many new white belts joined the club. The club formally began “Friday Night Fight Night” under Mr. Potts’ leadership to enhance self-defense skills. On November 17, Mr. Cody Potts passed his black belt test and became the 22nd 1st dan in the history of the UD-ITC and was also inducted into the club’s Hall of Fame. Two large tests were held in December and April with members sore but achieving their new ranks.  In March the club held its Board Breaking seminar in which over 50 boards were broken using various hand and foot techniques in about 2 hours.  A highlight of the seminar was Mr. Jason Thomas performing a jump side piercing kick through a board at about more than 6 feet in height.  Officers were recognized at an end of year ceremony with certificates, including Mr. Potts (President), Elliott Mazur, (Vice-President), Alexa Fett (Secretary-Treasurer), Jeremy Carson (Sargent at Arms), and Sara Pekar and Marureen Kelly (Social Media). As graduating seniors, Cody Potts and Alexa Fett were thanked for their contributions.


Mr.  Roland began his first term as the twenty-first President of the UD-ITC. Besides an excellent showing at Up the Organizations Day and the Purdue Open, Mr. Roland established a new officer’s position to take care of Social Media and Publicity. The club established a Facebook page and recruited an excellent white belt class during the year. On November 12, the club inducted Mr. Harper into the UD-ITC HOF as its first member.   On April 21, Mr. Jason Roland and Mr. Tim Raffio successfully completed their test and became the 20th and 21st 1st dans in the history of the UD-ITC. On April 29, Messrs Roland and Raffio were inducted into the UD-ITC HOF. Additionally, for the first time all officers were recognized with certificates, including Mr. Roland (President), Cody Potts, (Vice-President), Alexa Fett (Secretary-Treasurer), Elliott Mazur (Sargent at Arms), and Karyen Chai (Social Media).


Mr. Eric Harper continued his service as President of the UD-ITC, becoming only the fourth person to do so. An excellent demonstration recruited new members who excelled during the year.  The club had a new T-short design, this time black on white.  The club traveled to Purdue and competed well, again, in the Purdue Open.  For the first time, the UD-ITC was nominated for four awards in the UD Sports Awards.  In December, Mr. Faizan Ahmad tested for and received his second dan in a test conducted by Messrs. Colliver, Dore, and Thomas.  After passing and graduation, Mr. Ahmad took a job in Oregon.  In March the club had its first Board Breaking seminar, in which 65 boards were broken in about 2 hours. On April 3, Mr. Eric Harper passed his test and became the 19th first dan in the history of the UD-ITC.  Mr. Harper then assisted other dans in conducting some of the best yellow belt tests every witnessed.  Cody Potts, Tim Raffio, and Jason Roland had excellent tests to advanced levels.  Given the quality of the tests, the Black Belt committee agreed to a trial “distance learning” testing over the summer to help the group continue to learn while off campus.  Besides quality, this year’s class also ensured its legacy by raising enough funds to have new Club patches made.


      Mr. Eric Harper began his first term as the twentieth President of the UD-ITC.  The year kicked off with a very successful Up the Organizations demonstration.  In October many in the club traveled to Purdue and competed in the Purdue Open, winning numerous medals.  Tim Raffio, Jason Roland, and Patrick Hammer conducted weekday workouts with Messrs. Colliver, Dore, Thomas, Eaton, Ahmad, and Hammer focused on weekends and special weekday classes.  This marked the first time that the UD-ITC had 6 active black belts in the club.  Club officers also established the club’s new YouTube channel and a GoogleMail system to better keep students connected.  The two tests during the year went well.

Patrick Hammer held the first “office hours” clinic for students to encourage increasing skills and knowledge of Taekwon-do.  He and Mr. Harper very successful at getting UD media attention for the club to grow it and spread knowledge of Taekwon-do. 

October 2009 Purdue Open

Ø UD Team

Ø Purdue Tournament Bow In

Ø Patrick Hammer Coaching

Ø Cody and Jason Spar!

Ø UD Champions!

