Additional Marian Publications by ML/IMRI Faculty

MARY OF GALILEE – 3-volume set by Father Bertrand Buby, S.M.

Mary of Galilee, Volume I: Mary in the New Testament

Mary of Galilee, Volume II: Woman of Israel – Daughter of Zion

Mary of Galilee, Volume III: Mary in the Apocrypha

Published by Alba House, New York, ISBN: 0-8189-0692-8

Cost: Volume I = $11.95; Volume II = $17.95; Volume III = $19.95
The trilogy above is for sale at and through The Marian Library.

Father Buby has also published:

With a Listening Heart: Biblical and Spiritual Reflections on the Psalms - $16.95
(ISBN: 0-8189-0972-6) Staten Island, NY: St. Paul, 2005.

A Journey Through Revelation: A Message for the Millennium - $14.95
(ISBN: 0-8189-0832-7) New York: Alba House, 2000.

THE MOTHER OF THE LORD: MEMORY, PRESENCE, HOPE – Translated by Father Thomas A. Thompson, S.M.

The Mother of the Lord: Memory, Presence, Hope ($14.95), Staten Island, NY: St. Paul, 2007.
is a text from the Pontifical International Marian Academy (PAMI) on questions facing Mariology today.
(ISBN: 0-8189-1249-9)


Order from:

The Marian Library
University of Dayton
Dayton OH 45469-1390

Telephone: (937) 229-4214
FAX (937) 229-4258

THE MOTHER OF THE LORD: MEMORY, PRESENCE, HOPE can also be purchased at your local bookstore.



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