Virgin. 88-5.

Virgin all excelling. 6-22.

Virgin alone faithful, in whom the serpent has never had part. 37-65.

Virgin and queen of the holy rosary. 6-22.

Virgin betrothed to a man Joseph, of the house of David. 25-67.

Virgin blessed above all things. 37-234.

Virgin blessed by the Holy Ghost. 34-129.

Virgin bright. 6-22.

Virgin by the overshadowing of the Holy Spirit. 34-275.

Virgin chaste and pure. 24-69.

Virgin clothed with the Sun. 10-14.

Virgin daughter of Sion. 10-10.

Virgin endowed with a purity which compels our admiration and imitation. 11-35.

Virgin ever blessed. 6-22.

Virgin ever meek. 34-92.

Virgin ever pure. 34-202.

Virgin first among the pure and fair. 10-14.

Virgin foretold by the Jewish prophet Isaiah. 85-12.

Virgin free by grace from every stain of sin. 4-309.

Virgin full of sweetness. 4-459.

Virgin greater than heaven and earth together. 2C-107.

Virgin holy and merciful. 6-22.

Virgin holy and undefiled. 77-9.

Virgin immaculate. 6-22.

Virgin in the Cenacle. 2C-15.

Virgin in the flesh she brought forth her first-born Christ. 20-264.

Virgin in thy conception, thou didst after child-bearing remain a virgin. 20-268.

Virgin, innocent, without blemish, all immaculate, inviolate, spotless, holy in soul and body. 70-52.

Virgin inviolate - prefigured by the blest land of Eden before its surface was torn by furrows. 70-17.

Virgin meek and lowly. 34-145.

Virgin mild. 24-138.

Virgin most bountiful. 10-14.

Virgin most clement. 6-22.

Virgin most compassionate. 6-22.

Virgin most diligent. 6-22.

Virgin most fair. 34-187.

Virgin most faithful. 6-22.

Virgin most holy, above all angels and saints in paradise. 6-22.

Virgin most humble. 6-22.

Virgin most meek and mild. 10-14.

Virgin most merciful. 6-22.

Virgin most obedient. 6-22.

Virgin most powerful. 6-22.

Virgin most preachable. 11-50.

Virgin most prudent. 6-22.

Virgin most pure. 6-22.

Virgin most pure, of immaculate birth. 1-665.

Virgin most renewed. 6-22.

Virgin most resigned. 6-22.

Virgin most sorrowful. 6-22.

Virgin most sweet. 3-152.

Virgin most venerable. 6-22.

Virgin most wise. 10-6.

Virgin mother enthroned near Christ. 10-16.

Virgin mother gifted above all God's creatures. 10-37.

Virgin Mother of God, conceived without original sin. 20-9.

Virgin Mother of the Messiah Jesus. 85-3.

Virgin of a happy death. 33-213.

Virgin of all virgins best. 6-22.

Virgin of all virgins blest. 83-307.

Virgins of all virgins fairest. 20-131.

Virgin of Bonany. 69-18.

Virgin of charity. 72-134.

Virgin of Chiantla. 65-249.

Virgin of David's royal blood. 10-8.

Virgin of forgiveness. 6-22.

Virgin of Isaiah. 85-24.

Virgin of Nazareth. 93-24; 87-88.

Virgin of pardon. 6-22.

Virgin of reconciliation. 6-22.

Virgin of Sion. 10-14.

Virgin of sorrows. 6-22.

Virgin of Tepeyac. 66-26.

Virgin of the grotte. 10-14.

Virgin of the Miraculous Medal. 2C-335.

Virgin of the poor. 18-39.

Virgin of the rocks. 72-149.

Virgin of the root of Jesse. 10-31.

Virgin of the rosary of Pompeii. 6-22.

Virgin of the sanctuary. 10-14.

Virgin of the scapular. 33-83.

Virgin of virgins. 6-22.

Virgin of virgins, all chaste and serene. 44-4; 9-3.

Virgin of wonders. 40-1.

Virgin on high. 33-75.

Virgin, pattern of obedience. 10-14.

Virgin productive, yet mother unstained. 44-11; 9-8.

Virgin pure and fair. 34-401.

Virgin pure and undefiled. 34-70.

Virgin purest, brightest, rarest. 63-141.

Virgin queen. 28-105.

Virgin queen immaculate. 24-101.

Virgin-ruler of paradise. 6-22.

Virgin sad and sorrowful. 16-48.

Virgin, sinless bloom of sinful race. 10-14.

Virgin so good. 34-73.

Virgin so tender. 2A-182.

Virgin spouse. 19-11.

Virgin, spouse of the Holy Spirit. 7-20.

Virgin, sprung from soil terrene, yet robed in peerless purity. 44-18.

Virgin, thou of virgins fairest. 6-22.

Virgin, truly admirable and most worthy of all honour. 20-58.

Virgin truly full of grace. 16-77.

Virgin undefiled. 29-93; 34-149.

Virgin unique. 2A-33.

Virgin who destroyest all heresies. 6-22.

Virgin who produced the family of the Blessed.

Virgin Mary of Mount Carmel. 33-146.

Virgin who surpasses Eden's garden of delights. 70-51.

Virgin who was elected to be the mother of the Most High. 6-22.

Virgin wise. 34-139.

Virgin without equal. 20-83.

A humble, unknown virgin in the tiny village of Nazareth. 11-16.

A virgin before, during and after the birth of Jesus. 85-12.

A virgin brought forth Him who is God and man. 83-571.

A virgin brought forth yet a virgin remained. 44-11.

A virgin conceives. 20-144.

A virgin even as a mother. 14-63.

A virgin forever. 29-12; 56-20.

A virgin hath borne the Savior. 29-104.

A virgin in body, in mind, in intention. 20-58.

