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what is club #6?
Club #6 is an organization at the University of Dayton that sponsors weekend parties and other events open to the students of UD and their guests. It was formed to offer a place for students to have a good time without alcohol or other substances. Club #6 promotes a respect for the use of alcohol, as members younger than 21do not use it, and members 21 and older choose to drink responsibly. All Club #6-sponsored events are substance-free.

why "#6"?

The #6 in our name is a tribute to the sixth floor of Campus South, where the first substance-free community was created. It was because of the success of this floor and the parties hosted there that Club #6 was formed. There is still a substance-free community on this floor and there is an application process each year for current first-year students interested in living in a substance-free community for their sophomore year.

what does substance-free mean?
It means that no alcohol, tobacco, drugs, or other illegal substances are allowed at Club #6 events. Parties generally have snacks and non-alcoholic drinks.

what are the parties like?

Parties are hosted at house in the Darkside and the Ghetto, the Campus South basement, and the VWK ground floor meeting room. Some parties are all about music and dancing, while others are more laid-back and just a great chance to meet new people, play games, and relax. What the party is like will change depending on who the host is. For example, some hosts may choose to throw a party with a theme. Check out our pictures and see what Club #6 parties are like. Of course, you'll never know what they're really like until you experience one for yourself!

does club #6 do anything other than parties?

Yes! We are always open to suggestions about what other kinds of events we should sponsor. Some past events have been a mechanical bull, poker night, comedy show, semi-formal, and a concert.

who can come to club #6 events?

Anyone! All members of the UD community and their guests are welcome to attend Club #6 events. We only require that you do not bring any alcoholic beverages or other substances to the event.

is club #6 "anti-alcohol"?
No, Club #6 wishes to promote a respect for the use of alcohol. We want to provide alternative, fun activities for students who can not yet legally drink alcohol (and for those who can). Club #6 encourages those who are 21 or older to be responsible about their use of alcohol so they can enjoy the benefits of alcohol while still demonstrating a respect for their bodies and the people around them.

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