Vessel or Tabernacle
A chosen vessel exceeding all men and angels in purity. 4-296.

A dwelling-place and a tabernacle for the Eternal Word. 5B-265.

A dwelling undarkened by sin. 9-5.

A dwelling worthy of a God. 4-291.

A fit habitation for Christ. 20-7.

A heavenly vessel. 4-296.

A king's palace. 20-114.

A living house of gold and ark of the convenant. 56-171.

A living monstrance. 56-171.

A magnificent tabernacle housing an infinite guest. 27-5.

A spiritual and most singular vessel of honor and devotion. 56-171.

A temple of purity. 4-295.

A well-closed garden, closed to darkness and death. 24-96.

A well-closed garden, closed to every vain desire. 24-96.

A well-closed garden, closed to mortal feet and eyes. 24-96.

A well-closed garden, closed to Satan and to sin. 24-96.

A worthy habitation for thy Son. 6-21.

Abode of the king. 93-24.

Acceptable resting place and sanctuary. 5E-658

An immaculate home. 75-43.

Ark of God. 20-229.

Ark of gold. 34-390.

Ark of holiness. 93-24

Ark of Noah. 20-4.

Ark of the covenant. 6-21; 44-7.

Ark of the testament. 5B-181.

Ark that bears Divinity. 34-57.

Ark which housed the God of the covenant. 34-249.

August and living temple of the most adorable Trinity. 6-21.

Bearer of life. 4-171.

Beautiful garden in which God has planted all the flowers that adorn the Church. 4-274.

Beautiful temple. 16-12.

Beloved sanctuary of the Holy Ghost. 12-100.

Blessed and divine tabernacle. 20-225.

Blessed vessel. 24-116.

Blest chalice. 34-43.

Blissful cloister. 20-19.

Bridal chamber of the Word. 93-24.

Chaste temple of the Holy Trinity. 6-21.

Chosen bark. 34-303.

Chosen dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit, his ciborium, his spiritual vessel. 11-62.

Chosen sanctuary of the Most High. 29-80.

Created temple of the Creator. 70-115.

Deity's shrine. 1-668.

Delightful abode of thy sovereign Lord. 10-15.

Divine and life-giving receptacle. 20-223.

Divine tabernacle of God. 58-207.

Dwelling and habitation of the Spirit. 70-23.

Dwelling of the Illimitable. 70-50; 21-16.

Dwelling-place of God. 20-223; 70-58.

Dwelling-place of Him whom no other dwelling can contain. 20-88.

Dwelling-place of the Holy Ghost. 28-43; 24-116.

Dwelling worthy of a God. 4-291.

Earthly temple of the Word made flesh. 68-40.

Earth's first tabernacle of the unborn little Lord. 15-5.

Enclosed garden, into which the hand of a sinner never entered to gather its flowers. 4-274.

Fair shrine, where the Trinity loveth to dwell. 1-670.

Fair tabernacle of this world. 34-249.

Fleshy tabernacle of God with men. 85-14.

From the fabric of human nature no more perfect temple could be erected. 27-4.

Gemmed monstrance of the Holy One. 34-178.

Glorious vessel of devotion. 10-12.

God's earthly temple. 27-4.

God's tabernacle. 75-9.

God's vessel. 70-117.

Habitation of the Eternal Word. 10-5.

Habitation of the Most High. 10-15.

Habitation of the Son of God. 58-147.

Holy city of Mary. 58-233.

Holy of Holies. 20-114.

Holy shrine where love eternal liv'd in lowliness. 34-88.

Holy tabernacle. 5B-24.

Honorable vessel. 11-64.

House built by Wisdom. 70-117.

House of Mary. 37-143.

House of the Most High God. 20-24.

House of the predestinate. 37-143.

Immaculate ark. 34-193.

Immaculate sanctuary of the Most High. 10-11.

Immaculate sanctuary of the Word of God. 10-7.

Inexhaustible vessel, from which flows the oil of mercy, igniting all lamps. 16-82.

Inner sanctum where God was made priest. 34-123.

Living and incorruptible ark. 5D-514.

Living tabernacle of Eternal Wisdom. 74-3.

Living tabernacle of the Divinity. 6-21.

Living temple of the Deity. 70-118.

Living temple of the Most Holy Trinity. 6-21.

Magnificent mansion of the Most High. 58-466.

Maiden, in whose blest womb the very Godhead worthily made stay. 34-87.

More than a vessel of precious metal. 56-171.

Most agreeable dwelling of the Holy Ghost. 10-10.

