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"Infamous crimes" -- part 1
"Infamous crimes" -- part 2
A Canadian perspective
A New York Grand Jury Foreman
Are grand juries a rubber stamp for prosecutors?
Are prosecutors bound by secrecy?
Are there standard forms of indictments or complaints?
Attorney present?
Bringing information to the grand jury
Can a federal agency be indicted?
Can a federal prosecutor use a summary witness—a federal agent—instead of calling the person who really witnesses what happened?
Can a grand jury be asked to indict again, if it fails to do so?
Can a grand jury in one state subpoena a witness, take her testimony and send it to a grand jury in another state . . . to save the witness the trouble to traveling to the other state?
Can a grand jury jail someone for perjury?
Can a prosecutor veto a grand jury's desire to call witnesses?
Can a threat to one's life be used to avoid testifying?
Can a U.S. Attorney tell someone they are being investigated by a grand jury?
Can grand jurors sign an affidavit saying they would not have indicted if the prosecutor had not presented misleading information?
Can I bring a petition to a federal grand jury based on evidence I have of crimes that have been committed?
Can I get a transcript of the proceedings of the grand jury that indicted me?
Can I get access to the transcripts of a 1930 grand jury proceeding?
Can I get out of serving? It would be such a burden to spend all that time on a grand jury.
Can I get the files from a 1978 grand jury – are they available to the public?
Can I get the names of the jurors who sat on a federal grand jury n 1948?
Can I use a petition to get a grand jury to start an investigation?
Can the public find out when a grand jury was convened?
Can you be subpoenaed and forced to testify against yourself if you’re being investigated?
Can  a private citizen present evidence to a grand jury?  What is the process?
Choosing a grand jury
Clinton grand jury did nothing -- why the problem?
Did the Starr grand jury EVER vote?
Did the Starr grand jury vote on anything?
Do grand juries get sequestered? Would I have to stay overnight?
Do grand jurors really have to show up for duty every week for eighteen months??????
Do you have a right to know a grand jury is investigating you?
Does a grand jury referral establish a prima facie case?
Does a witness have the right to know what a grand jury is investigating?
Does an indictment give a prosecutor an advantage? (#1)
Does an indictment give a prosecutor an advantage? (#2)
Does someone get paid and get reimbursed for travel when they testify in front of a grand jury?
Does the defense get to refute the prosecutor's evidence?
Doesn’t the judge influence how the grand jury behaves?
Frustrated Foreperson
Getting A Lawyer
Grand jury leaks and the press
Grand jury origins
Having to testify without an attorney
How can I get a copy of an indictment?
How can I get a grand jury impaneled?
How can we get records that are in the hands of the U.S. Attorney, and may have been subpoenaed by a grand jury?
How do I find out if I’ve been indicted?
I just got a subpoena (#1): Do I have to testify?
I just got a subpoena (#2): Who pays for all this?
I just got a subpoena (#3): Can I give the grand jury more than they asked for?
I think a federal judge is violating the law – how do I get a grand jury to investigate him?
I've been subpoenaed--what happens if I don't show up?
If a grand jury fails to indict, can the prosecutor try again to get the person indicted?
If I'm a grand juror, what should I do if I know someone we investigate?
If the Enron execs were to get a subpoena from a grand jury...
Is a grand jury that doesn't indict really a grand jury?
Is a person 65 or older excused from serving on a federal grand jury?
Is Ken Starr's grand jury constitutional?
More questions about releasing the Starr grand jury report
My husband is being investigated by a grand jury – what happens if he gets indicted?
Our grand juries don’t ever seek out evidence on their own—why not?
Our grand jury always indicts—who does that help?
Prospective grand juror sees no problem with perjury—will that disqualify him from serving?
Punishing the President?
Punishment for perjury?
Questions about the investigative process
Secrecy and leaks
Secrecy and release of evidence gathered by the Clinton-Lewinsky grand jury - #1
Secrecy and release of evidence gathered by the Clinton-Lewinsky grand jury - #2
Should the media be able to shield its sources from a grand jury?
Sitting on a Grand Jury
Starr and grand jury secrecy
States using grand juries
Swearing in President Clinton
Using a Grand Jury to Investigate the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks
Was secret grand juyr testimony ever released during the Watergate investigation?
Was the Starr grand jury a subversive organization?
Wasn't disclosure authorized by a court order?
What exactly is the law of contempt?
What happens if the FBI agent who is supposed to serve a grand jury subpoena changes the date on it, the date that shows when you are supposed to show up and testify?
What is the difference between an amended indictment and a superseding indictment?
What kinds of options does a grand jury witness have?
What rights do I have when questioned by the FBI? Can I take the Fifth?
What Supreme Court decision said states do not have to use grand juries?
What’s the difference between a presentment and an indictmentWhat’s the difference between a presentment and an indictment?
When can you refuse to answer?
When did the grand jury change?
Who can request a grand jury investigation?
Who were the Starr grand jurors? How do I find out?
Why did Starr submit the report, instead of the grand jury?
Why did the President have attorneys when he testifies before the grand jury?
Why didn't the President answer some of the questions?
Why were grand juries more common a hundred years ago?

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