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Multimedia Overview: A State Grand Jury at Work
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Grand Jury Waiting Room As you enter the hall leading to the grand jury room, after you have passed the "grand jury" sign, you see an open door on the right side of the hall.

That open door leads to the grand jury’s waiting room. This waiting room is fairly typical. They’re not usually well decorated or outfitted with particularly comfortable chairs, because they’re just a place where witnesses, and witnesses’ lawyers and family members, can wait while waiting to testify or while waiting for someone to finish testifying.

Since the waiting rooms are used only briefly, there isn’t usually much effort made to brighten them up. They tend to be more functional than anything else.

Besides, the prosecutors who bring people in to testify before a grand jury may not want the waiting room to be particularly welcoming. After all, testifying in front of a grand jury can be a frightening process for a regular citizen, and prosecutors often count on this aspect of the process to guarantee that people tell the truth. Maybe the stark aspect of the waiting room adds to this intimidation.

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