Flyer News articles

Ø Patrick Hammer breaks concrete at Demo

Ø Jason Roland and Cody Potts spar


            Mr. Myk Kessler began his first term as the nineteenth President of the UD-ITC.  Very successful first and second semester tests resulted in about 25 promotions during the year.  Eric Harper, Tiffany Bell, Charles Sizemore, Joe Klein, and Tim Raffio helped keep weekday workouts energetic.  Mr. Eaton conducted an excellent stick fighting/defense seminar, and Mr. Dore conducted a self-defense seminar.  Six students began learning bo, tonfa, and escrima to better their balance and skills.  New sparring drills were conducted as well.  Eric Harper led efforts to get a club T-shirt as well as, over the summer, upgrade the club’s breaking machine.  The club also got its first official T-shirt, a black shirt with the club’s emblem and the tenets in white.  On May 2, 2009, Mr. Faizan Ahmad successfully completed all requirements for black belt and became the 18th 1st dan of the UD-ITC.  Mr. Fabian Rohena returned to UD to assist during the test.  Mr. Ahmad completed his undergraduate studies and will return to UD in 2009.  During the summer, Mr. Harper tested, and Patrick Hammer, a 2nd dan graduate student, joined the club.


            Mr. Fabian Rohena began his first term as the eighteenth President of the UD-ITC.  Mr. Rohena was to continue the dynamic leadership under Messrs. Davidson and Sanchez.  A large white belt class, great demonstrations, and continued attendance at the Purdue tournament were highlights.  Mr. Thomas taught weeknight classes and helped prepare, along with Mr. Dore, many for tournaments.   Mr. Rohena also was talented at video editing and created two excellent promotional videos.  In April, a near record gup test was held in which almost 20 students were successfully promoted.  During the summer, additional testing was held in which Eric Harper, Corey Lamm, and Faizan Ahmed were promoted.  On April 17, 2008,  Mr. Fabian Rohena successfully completed a wonderful test to become the 17th 1st dan through the UD-ITC.

Fabian Rohena--1st Dan Test April 2008

Ø Concrete Break in Action!

Ø The New Black Belts of the UD-ITC

April 2008 Test Breaks

Ø Faizan Ahmad Spinning Back Kick!

UD-ITC at the 2007 Midwest Collegiate Invitational Tournament (November 2007)

Ø Video 1   Video 2  Video 3  Video 4  Video 5  Video 6  Video 7

University of Dayton International Taekwon-do Club 2007 Video by Mr. Rohena


            Mr. Dan Sanchez began his first term as the seventeeth President of the UD-ITC with Mr. Davidson serving as President Emeritus.  A very successful Up the Organizations day event was held.  This year saw the Club successfully compete in the Purdue Taekwon-Do tournament with several winning medals.  Two very successful tests were accomplished.  A very talented group of new white belts joined the club in the fall.  Additionally, this year saw two black belt tests.  In October, 2006, Mr Jason Thomas completed a masterful test to achieve his third dan.  In March, 2007, Mr. Tim Gemperline completed all requirements to achieve second dan.  The tests were conducted under the watchful eyes of Messrs Colliver, Dore, and Eaton.  Mr. Eaton conducted a highly successful two week stick-fighting seminar for the club. 

April 2007 Test Breaks

Ø Fabian Rohena Suspended Knife Hand Break

Ø Mike Kessler Break!

Ø Faizan Ahmad Palm Heel Break!

UD-ITC at the 2006 Midwest Collegiate Invitational Tournament (November 6, 2006)

Ø See the Entire Video on YouTube!

Jason Thomas--3rd Degree Black Belt Test (Oct 14, 2006)

Ø See the Entire Video on YouTube!

o   Bow-in and beginning patterns

o   Black belt patterns and basic self-defense

o   Advanced self-defense

o   Sparing

o   Breaks (wood and concrete) & Ceremony

Ø  Juche Tul

Ø  Watch Out Tim!

