Come join us at Dance Marathon! Either register as a participant, or just show up on the day of and buy a pass to visit your friends! Either way, once you get there, you won’t want to leave!

How to Register

  1. 1.Click the Link above. This will take you to our online registration site!

  2. 2.If you are a current student, register as a “Dancer” (not a “Flyer in Spirit Dancer”).

  3. 3.We encourage you to make your Fundraising Goal at least $100, and then actually fundraise the entire amount!

  4. 4.Pick your Role for Dance Marathon (Individual, Join a Team, Create a Team).

  5. 5.If you “Join a Team”, you will be prompted to pick an existing team from the list.

  6. 6.If you “Create a Team”, you will be prompted to enter information about your team (see steps below). To make a team, talk to some friends and come up with a team name. Decide who will be the Team Captain and when they register, they will pick the role of “Create a Team.” This will allows the Team Captain to input a Team Name and Team Goal. After the captain finishes registering, they can send an e-mail to the team with the link to join!

  7. 7.You will be asked for your credit card information in order to pay your registration fee.

  8. 8.At the end of the registration process you are free to personalize your registration page however you want. Remember, this page is what your family and friends will see when they donate online to you!

Click Here to Register!!

If you cannot join us for the day, but would like to participate, you may also Donate to UDDM

  1. 1.To donate online, click the link at the top of the page that says “Donate”. This will take you to our online donation site! Click on “Donate To This Event” to make tax-deductible donation!

  2. 2.To mail a cash or check donation, use this address:
    One Children’s Plaza
    Attention: Debbie Butner
    Dayton, OH 45404

  3. 3.Checks can be made payable to UD Dance Marathon. Be sure to put the name of the dancer in the Memo Line so that the funds can be applied to your dancer’s total fundraising!

How to Donate

Contact us if you have any Questions!