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Being Subpoenaed by a Grand Jury
bulletI just got a subpoena...what happens now? Do I have to do what it asks? What about my expenses?  
bullet I just got a subpoena (#1): Do I have to testify?
bullet I just got a subpoena (#2): Who pays for all this?
bullet I just got a subpoena (#3): Can I give the grand jury more than they asked for?
bullet I've been subpoenaed--what happens if I don't show up?
bullet When can you refuse to answer?
bullet Can a threat to one’s life be used to avoid testifying?
bullet Bringing information to the grand jury:
bullet Does someone get paid and get reimbursed for travel when they testify in front of a grand jury?
bullet Does a witness have the right to know what a grand jury is investigating? 
bullet Having to testify without an attorney:
bullet Attorney present?
bulletCan you be subpoenaed and forced to testify against yourself if you’re being investigated?
bulletWhat happens if the FBI agent who is supposed to serve a grand jury subpoena changes the date on it, the date that shows when you are supposed to show up and testify?
bulletWhat is contempt?
bulletCan the grand jury put someone in jail for perjury?
bulletShould the media be able to shield its sources from a grand jury?
bulletIf the Enron execs were to get a subpoena from a grand jury, could they plead the fifth amendment like they're doing now, or would they have to answer? If they have to answer, why doesn't the government stop wasting time and send this to a grand jury?
bulletShould I get a lawyer if I have been subpoenaed? (Coming soon)

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