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Multimedia Overview: A State Grand Jury at Work
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Inside the courthouse, grand juries meet in a special grand jury room. The location of the room is usually marked with a sign like this one, which lets the grand jurors, prosecutors, witnesses and the witnesses’ attorneys, if they have them, know where the grand jury will be meeting.

The grand jury room in this courthouse is located on the same floor as the common pleas court’s courtroom. But while the courtroom is centrally located and easily visible, the grand jury room is down a hallway that’s off to the side of the courtroom.

Grand Jury Door Sign
Grand jury rooms are usually located in out of the way places in courthouses; in most federal courthouses, they’re on a separate floor that is usually far away from courtrooms and government offices.

Grand jury rooms are isolated because grand jury proceedings are secret. If the room is isolated, it’s easier to keep what goes on inside private. If the room is in a part of the courthouse where the public doesn’t usually go, that makes it more difficult for people who don’t have business with the grand jury to see who is going inside to testify, or even who the grand jurors are.

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