Ø  OUCH! Continue to Watch Out Tim

Ø  Breaking 6 boards with a Side Kick

Ø  10-inch Concrete Break

Ø  The New Samdan and the Testing Committee


            Mr. Drew Davidson began his first term as the sixteenth President of the UD-ITC.  He saw the club through huge transitions.  The club’s advisor since 1990, Donn Shade, moved on and Dave Ostrander took over intramural sports.  Mr. Davidson led the club with several new events, and Chris Kretz, former President, assisted in these.  Up the Organizations day saw a lively demonstration as well as an event to assist Hurricane Katrina victims, which raised over $100 for the Red Cross.  In September 2005 Mr. Chris Kretz tested for and passed his first dan test conducted by all 5 active club black belts---Messrs Colliver, Dore, Thomas, Gemperline, and Eaton—becoming the 16th person to receive their 1st dan through the UD-ITC..  In December the club said good-bye to the PAC as its dojang with a final test in which over 10 members passed.  In this test Jose Pomlales received his blue belt before leaving for Europe.  In January the club opened practice in the new Recplex.  A self-defense demonstration was held in April, and at the end of the year 14 people tested for and received their belts.


April 2006 Testing—First Test at the RecPlex

Ø Drew's Spinning Back Kick Break!

Ø Side kick at Work Video

Ø Jason's Powerful Demonstration! Video

Ø Hector's Side Kick Break Video

Ø Doing the 4-direction Block

Ø A Successful Test for Drew Davidson

December 2005 Testing—Last Test in the PAC

Ø Preparing for Combat!

Ø Fabian's Back Kick video

Ø Jose's Ridgehand Break Video

Chris Kretz--1st degree Black Belt test (Sept 2005)

Ø Bow In

Ø Performing Dan Gun video

Ø Free Sparring against Jason video

Ø The new Black Belt and his Testing Committee

Up the Organizations Day 2005

Ø  Desk

Ø  Triple Break Video (Drew Davidson)

Ø 1-inch punch break video  (Chris Kretz)


            Mr. Kretz continued his term as President, becoming the third person to serve two terms.  Demonstrations were held outside at Marycrest and on Humanities Plaza.  A self-defense seminar was held in the fall and was attended by about 15 people. New material on taking leadership and time management principles from the training into life was introduced. A highlight of the year was a huge election meeting held at the house of Mr. Jason Thomas at which officer elections were held.

Winter Testing 2004 (Dec 12)

Ø  Always watch out Jose!   1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Ø  Drew—Tim will show you the way! 1, 2

Ø  Ramju and Chris demonstrate proper techniques to new promotees

Ø  White Belts after the test have too much energy! 1, 2



            Mr. Chris Kretz began his first term as the fifteenth President of the UD-ITC.  New members included Andrew Davidson and Jose Pomales.  The club updated its constitution and other documents, and updated its web site.  Due to its site, many people from other countries inquired as to the martial arts clubs at UD since they were thinking of attending the college.  Also, a self-defense seminar was held for residents of UD and was well attended.  Winter and spring testing sessions were held, and at the spring session six people successfully passed their tests.



            Mr. Paul Irwin began his first term as the fourteenth President of the UD-ITC. New members included Aaron Hancart and Jose Pomales.  The year started out with a great event on September 7, 2002, as Mr. Ramanuja Dore tested for and received his 3rd dan in a test conducted by Mr. Colliver and attended by many of Ramju’s family and friends.  The club conducted demonstrations on Humanities Plaza and outside the PAC.  In late September Mr. Tom Eaton conducted a stick-fighting seminar for UD which was very well attended.  On May 10, 2003, Mr. George Doyle III tested for his first dan in a test conducted by Messrs Colliver, Dore, Thomas, and Eaton, and became the 15th person to receive a 1st dan in the UD-ITC.

Ramju Dore-- 3rd Dan Test (Sept 2002)

Ø  Back Spinning Kick (5 boards)

Ø  Breaking 5 Concrete Slabs

Ø  Passing the Test

Ø  Ramju, New Samdan!



            Mr. George Doyle continued his term as President.  The club established a web site to help educate UD its martial arts activities and many used it to find useful information.  Outdoor demonstrations were held at the beginning of the year on the Humanities Plaza.  Chris Kretz joined the club as a new member.  On April 6, 2002, Mr. Josh McCormick tested for and received his first dan in a test conducted by Messrs Colliver, Thomas, Dore, and Eaton, becoming the 14th person to receive their 1st dan while in the UD-ITC.  On April 11, 2002, Mr. Colliver received approval for his fourth dan, having met all requirements for the test.




