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Multimedia Overview: A State Grand Jury at Work
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Grand Jury Witness Stand 1 In the picture at the left, you can see the prosecutor questioning the police officer who is testifying before the grand jury. You can also see the court reporter, who is sitting to the prosecutor’s right. She is slightly hidden by the prosecutor, but you can see that she is recording the proceedings.

You should also notice that the witness is speaking directly to the grand jurors, not to the prosecutor. Lawyers instruct witnesses, both in grand jury sessions and at trial, that they should testify directly to the jury, as this makes them seem more credible.

In the picture at the right, you can see the grand jurors’ view of the witness. He is looking at them, is testifying to them, and, as the pictures on the last page show, is not that far away from them. This is a more physically intimate setting than that in a courtroom, and can make it easier for grand jurors to ask the witness questions. Grand Jury Witness Stand 2

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