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Marian Libraries Studies is a polyglot journal specializing in original research on Christ, Mary and the Church. Past volumes have presented a variety of Scriptural, systematic, and historical topics, such as the Marian contributions of St. Basil, St. Catherine of Siena, Chaucer, Erasmus, John Henry Newman, Henri de Lubac, and Hans Urs von Balthasar. Some issues have focused on a particular theme, e.g. as the Greek homilists of the early Church, or medieval Marian miracle stories. See below for more information, or contact The Marian Library, University of Dayton, Dayton, OH 45469-1390.

Marian Library Studies encourages and accepts articles for
publication provided they present original research in Marian studies.


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Marian Library Studies specializes in works of research on Christ, Mary, and the Church --- as shown in the list of available volumes and highlighted in the following content analysis:

Vols. 3, 4 & 5 are indispensable for the study of the Greek homilists of the fifth century.

Vols. 11 & 12 study Erasmus' role in the elaboration of a Marian devotion reflective of a shift to the modern age.

Vols. 15-16 studies the religious, moral, and social mentality of medieval Christians, analyzing the Marian miracles as expressions of popular piety and as testimony to the beginning of a Christian humanism.

Vols. 17-23 is a Festschrift dedicated to Father T. Koehler, S.M., and edited by Father J. Roten, S.M., director of the International Marian Research Institute. This issue gathers some sixty papers written by renowned authors (over eight-hundred pages).

Vol. 24 is dedicated to three eminent modern theologians: John Henry Newman, Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri de Lubac.

Vol. 25 studies Urs von Balthasar (continuation), the Heart of Mary in the Latin tradition (seventh to sixteenth cent.), and prayers to Mary from a fifteenth/sixteenth-century manuscript.

Vol. 26 treats Urs von Balthasar (continuation), Saint Therese, Mary as Servant in the New Creation, Chaucer's Constance and the Sorrowing Mary, Jean de Fecamp and the Pseuso-augustinian De Assumptione, and two previously unknown shrine-madonna statues (Vierges ouvrantes).

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Volume 3
(1971) 265 p., Volume 4 (1972) 355 p. La homiletica mariana griega en el siglo V --Parts I and II by Roberto CARO, S.I. Volume 5 (1973) 212 p. La homiliteca mariana griega en el siglo V-- Part III by Roberto CARO, S.I. De B.M.V., Immaculata Conceptione Quodlibet XII-XIV saec. by Antonius SAMARITANI. (3-vol. set)

Volume 7 (1975) 330 p. La Salette, Bibliographie by Jean STERN, M.S. Les publications de la Grande Congrégation Académique de Molsheim by Louis SCHLAEFLI.

Volume 9 (1977) 230 p., 30 p. of plates. Los origenes del Misterio de Elche by Gonzalo GIRONES. Le Mystere de la mort de Marie dans l'économie du salut. Au-delà du fait, le sens by Bertrand De MARGERIE, S.J. Die Schreinmadonna by Christoph BAUMER. La plus ancienne image pieuse de Notre Dame du Schauenberg by Louis SCHLAEFLI.

Volume 10 (1978) 208 p. Chromatius of Aquileia, Marian Ecclesiologist by Vincent VASEY, S.M. Tradition and Dramatization by Théodore KOEHLER, S.M. Notre-Dame dans Le Chastel Perilleux by Marie BRISSON. Esposizione sopra l'orazione della Vergine by Girolamo SAVONAROLA. The Prayers of the Saints (Seventeenth-century Views) by A. M. ALLCHIN. "La Voix de Notre-Dame de Chartres" by Joseph F. BYRNES.

Volume 11 (1979) 271 p., Volume 12 (1980) 270 p. Erasmi corpus mariologicum -- Part I and Part II by Joaquin Maria ALONSO, C.M.F. (2-vol. set)

Volumes 13-14 (1981-82) 648 p. Maria nell'omelia sulla generazione di Cristo (San Basilio) by Luigi GAMBERO, S.M. Greek Patristic Exegesis (Late-fourth, Early-fifth C.) on the Incarnation and Mary by Bertrand BUBY, S.M. Marie dans la catéchese du XVIe siecle by Jean-Marie SALGADO, O.M.I. Exégese, tradition, catéchese by Théodore KOEHLER, S.M.

Volumes 15-16 (1983-84) 733 p. Les collections de miracles de la Vierge en gallo et ibéro-roman au 13e siecle by Paule V. BETEROUS.

Volume 24 (1992-95) 268 p. Im Zeichen der Ellipse. Hans Urs von Balthasar's Theologische Anthropologie by Johann G. ROTEN, S.M. Newman's Use of Sacred Scripture in Texts on the Incarnation and Mary by John F. BRITT. To a Great Servant of the Church: Henri Cardinal de Lubac by Théodore KOEHLER, S.M.

Volume 25 (1996-1997) 216p. Erlöstes und Unerlöstes Paradox oder Balthasar's Leiden um das "tiefliegende Wahre" by Johann G. ROTEN, S.M. The Heart of Mary in the Latin Tradition: From the Seventh to the Sixteenth Century by Théodore A. KOEHLER, S.M. Oraisons à Notre Dame d'après un manuscrit du Xve - XVIe siècles by Marie BRISSON.

Volume 26 (1998-2000) 308p. Analogie und Mysterium.Zur Begründung: "Das Hindurschschauen ist das Entscheidende" by Johann G. ROTEN, S.M. Under the Veil of the Virgin: The Gradually Developing Relationship of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus and of the Holy Face to the Blessed Virgin Mary by Christopher R. ARMSTRONG. Mary, the Servant of God, in a Renewed Marian Theology Based on the New Creation by Walter T. BRENNAN, O.S.M. Chaucer's Constance and the Sorrowing Mary: The Man of Law's Tale (MLT), 841-854 by Robert M. Correale. Jean de Fécamp et le De Assumptione pseudo-Augustinien by Georges BAVAUD. Vierges Ouvrantes non cataloguées. Note au sujet d'une dévotion oubliée. by Théodore A. KOEHLER, S.M.

Volume 27 (2005-2006) 364 p. In Memoriam Father Théodore A. Koehler, S.M. (ed. Johann G. ROTEN, S.M.). Maria im Volksgut des Wallis by Johann G. ROTEN, S.M. Jesus Christ Crucified and Gentle Mary: Salvation and Mary in the Life and Writings of Catherine of Siena by Denis Vincent WISEMAN, O.P.

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