Most legitimate shrine and tabernacle of the Most High. 5D-464.

Most pure temple of the Holy Trinity. 6-21.

Mysterious ark. 58-328.

Mystical ark Mary. 58-325.

Mystical ark which contained the new and true Noah. 5B-272.

Mystical city of Mary. 58-469.

Ostensorium of the Word Incarnate. 10-19.

Our dwelling in thee is as all those that rejoice, O holy mother of God. 29-82.

Palace wherein is that spiritual bridal chamber. 20-24.

Paradise of the Most High God. 6-21.

Perfectly suitable dwelling place for Christ. 70-85.

Place of Him who is not held by place. 20-124.

Precious vessel of untold graces. 10-12.

Pure ark of the law. 1-669.

Pure paten. 34-43.

Purity's cell. 1-670.

Receptacle in which and from which the Son of God received his immaculate flesh. 11-64.

Resplendent house of God. 10-37.

Richly laden and prosperous vessel. 5E-117.

Royal dwelling. 75-46.

Sacred dwelling of the King of heaven. 4-277.

Sanctuary and living temple of the Holy Ghost. 6-21.

Sanctuary and repose of the Holy Trinity. 37-4.

Sanctuary of the Divinity. 37-193.

Sealed closet of God. 9-5.

Shrine which once had housed and nourished the Divine. 24-105.

Spacious habitation. 58-52.

Spiritual abode of the most spiritual souls. 37-134.

Spiritual and true ark of the new covenant. 5B-327.

Spiritual vessel. 6-21.

Spotless vase. 10-38.

Stately palace of the King. 20-24.

Tabernacle created by God himself. 20-7.

Tabernacle made by God, in which He alone entered to accomplish the great work of the redemption of man. 16-25.

Tabernacle Mary. 58-207.

Tabernacle of him who created thee. 10-5.

Tabernacle of the Holy Ghost. 75-12.

Tabernacle of the Holy Trinity. 63-99.

Tabernacle of the Incarnation. 10-11.

Tabernacle of the Lord. 93-24.

Tabernacle of the testimony. 75-9.

Temple, beautiful and pure. 21-5.

Temple in which God has been received. 20-88.

Temple indestructible. 70-120.

Temple of countless praises. 63-100.

Temple of glory. 20-25.

Temple of God. 6-21.

Temple of Jehovah. 10-12.

Temple of light without shadow and without blemish. 92-6.

Temple of the glory of God. 4-277.

Temple of the Holy Spirit. 87-86; 93-24.

Temple of the Lord. 29-28.

Temple of the true Solomon. 10-19.

Temple that can never be destroyed. 20-124.

The exalted Jerusalem. 58-202.

The golden altar of mercy, at which sinners obtain pardon. 4-180.

The indissoluble temple. 21-16.

The life-giving receptacle of Our Lord. 20-219.

The living ark of the living God. 39-17.

The living chalice of the Son of God made man. 94-47.

The living city of the Lord God. 20-221.

The living shrine housing hidden beauty of a love divine. 34-159. (or Love Divine). The Lord's own temple. 10-7.

The most beautiful temple ever known. 27-5.

The most Blessed Virgin who contained Christ as manna in the ark of her womb. 4-145.

The mystical city of His habitation. 5E-666.

The new and perfect ark of the covenant, the living tabernacle of the divine presence. 94-10.

The new Jerusalem. 58-201.

The permanent dwelling of the Spirit of God. 93-24.

The precious vessel full of grace. 19-7.

The resting place of the Son of God. 21-20.

The temple of Incarnate Wisdom. 20-205.

The throne of chastity. 20-205.

The vessel and chamber containing all mysteries. 16-74.

The vessel to which honor is due. 11-64.

Thou hast contained Him who cannot be contained. 4-276.

Throne of God. 37-193.

Throne of grace. 75-37.

True ark of the New Alliance. 10-12.

Unprofaned temple. 10-38.

Vase of blissful grace. 1~9.

Vessel blest. 34-124.

Vessel full of grace. 11-62.

Vessel of all perfection. 50-593.

Vessel of election. 20-8.

Vessel of gold that holdest the manna that came down from heaven. 20-23.

Vessel of honor. 6-21.

Vessel of singular devotion. 6-21.

Vessel rare of God's election. 10-8.

Virginal ark. 58-326.

Virginal sanctuary. 10-38.

Worthy dwelling place for Thy Son. 77-15.

Worthy sanctuary of the Son of God. 11-35.


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