A burning lamp to enlighten our interior and to inflame us with divine love. 35-37.

A choir in the kingdom of God. 10-15.

A cloud to afford thee shade and refreshment. 58-361.

A crusader in the fairyland of God. 21-20.

A field full of grace where God the Father has sown his only Son, as a grain of the wheat of the elect. 37-157.

A firm anchor. 37-13.

A golden star. 34-250.

A human strand in the divine robe of our salvation. 20-246.

A lamp that with soft constant glow lighted earth's sanctuary. 34-247.

A living garden. 28-115.

A lofty mountain. 28-96.

A mirror without blur, reflecting the majesty of God. 5B-468.

A most secluded sanctuary, where you feel penetrated by the spirit of recollection as soon as you enter. 51-63.

A most sweet bait by which to catch men and especially sinners and draw them to God. 4-204.

A mountain in which God was pleased to dwell. 4-324.

A never-failing light. 9-8.

A piece of heavenly earth. 28-114.

A pillar of light to illuminate thy path. 5B-361.

A plane-tree by the water in streets. 29-13.

A purple fire that burned upon the altar of a shrine. 24-32.

A reservoir, a storehouse of divine grace. 11-26.

A rose among thorns. 5E-643.

A rose of unheard beauty. 24-65.

A rose of the plain. 28-34.

A sacred altar. 35-37.

A shield of mercy against the divine justice that hangs over the sinner's head. 5E-48.

A shield to protect us when enemies rage. 34-133.

A sign of sure hope and solace for the pilgrim people of God. 87-95.

A soothing flute. 24-32.

A store house where God has laid up his gifts for the whole human race. 5D-357.

A treasure because God has placed all the gifts of grace and virtue in her as in a treasure chest. 16-47.

A vast river from the ocean of Divinity. 5E-510.

A white dove springing to its nest Divine. 34-343.

Abode of innocence. 28-20.

Abraham's tent. 20-51.

All-responsive harp of the Holy Ghost. 34-123.

Altar of God. 37-193.

Altar of propitiation on which the fire was never extinguished day or night. 4-558.

Altar of the Divinity. 10-10.

Altar of the Holy of Holies. 5B-181.

An enclosed city which opens its gates only to the eternal King. 11-16.

An immaculate mirror of the Divinity. 5E-57.

An infirmary into which all the sick are received, cared for and healed. 34-284.

Arc which rises. 12-17.

Archive of the works of the Lord. 5D-752.

Ark and house of sanctification. 20-5.

Ark of grace. 45-4.

Ark of salvation. 6-20.

Ark of the New Testament. 4-145.

Ark of the Testament, containing the manna, which is the food of the angels. 5C-215.

Ark that for the graven tables of the law was made. 28-114.

Ark that held God's treaty stone. 44-23.

Artful spindle. 24-82.

As a cloud Mary protects us from the ardor of divine justice; and as fire she protects us from the devil. 16-48.

As a vine, I have brought forth a pleasant odor. 36-223.

Aspiring eagle, winging its flight into the impenetrable regions of the Divinity. 58-562.

Aura of the Eucharist. 34-285.

Aureola of pure gold. 12-17.

Aurora of grace. 58-201.

Aurora of the Incarnation. 10-11.

Aurora, source of purity, O Immaculate Mary. 57-10.

Auspicious luminary. 4-119.

Balm of hearts distressed. 24-122.

Balm of the sorrowing. 34-110.

Beauteous bride of Eden's bower. 10-9.

Beauteous, fragrant rose-bud. 34-136.

Beauteous moon, who didst shed light upon a world wrapped in the thickest darkness of paganism. 6-20.

Beauteous morning star. 10-8.

Beautiful and admirable star. 20-61.

Beautiful load-stone of hearts. 4-317.

Beautiful mold of Mary where Jesus was naturally and divinely formed. 51-90.

Beautiful moon. 10-10.

Beautiful star. 16-27.

Beloved dove. 5E-117.

Bitter sea. 4-465.

Blessed plant which hath given to the world so noble and holy a fruit. 4-373.

Blessed root of glory. 16-68.

Blessed spindle. 24-82.

Blest portal of Emmanuel. 44-23.

Blest star whose light is a clear beacon on the troubled deep. 34-89.

Bloom-bearing vine. 36-136.

Blossoming lily on Sion's hill. 10-40.

Blossoming rod. 10-6.

Bow of eternal peace. 4-203.

Bow that God has placed in the clouds, the sign of the covenant that brings peace. 91-13.

Breath of Christians. 4-91.

