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Grand Jury Investigations
bulletHow do I request a grand jury investigation?
bullet Who can request a grand jury investigation?
bullet Can I use a petition to get a grand jury to start an investigation?
bulletI think a federal judge is violating the law – how do I get a grand jury to investigate him?
bulletHow can I get a grand jury impaneled?
bulletDo you have a right to know a grand jury is investigating you?
bulletQuestions about the investigative process:
bulletWhat is the purpose of a lawyer not being allowed to accompany his/her client into the grand jury room?
bulletWhat is a grant of immunity, and who gets it?
bulletHow can a witness be forced to accept immunity?
bulletDo you think the federal grand jury system needs a reform, if yes, what should be done?
bulletDo you think the prosecutor has too much power over the federal grand jury?
bulletCan a grand jury in one state subpoena a witness, take her testimony and send it to a grand jury in another state . . . to save the witness the trouble to traveling to the other state?

Can a federal prosecutor use a summary witness—a federal agent—instead of calling the person who really witnesses what happened?


Are grand juries a rubber stamp for prosecutors?


Can a U.S. Attorney tell someone they are being investigated by a grand jury?


Can a private citizen present evidence to a grand jury? What is the process?


My husband is being investigated by a grand jury – what happens if he gets indicted?


Can I bring a petition to a federal grand jury based on evidence I have of crimes that have been committed?


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