Sr. Marie Pierre Semler was a native of upstate New York. She was born Bertha Josephine Semler in Chili, New York in 1901. She entered the religious community of the Maryknoll Sisters of St. Dominic in 1925. During her sixty-eight years as a Maryknoll Sister she created 1,997 pieces of art work. Sr. Marie Pierre also wrote poetry, meditations, and descriptions for many of her art pieces. She worked in several mediums and made many reproductions of her work during her lifetime. She died at the Maryknoll Sisters Center on October 18, 1993, at the age of 92.

When Sister Marie Pierre Semler looked at a piece of wood, stone or canvas, she saw stories, messages of inspiration and the achievements and short-comings of humankind.

Her work is preserved and exhibited by her grand-nephew David Hoysic, and his wife Mary. Together they have sponsored more than fifty exhibitions in the Northeastern United States.

Sister Marie Pierre’s  collection numbers close to two thousand pieces, and has been viewed by more than fifteen thousand people in New York State and New England. Each of her works carries her characteristically meditative quality.

This is a traveling exhibit.