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Feel free to come to meetings/events, host events, volunteer in planning and publicizing events, become an officer, get your organization involved, or join our mailing list.

To do any of the above, email us at, or contact one of our lovely officers.

-and if you want to host a party,
here's everything you need to know.

Club #6 will provide for every event-Assorted beverages, Snacks (chips and pretzels), large cooler & ice, advertising, DJ(including music) and/or bartender upon request

event timeline:
-Two weeks prior to event: Contact Club #6 to report any special information that needs to go on advertising for the event. Also let us know if you wish to spend any money.
-Week before event: Club #6 will contact you to discuss a good time to for supplies to be dropped off at the house. Let us know if you would like us to help you
set up and/or clean up
-Day of event: Club #6 officers will drop off the cooler, pop, snacks, speakers, and any other supplies at the time discussed, along with helping in the set up if wished.
-Days after event: Give Club #6 treasurer receipts and expense form. Club #6 will pick up our supplies

host residence will provide for the event:
- An event location
-Decorations, if desired
-Snacks other than chips and pretzels
-Music (optional)
*REMINDER: Club #6 will reimburse you for the cost of your event, less tax, up to $50. You may pick up a tax exempt form from the treasurer; however, if you neglect to do so, you will not be reimbursed the tax money. To be reimbursed, you must fill out an expense form and give it to the treasurer with your receipts.

house rules for host residences:
-The house, suite, apartment, etc. does not necessarily have to be "substance-free" except for the duration of the event. ALL controlled substances (e.g., alcohol and tobacco) must be placed somewhere away from the event, so that no one attending the event would find it.
-Club #6 will advertise for the event and all that come to the event will be admitted without an entrance fee. The only reason that people would not be allowed into the event is if they create a harmful environment to others.
-If a person enters a Club #6-sponsored event and is intoxicated, he or she will not be asked to leave unless the person is thought to be endangering his or her own safety or others' personal safety, or is being belligerent in his or her actions.
-Many of the houses in the neighborhoods are old and if the floor starts to buckle to a degree that it may be a potential hazard, then the music should be calmed down or people should be asked to move onto the porch or lawn.
-Events should start no later than 10 p.m. and can go until they naturally end or at a specific time (usually last around 3 hours).
-Keep event-goers off the sidewalk and out of the street.
-If the event is in a location covered by Residential Services' "Community Relations Contract," the event must adhere to the Irving Ave. housing contract provisions.
-Host residences must follow all of the university's policies on having a party, which can be found in the student handbook.
-No tobacco products should be used out of respect for others at the event.
-An expense report form must be completed by the party host as directed by the treasurer in order for reimbursement of any party expenses.
-Any non-perishable/ non-consumable items purchased that were reimbursed by Club #6 become propertery of Club #6. (Make sure you check with us if you need any decorations, we might already have it and you are welcome to use them!)