A humble woman of Judea. 34-230.

A woman clothed with the sun as if completely filled with the Divinity. 75-38.

A woman crowned with twelve stars, clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet. 37-230.

A woman descended from Adam and Eve. 5E-451.

A woman encompasses the Creator in her flesh. 12-36.

A woman more holy than all the hierarchies of heaven, and who bore in her womb the Creator of the angels and of the heavens. 5C-193.

A woman of strength, who experienced poverty and suffering, flight and exile. 93-34.

A woman so great and so royal by birth. 34-14.

A woman so valiant and victorious. 5C-287.

A woman unafraid. 27-60.

A woman who walked by faith. 94-26.

A woman, who would give birth to the Messias and who would live in perpetual enmity with Satan. 11-95.

Blessed among women and full of the Holy Ghost. 58-156.

Blessed and unique among women. 11-22.

Blessed art thou among women, and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. 36-254.

Blessed woman. 58-106.

Brave woman. 20-59.

Brave young woman. 94-51.

Chosen amongst all women. 4-275.

Courageous woman. 5C-109.

Crown of women. 20-231.

Exceptional woman. 85-3.

Flower of womanhood. 24-9.

Great and valiant woman. 4-142.

Great silent woman. 51-63.

Heavenly woman. 5E-459.

Incomparable woman of the scripture. 10-11.

Invincible woman. 5E-202.

In the courts of the mandarins there is no woman like to thee. 34-54.

Like a mighty fortress, the valiant woman. 11-70.

Loveliest of women. 34-353.

Magnanimous woman. 5E-240.

Most dear amongst women. 20-224.

Most humble of women. 12-82.

Mysterious woman. 5E-445.

No woman can be compared with you. 12-24.

No woman surpasses her. 12-113.

0 woman, honor of all women, the best, the greatest the world ever possessed. 16-46.

Of all earth's women, most beauty-laden. 34-146.

Peerless woman. 5E-155.

Perfect type of woman in the double sense of: femina et muller. 12-14.

Perfect womanhood. 34-247.

She is the woman of the seven swords. 20-174.

Single in her virtues among all the women of the world. 34-235.

Strong and unconquered woman. 5C-297.

Strong woman, clothed with beauty and fortitude. 5D-135.

Summit of womanhood. 11-10.

That strong woman on whom the heart of her husband confidently relied. 58-535.

That woman, of all women the most blessed. 2C-262.

That woman who gave birth to the Word of the Eternal Father. 58-99.

That woman whose vessels are filled with the oil of divine grace. 16-69.

The believing woman by whose faith the unbelieving Adam and all his posterity are saved. 4-565.

The chosen woman, clothed in the strength of fortitude and beauty. 58-442.

The greatest woman ever to bless this sordid earth with the sandals of her feet. 85-3.

The ideal and perfect woman. 46-18.

The immaculate and most happy among women. 5E-204.

The just woman. 11-57.

The most beautiful of women. 2A-288.

The most perfect woman. 5D-132.

The one woman with whom we can fall in love at first sight and not fear that later we shall be disillusioned. 11-35, 36.

The only woman ever to combine in herself the incompatible glories of virginity and motherhood. 11-5.

The price of this woman is as something coming from afar. 58-588.

The promised woman. 11-93.

The strong woman whose domestics are sheltered by double garments. 58-166.

The tenderest and gentlest woman that ever existed. 2A-182.

The woman by whom is to be taken from our race the curse which lies upon it. 20-77.

The woman envisioned by St. John the beloved in his Apocalypse. 11-44.

The woman, foretold from the beginning, crushing the serpent's head. 2A-141.

The woman in St. John's Cana and Calvary narratives. 94-7.

The woman who is the Mother of God. 51-131.

The woman who is the sworn enemy of Satan. 49-12.

The woman whose Son Jesus has come to earth to undo what the devil has done. 49-12.

Treasure among all woman. 12-27.

Unequaled, most lovely and giving of woman. 34-121.

Valiant woman. 51-74; 58-604.

Woman. 87-90; 6-15.

Woman above all women glorified. 34-336.

Woman clothed with the sun and beauty unfurled. 34-120.

Woman in mortal flesh called and elevated to the throne and council of the most Blessed Trinity. 58-293.

Woman most loyal 11-55.

Woman of faith. 94-39.

Woman of might. 34-124.

Woman of tenderness. 34-124.

Woman saddest. 34-62.

Woman singularly to be venerated. 20-58.

Woman so full of clemency. 58-96.

Woman of sorrows. 2C-181.

Woman spoken of by the prophet. 12-36.

Woman unutterably fair. 34-123.

Woman who walked home on the arm of John (after the crucifixion). 7-14.

Woman without peer. 28-75.

Woman wrapped in silence. 67-12.

Womankind restored at last to grace. 34-205.

Wondrous woman ever in travail. 34-22.

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