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Where do grand juries sit?
Courthouse View        Grand juries are convened by a court, and usually sit in the courthouse where that court is located.  A grand jury sits, for example, in a courthouse like this one:


Grand Jury Court Sign        Most state and federal courthouses have special grand jury rooms, which are usually located in areas that are not generally accessible to the public.  These rooms will be identified by signs located in more public areas of the courthouse.  Here, for example, is a sign that directs people to a grand jury room that is located near the court of appeals' office:


        Many courts have adopted special rules that prohibit anyone not having official business with a grand jury from being anywhere near the room where the grand jury sits. Some of these rules also prohibit individuals from observing the area near the grand jury room and photographing those who enter and leave that area. These rules are all designed to preserve the secrecy of the grand jury process. 

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