Bridge of salvation. 16-61.

Bridge to heaven for the entire world. 10-22.

Bright cloud, through which the Son of Man hath come. 20-22.

Bright crown. 20-25.

Bright dawn of the day. 34-110.

Bright light of darkened souls. 10-22.

Bright moon of purity. 10-15.

Bright morn. 6-20, 21.

Bright morning star. 6-21.

Bright orient gate. 9-6.

Bright star of the heavens. 24-68.

Bright star of the ocean. 37-207.

Bright star of the sea. 44-11;9-8.

Bright star shining. 34-390.

Bright star whose beams no storms efface. 44-33.

Brightest aurora effulgent with the rays of the sun of the Divinity. 5E-642, 643.

Brightest star of heaven. 34-123.

Brilliant city of God, whose foundations are in the holy mounts. 20-4.

Brilliant star of purity. 6-21.

Burning fagot. 28-26.

Bush seen by Moses, which burnt without being consumed. 4-556.

By day in a pillar of a cloud, and by night in a pillar of fire. 4-147.

Camp of angels. 28-115.

Cedar of chastity. 10-6.

Cedar of Libanus. 4-324.

Cedar of Mount Lebanon. 10-31.

Celestial balm. 1-670.

Celestial dew that gives me refreshment in my pains. 4-275.

Celestial gate. 24-161.

Celestial ladder by which the King of heaven descended to earth, and man ascended to heaven. 28-20.

Celestial river by which the waters of all graces and gifts are conveyed to poor mortals. 16-53.

Censer of the sweetest incense. 10-38.

Chariot in which our souls go to God. 10-36.

Chosen lily of the House of David. 34-223.

Crystal fountain of faith. 90-25.

Crystalline tablet on which was written the evangelical law. 5E-57.

Citadel of Sion. 5B-30.

City exalted. 9-6; 44-8.

City of God. 5E-144; 16-62.

City of Jerusalem. 5E-52.

City of refuge, the safety of all. 44-9; 33-48.

Clear, bright star of holiness. 20-25.

Closed gate in the House of the Lord. 75-14.

Closed gate which was open only for the God of Israel. 5B-139.

Cloud raining the Just One. 28-115; 34-391.

Consecrated cloud. 70-27.

Couch of Solomon. 5C-163.

Crimson rose of the land of Jacob. 10-31.

Crushed rose that grew on Golgotha. 34-305.

Cypress of Mount Sion. 4-324.

Daniel's mystic mountain. 28-114.

Dawn of day. 4-84.

Dawn of destiny. 34-100.

Dawn of grace. 58-457.

Dawn of the Sun of Justice. 10-19.

Dawn that brings the perfect day. 24-122.

Dearest Sulamite. 5D-101.

Dial of Achaz. 10-7.

Door of heaven. 10-13.

Door of the Heart of Jesus. 10-12.

Door where Our Savior entered in. 24-34.

Dove, bearing in thy beak the olive-branch of peace that tellest us of salvation from the spiritual flood. 20-24.

Dove, blessed omen of a safe harbor. 20-24.

Dove in the cleft of the rock. 10-10.

Dove of Noah, which brought the olive-branch of universal peace to the Church. 16-57.

Dove of simplicity. 70-116.

Dove of the ark. 28-20.

Earth unsewn that flowered forth fruit that saves. 70-51.

Earth untouched and virginal. 70-116.

Earthly paradise. 28-20.

Eastern gate, by which the High-Priest, Jesus Christ, enters the world and leaves it. 37-193

Eden of the New Adam. 20-219.

Eden, wherein hath sprung that tree of life whereof if any man eat he shall live forever. 20-24.

Effulgent hall of light. 10-7.

Elect, who, like the untarnished sun, didst burst forth in the dark night of sin. 6-21.

Enclosed garden in which the River of Life springs up. 34-367.

Entranced spindle. 24-83.

Ever green and fruitful. 70-116.

Exalted above the hills. 34-290.

Exalted like a cedar in Libanus and as a cypress tree on Mount Sion. 29-13.

Expiatory altar of the world. 10-37.

Fair chastity's lily. 10-12.

Fair city ruled by King Divine. 44-26.

Fair flower by the water brooks. 84-274.

Fair garden free from every thorn. 44-25.

Fair lily of our fallen race. 34-106.

Fair olive-tree on the plains. 4-249.

Fair olive-tree, planted in the house of God and cultivated by the Holy Spirit. 16-85.

Fair rainbow and bush which the patriarch saw. 1-669.

Fair tree, bearing fruit of life-giving joy. 20-16.