            Mr. George Doyle began his first term as the thirteenth President of the UD-ITC.  On December 16th, 2000, Mr. Tom Eaton tested for and received his first dan in front of a large crowd of family members and friends.  Self-defense seminars were presented during each semester to UD residents. Mr. Eaton, Mr. Thomas, and Mr. Dore continued workouts at NCR.  In the summer of 2001, George Doyle, Josh McCormick, and Chris Hemmelgarn successfully passed tests.

Tom Eaton--1st Dan Test (Dec. 2000)

Ø  Self-Defense against Ramju! Aahhhh!

Ø  A Great block

Ø  3-board side-kick break

Ø  Suspended Knife-hand break

Ø  Stomping the Concrete



            Mr. Tim Gemperline began his term as the twelfth President of the UD-ITC.  The fall demonstration, held on September 11, was not well attended.  However, Joe Pirchner attempted a one-slab, 3-inch concrete break, breaking his heel after the second attempt.  The club provided two self-defense seminars to residents in Marycrest Hall.  Mr. Jason Thomas and Mr. Ramju Dore were instrumental in providing weeknight instruction.  Mr. Dore’s students at NCR also advanced.  A very impressive test was passed successfully as Tom Eaton achieved 1st Gup.


Mr. Colin Barr began his term as the eleventh President of the UD-ITC.  The year started off with probably the most significant sequence of tests in the club's history.  On August 15, 1998, Mr. Ramju Dore took his test for second dan and successfully completed all requirements on October 3.  On September 5, 1998,  Mr. Joe Pirchner successfully completed all requirements for first dan.  On September 26, 1998, Mr. Jason Thomas successfully completed all requirements for second dan. Mr. Pirchner graduated from UD in December and continued working out with club on weekends.  New students, such as Emir Vajzovic, Jenn Rotsinger, and George Doyle joined the club.  On June 26, 1999, Mr. P.J. Bimonte tested and, on June 29, successfully completed all requirements for first dan.  This marked the first time the club had five active black belts.  Another major milestone was completed by Emir Vajzovic.  Through intensive study before returning to his homeland (Bosnia), he successfully passed his 8th and 7th gup tests within 3 weeks of each other (June 19 and July 17).


Mr. Joe Pirchner began his term as the tenth President of the UD-ITC.  Mr. Ramju Dore began teaching students in the newly formed NCR-ITC, including Tom Eaton.  The club presented two well-attended self-defense seminars at Kettering Hall and in the PAC.  During the year several new students, including Tim Gemperline, began taking classes. 


Mr. P.J. Bimonte began his term as the ninth President of the UD-ITC.  Other officers included Joe Pirchner as Vice President.  Mr. Ramju Dore tested for and received his first degree black belt on August 27, 1996.   In the fall semester test December 7, 24 tests were conducted.  This was the second largest number in club history.  These included John Showalter as black tab before he graduated from UD.  In April, the Spring tests were conducted with about 10 people being promoted.  New officer elections were held after the spring test.

Ramju Dore--1st Dan Test

Ø  Bow in.

Ø  Turning Kick.

Ø  Multiple Attackers.

Ø  Another Multiple Attack.

Ø  3 on 1 from a Seated Position.

Ø  Knife Hand, Suspended Break.

Ø  The Results of the Break.

Ø  You Will Break!.

Ø  I Told You So.

Ø  Getting Ready.

Ø  Impressive Concrete Stomp.

Ø  The Results.

Ø  A Presentation.

Ø  A Gift from Creative Friends.


Ø  Jason takes a shot at Joe, not bad Jason. (1997)


            Mr. Mark Ruane began his term as the eighth President of the UD-ITC.  The new school year started off on a high note as Mr. Jason Thomas tested for and received his first dan on August 26, 1995, at a test conducted by Messrs Colliver and Hery at the UD PAC. A very successful demonstration in September resulted in the second largest white belt class in the club's history, about 20 students.  During fall testing held in December, a total of 16 people tested.  Elections for new officers were held in April.


