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This page provides answers to some Frequently Asked Questions about Grand Juries. Simply click on the question to go to the page with the answer. Please click on the "Feedback, Comments & Stories" button above for more answers to questions that have been emailed to us.

  • FAQ's About Grand Juries
  What is a grand jury?
Who serves on a grand jury?
What does a grand jury do?
How long do grand jurors serve?
Does a grand jury sit all day, every day?
Where do grand juries sit?
Why don't we hear more about grand juries?
What is a "runaway" grand jury?
How does a grand jury get evidence?

What does a subpoena look like?
  • Actual Grand Jury Documents
This is an indictment a federal grand jury returned against Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols in the Oklahoma City bombing case. It charges them with a number of federal crimes.

This is the report a state grand jury issued on the Oklahoma City bombing. The state grand jury was investigating whether the bombing involved more than McVeigh and Nichols. You can read their conclusions here.

This is the transcript of a state grand jury proceeding. It includes the testimony of several witnesses. You can read it to see how a grand jury operates.

This is a subpoena from the United States District Court for the Southern District of California.

Grand Jury Charge
This is a court's charge, or instructions, to a new panel of state grand jurors. A court always charges a new grand jury. In its charge, a court tells the new grand jurors about their duties and obligations as members of a grand jury.

Grand Jury Charge
Fourth Judicial District Court, State of Minnesota

Grand Jury Charge
New York State (County)

Grand Jury Charge
Cook County, Illinois

Grand Jury Charge
United Kingdom: Charge to the Grand Jury at the Quarter Sessions at Ipswich on 8 April 1682, http://www.uea.ac.uk/his/virtualnorfolk/print/censorship/bohun/charge.shtml


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