A virgin spiritually and physically, solely and entirely at God's disposal. 14-69.

A virgin wondrous mild. 24-138.

A youthful virgin. 24-1 34.

Admirable virgin. 16-46.

Afflicted virgin. 4-531.

After her shall virgins be brought to the King. 36-215.

All-holy virgin. 93-26.

All-merciful virgin. 66-30.

All-powerful virgin. 51-130.

Amiable virgin. 16-17.

An espoused virgin. 75-18.

August virgin. 33-152.

Beautiful virgin. 26-197.

Benign virgin. 34-284.

Benignant virgin. 37-229.

Blessed Virgin. 87-86.

Blessed virgin, full of grace. 16-109.

Blessed virgin in whose pure womb the Sacred Humanity of the Son of God was formed. 64-16.

Blessed virgin, more beautiful than the angelic army. 10-37.

Blessed virgin of Massabielle. 10-16.

Blessed virgin of the rosary. 28-31.

Blessed virgin, our ordinary resource. 24-66.

Crown of virginity. 20-124.

Ever-glorious and blessed virgin. 64-21.

Ever sinless virgin. 16-42; 37-207.

Ever-triumphant virgin. 51-46.

Ever-victorious virgin. 51-81.

Ever-virgin mother of Jesus Christ, our Lord and God. 94-34.

Exalted virgin. 4-46.

Fair vestal of the Paraclete. 10-13.

Faithful virgin. 6-22.

First confessor of virginity. 10-22.

Fruitful virgin. 10-15.

Gentle virgin. 2A-9.

Glorious and blessed virgin. 6-22.

Glorious and immaculate virgin Mary. 6-22.

Glorious virgin. 6-22.

Glorious virgin blessed above all created things. 37-162.

Glorious virgin, more beautiful than the Cherubim and Seraphim. 10-37.

Glorious virgin who first wore the sign of virginity and raised the banner of inviolate purity. 16-69.

God's own virgin bride. 34-135.

Good virgin. 34-73.

Gracious virgin. 6-22.

Great virgin. 4-198.

Guide and mother of virgins. 5E-393.

Hail, virgin, wisdom's fairest shrine. 44-20.

Holy and inviolate virgin. 6-22.

Holy and merciful virgin. 6-22.

Holy virgin. 88-4; 14-54.

Holy virgin, good mother. 6-22.

Holy virgin, the whole of whose glory is within, and who during her entire life loved retirement and prayer so much. 37-142.

Humble and devout virgin. 5E-321.

Humble Jewish virgin in Nazareth. 11-19.

Immaculate and most wise virgin. 34-135.

Immaculate virgin, consummate in virtue. 10-2:

Immaculate virgin, most pleasing to the Lord. 77-5.

Immaculate virgin, through whom was repaired what was lost in Adam. 34-227.

Incomparable virgin. 6-22.

Ineffable virginity. 37-230.

Inviolate virgin. 29-65.

Lady virgin. 65-168.

Loving virgin. 6-22.

Mighty virgin. 6-22.

Model of virginity for virgins. 16-68.

Most blessed and glorious ever virgin Mary. 9-9.

Most blessed virgin. 6-22.

Most blessed virgin immaculate. 6-22.

Most blessed virgin of Mount Carmel. 33-85.

Most blessed virgin of the Pillar. 6-22.

Most chaste virgin queen. 5E-245.

Most happy virgin, who didst die of the vehemence of the love of God. 6-23.

Most holy virgin. 87-93.

Most holy virgin immaculate. 6-23.

Most holy virgin, who wast pleasing to the Lord. 6-23.

Most illustrious virgin. 6-23.

Most pitiful virgin. 50-18.

Most pure and immaculate virgin. 6-23.

Most tender virgin. 6-23.

Mother of virgins. 5E-393.

Patient and loving virgin. 50-12.

Pearl of virgins. 10-16.

Peerless virgin. 10-31.

Perpetual virgin. 10-31.

Pure and spotless virgin. 6-23.

Purest and humblest of virgins. 20-78, 79.

Purest of all virgins. 6-23.

Purest virgin, most praiseworthy and most worshipful. 20-25.

Purest virgin, yet partaker of the joys of motherhood. 42-6.

Remarkable Jewess known and praised everywhere as the Blessed Virgin. 85-3.

Royal virgin. 4-394.

Sacred virgin. 6-23.

Singular and miraculous virgin. 37-23.

Sinless virgin. 26-157.

Source of virginity. 70-120.

Special patroness of virgins. 70-27.

Spotless virgin. 11-51; 20-219.

Standard-bearer of virgins. 4-434.

Sweet blessed virgin, my august sovereign. 63-106.

Sweet virgin whom I love. 12-28.

That virgin who was to conceive and bear a son. 20-209.

The attentive virgin. 93-16.

The first who offered her virginity to God. 4-571.

The perpetual virgin. 11-32.

The virgin crushes the head of the serpent; her battalions advance to their foretold victory over the adverse forces. 2C-165.

The virgin in prayer. 93-17.

The virgin named most wise. 24-53.

The virgin presenting offerings. 93-18.

The virgin, who gave birth to the Only-begotten, has nurtured God and man. 70-16.

The virgin who is to conceive and bear a son, whose name will be called Emmanual. 87-87.

The virgin who will give to men the Son of God. 34-327.

The virgin with the bird. 54-5.

Thou virgin first and last. 63-126.

Uncorrupted virgin. 4-309.

Undefiled treasure of virginity. 70-121.

Untainted virgin. 34-135.

Virginal propitiatory. 10-14.

Virginal queen of virgins. 34-366.

Virginal tabernacle. 10-14.

Weeping virgin. 72-91.

Wisest virgin, full of grace. 16-82.

Wonderful virgin. 16-31.

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