            In August, 1994, Mr. Jason Thomas continued his term as President of the UD-ITC. A very successful demonstration was held in September, resulting in a new White Belt class.  During fall testing, several new breaking records were or tied.  A self-defense seminar was presented and attended by about 15 people.  For the first time in UD-ITC history, officers were elected for the forthcoming year.  The electees included: Mark Ruane, President; Josh Lambers, Vice President; Joe Pirchner, Secretary and Treasurer; PJ Bimonte, Sergeant at Arms.  Dave Nielser, 1st gup and Vice President for the year, graduated from UD.  One of his greatest accomplishments while here was obtaining a new Club patch, designed by Jerry Piasecki.


            In August, 1993, Mr. Jason Thomas began his first term as seventh President of the club.  Fall testing was conducted in September and was very successful.  The testing held on December 4, 1993 was also successful.  In January, 1994, a demonstration was held and was attended by approximately 35 people.  One highlight was a flying sidekick break by Mr. John Showalter.  He performed the break while jumping over 4 people.  Another highlight was the breaking of 7 boards by Mr. Colliver while using a downward stomp kick.  In March 1994, Mr. Jerry Piasecki tested for and received his 1st dan in a test conducted by Mr. Colliver.  Several records for breaking were set at a test held in April.  Twelve members passed their tests.  Mark Ruane broke 4 boards with a side piercing kick, a record for a 8th gup test.  Ray Sero and Matt Shannon performed breaks using a palm heel downward strike into 3 and 4 boards, respectively, both records for a 6th gup test.  During the summer, John Showalter, Jason Thomas, and Ramanuja Dore tested  for and received their 4th, 1st, and 5th gups, respectively.  The test was conducted by Messrs Colliver and Neisler, Vice President of the club.


            In August, 1992, Mr. Piasecki began his second term as President of the club.  On August 23, 1992, Mr. Fred Hery received his 2nd dan in a test conducted by Mr. Colliver.  A demonstration held in January, 1993 drew approximately 25 people.  On February 20, 1993, Mr. Brandon Smith received his 1st dan in a test conducted by Messrs. Colliver, Hery, and Vicens.  Over 10 new White Belts began working out.  Over ten people tested in April.  Angie Storm received her Red Belt and graduated from the school.  The club's total membership numbered approximately 20 at the end of the school year.  On May 15, 1993, Mr. Colliver tested for and received his 3rd dan.  He was assisted by Mr. Hery.  On July 10, 1993, a test was conducted.  Jerry Piasecki, John Showalter, and John Pacheco successfully completed their requirements for promotion.


            In August, 1991, Mr. Jerry Piasecki began his first term as the sixth President of the club.  Mr. Lilley and Mr. Hery instructed 2 classes per week, and Mr. Colliver instructed on Saturdays.  New members such as Jason Thomas, Adin Wilt, Mark Benedict, and Brian Gibson joined the club.  The club also gave a self-defense seminar for the Society of Women Engineers.  A highlight of the year was Mr. Lilley receiving his 2nd dan on April 25, 1992.  The test was conducted by Mr. Colliver at the PAC.  Mr. Vicens (a 1st dan) returned to the club and started a satellite school where he instructed John Pacheco.


            In August, 1990, Mr. Fred Hery, a first dan, began his term as the fifth president of the club.  This marked the first time a black belt was president of the club at the beginning of the year.  Beth Backscheider, a blue belt, served as vice-president.  Rich Lilley also served as an instructor.  The club gained many new members during the year, including Jerry Piasecki.  During the second semester the white belt class numbered about 12.  Mr. Colliver worked out with the club during Saturday meetings.  A highlight of the year was a self-defense seminar given by the club at Kettering Hall during rape awareness week.


            In August, 1989, Mr. Brandon Smith, a red belt, began his term as the fourth President of the club.  Mr. Fred Hery served as assistant and Vice President.  On October 15, 1989, Mr. Freddy Vicens received his first dan.  New members during the year included Angie Storm, Michelle Osborne, John Lenehan, and Orlando Canelones.  A red belt, Mr. Rich Lilley, also joined the club.  On April 8, 1990, Mr. Colliver received his second dan at a test conducted at the PAC by Mr. Lowery.  On June 24, 1990, Mr. Fred Hery and Mr. Rick Lilley received their first dan at the PAC from Mr. Lowery.

