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  Year of the Rosary, October 2002 - October 2003

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The Rosary and the Internet

Many of our readers are more familiar with the World Wide Web than they are with books.  And there is, indeed, a great deal of information on the rosary available via the Internet.  This week's rosary markings will present a number of sites dealing with the rosary.  Some of them have chosen a general approach offering information on the history of the rosary and the various ways to pray it.  Others are geared more specifically toward prayer and engage readers directly.  Still other sites have a more hands-on and commercial orientation.  They will give instructions on how to make a rosary or will tell you where to purchase a rosary.


All About the Rosary - The rosary is a beloved Catholic custom that links the gospel and contemplative prayer.  Click here to learn how to pray the rosary.  Find a video clip.

The Holy Rosary  Site -

The Holy Rosary - This site instructs how to pray the rosary and tells of Our Lady's promises to Christians who recite the rosary. -

Virtual Rosary - The website is Catholic Ware's homepage, the official homepage of Virtual Rosary which is a multimedia Rosary program for Windows, Mac, and Palm OS. Virtual Rosary is a scriptural rosary that displays verses, illustrations, background music, and all of the prayers of the Rosary in fourteen languages. -

Holy Rosary - The Holy Rosary, multilingual website -


Ecumenical Miracle Rosary - Catholics and Protestants alike can feel comfortable with this unique rosary based on Jesus' miracles. -

Fatima Network: The Perpetual Web Rosary - A continuing and interactive rosary sponsored by Catholics United for Life and the Fatima Network -

How to Pray the Rosary -

St. Dominic, Rosary Center -

The Family Rosary - Focuses on strengthening family prayer.  Includes Scripture reflections, essays, resources to increase family prayer. -

The Rosary - When praying the Rosary, we approach Christ through Mary.  It is a special way of praying to God that honors Mary. -

World Wide Rosary - The original free multimedia rosary -

The Miracle of the Rosary Mission (MRM) -  This is an association of the faithful dedicated to pray and work for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary; the Eucharistic reign of Jesus Christ. MRM advocates a life of faith centered in the Eucharist, sustained by the sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church, and supported by Eucharistic adoration and Marian devotions.  MRM seeks a greater knowledge, a better understanding, and a deeper love of the Catholic faith.  MRM fosters and encourages an ordinary life of faith lived with love and heroic virtue in communion with him.  Finally, the Mission of the Rosary Mission shares in the Apostolate of Holy Mother Church to pray and work in building the Kingdom of God on earth.

The Rosary Confraternity - The Rosary Confraternity is a spiritual association, the members of which strive to pray the fifteen mysteries of the rosary during the course of each week. -

Universal Living Rosary Association of St. Philomena
Universal Living Rosary Association of Saint Philomena

P.O. Box 1303
Dickinson, TX 77539 USA
Fax: (218) 337-3722


Mary's Prayers Rosaries - How to pray the rosary, with an online catalog of unique and beautiful rosaries and chaplets -

Rosaries from the Holy Land - Shop online for crosses, rosaries, bibles, sculptures, and more from Bethlehem in the Holy Land (sponsored listing).

Rosary Workshop - Rosary Workshop is dedicated to making rosaries and keeping alive the tradition. -

The Rosary Shop - Pre-made or custom handmade rosaries. Rosary bracelets, custom rosary kits, rosary-making supplies and tools. Pouches and boxes -

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