Chris Colliver—2nd Dan Test (April 1990)

Ø  Self-suspended break

Ø  Flying Side Kick

Ø  New 2nd Dan

Demonstration 1990

Ø  Chris Colliver Palm Heel Break   Photo 1   Photo 2   Photo 3

Ø  Back Kick Break---Look at that machine!

Ø  Fred and Rich Sparring

Ø  Yellow Belts Spar

Ø  Beth Hery performs Yul-Guk

Club Workout September 1989

Ø  Vice President Fred Hery Flying Side Kick

Ø  Rich Lilley Side kick


            In August, 1988, Mr. Larry Winslow, a red belt, began his term as the third President of the club.  Mr. Ken Akstens served as assistant and Vice President.  Mr. Colliver began serving in a new role as head instructor and graduate advisor to the club.  A highlight during the year was a self-defense seminar for the Society of Women Engineers.  During the year, new members such as Walt Winslow, Brian Baker, Chuck McElroy, Nikki Haight, Ann Ellerbrock, and Joe McCann joined the club. 

Club Demonstration September 1988

Ø  Lynn Parker downward palmheel break

Ø  President Larry Winslow

Ø  Lynn defends herself!

Ø  9th gups perform Saja Jirugi

Ø  Chris does 6-inch concrete break

Ø  Back kick break

Ø  Doing DoSan Blindfolded!

Ø  Beth beating up the boys

Ø  Brandon does a 3-way break (see the board flying away?)

Ø  Freddie Vicens and Chris Colliver sparring



            In August, 1987, Mr. Ron Fessel, a black tab, began his duties as the second President and instructor of the club.  Mr. Chris Colliver, a red tab, served as the Vice President and an assistant.  Beginning and advanced classes were very successful during the year, with 15-25 people attending workouts.  Two very successful demonstrations, one with over 50 people attending, were held.  New members included Beth Backscheider, Barb Kinsel, Sue Loedding, Tim Grayson, Lynn Parker, Jim Maulucci, and Mark Krug.  On April 10, 1988, Mr. Fessel and Mr. Colliver received their first dan at a test conducted Mr. Lowery in the PAC thus becoming the first students to achieve the rank through instruction while at UD.  Both graduated from UD in the same month.


In February, 1987, Mr. Lewis received his first dan at a test held in Findlay.  He graduated from UD in April, and continued his studies in medicine.  During the year the treasurer left school.  Mr. George Chizmar filled the position and had an active role in club workouts.  Fred Hery joined the club, which numbered about 30 in membership.  Mr. Lewis left at UD his "trace of a man in the late 20th century" in the form of our club.


                During the year many new members joined, including Fred Vicens, Brandon Smith, Paul Rudolph, Larry Winslow, Chris Colliver, George Chizmar, Mark Maggellotti, Steve Becker, and Jim Theodore.  The club continued to grow.  Many spirited parties were held throughout the year. A highlight of the year was the club's first demonstration held in the PAC multipurpose room in September. 


            The University of Dayton International Taekwon-Do Club was formed in the first semester of the 1984-85 school year by residents of the Stuart Hall Ground North residence hall.  Mr. John Lewis, a sophomore studying biology and pre-med began having workouts in the Stuart Hall recreation room.  Mr. Lewis was from Findlay, Ohio and a student of Taekwon-Do under Mr. Allen Lowery and the Mid-American Taekwon-Do Association.  Residents of Ground North began working out with Mr. Lewis.  In January, 1985, these workouts moved the PAC Multipurpose room.  The Vice-President of the club, Mr. Ron Fessel, and the Secretary-Treasurer, Jim Feehan, assisted in the workouts.  Soon, the club was holding workouts for both beginning and advanced students.  Instrumental in the establishment of the club were some of its original members, including Alvin Silva, Rich Cutter, Don Perkins, Mark Palumbo, and John Feltz.


Video of first demo bringing TKD to UD, Fall 1984.  Held at the first dojang in the PAC (soon to be available).




The UD-ITC has had three dojangs: 1984-5 Stuart Hall East Wing Basement; 1985-2005 Physical Activities Center; 2006-present RecPlex

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University of Dayton
International Taekwon-Do Club