Fairest ornament of the New Jerusalem. 10-13.

Faithful anchor in the storm of life. 16-10.

Fathomless ocean of grace. 6-21.

Fenced city. 33-49.

Field, in which Jesus Christ, the treasure of God the Father, is hid. 4-377.

Field of hidden treasure. 10-39.

Fig tree covered with fruit. 12-32.

Figure of the Church, bride of Christ. 94-13.

Fire carrying fire. 4-556.

Flawless mirror of God's perfections. 10-7.

Fleece heaven-dewed 'mid arid ground. 44-23.

Fleece of heavenly rain. 70-116.

Flower of beauty. 24-131.

Flower of Carmel. 33-9.

Flower of flowers. 34-172.

Flower of God. 10-8.

Flower of grace. 10-8.

Flower of heaven. 16-10.

Flower of the field. 10-15.

Flower which always turns toward the sun. 4-629.

Flower which budded forth the Savior. 10-10.

Flowered stem, blessed branch which was to bear the divine fruit of the Eucharist. 12-29.

Flowering rod of Aaron. 20-50.

Flow'ret from the desert place. 24-21.

Foamy ocean star. 10-9.

Fount of all grace. 16-20.

Fount of heavenly joy. 16-75.

Fount of wisdom. 10-12.

Fountain and spring of faith. 10-12.

Fountain ever clear. 89-3.

Fountain of living water that irrigates the whole earth. 4-274.

Fountain of meekness and mercy. 10-16.

Fountain of mercy and healing. 81-3.

Fountain of the gardens. 10-31.

Fountain of true pity. 24-133.

Fountain of virtue and of grace. 58-597.

Fountain sealed. 70-117.

Fragrant lily of all holiness. 90-25.

Fragrant rose of the heavenly court. 63-128.

Fragrant tree. 12-17.

Fresh and clear like the morning dew. 24-241.

Fruitful vine. 13-1.

Full aqueduct, that others may receive of her plenitude 4-158, 159.

Furnace of divine love. 10-11.

Garden of delights. 12-34.

Garden of God wherein the lily grew. 34-23.

Garden of joy and health. 10-38.

Garden of life. 34-366.

Garden of pleasure. 10-6.

Garden upon which descended from the Father the rain of benedictions. 70-16.

Gate august of heaven's High King. 10-7.

Gate impearled of heaven. 34-123.

Gate of heaven. 6-21.

Gate of liberty. 10-21.

Gate of life. 6-21.

Gate of morn, whence the world's True Light was born. 1-568.

Gate of paradise. 45-4.

Gate of the east. 1-670.

Gate of the saints. 10-6.

Gate sublime of heaven's High King. 6-21.

Gate through which hath passed the King. 6-21.

Gate through which Light has arisen upon the world. 20-268.

Gem of earth. 34-202.

Gem of God. 34-23.

Gentle spindle. 24-82.

Gideon's fleece. 10-6; 1-669.

Glorious city of the Eucharistic Christ. 10-19.

Glorious fruit. 58-147.

God's Eden. 70-22.

God's fairest star. 34-32.

God's garden of delights; for he there found every kind of flower and all the sweet odors of virtues. 16-85.

God's olive tree. 70-117.

God's own flower. 34-136.

God's own garden fair with blossoms. 10-37.

Golden key of paradise. 24-40.

Golden urn and candelabra. 20-50.

Golden vessel filled with manna. 10-38.

Good cloud. 70-27.

Gracious flower. 34-248.

Groundstone of the Great Mystery. 10-7.

Guiding light. 34-140.

Guiding star. 58-245.

Hall, whence light shone through the gloom. 6-21.

Hallowed land, whose sacred state to priestly rites was consecrate. 44-26.

Harbor of love. 24-76.

Headstone of humanity. 10-7.

Healing balm of integrity. 70-117.

Heart of the Legion. 2C-47.

Heavenly dove. 4-202.

Heavenly ladder upon which souls ascend to God. 64-18.

Heaven's effulgent gate. 10-10.

Heaven's flower. 24-22; 24-218.

Holy and celestial Jerusalem. 58-37.

Holy city and tabernacle of the Incarnate Word. 58-167.

Holy city with twelve gates, opening up toward all directions of the world. 5E-54.

Holy tree. 12-32.

Honeycomb by Sampson found. 44-23.

Hope rainbow in the firmament. 34-178.

House of gold. 6-21.

House of gold of purity. 34-365.

House of gold whose snow-pure beauty is supreme. 34-178.

Humble spikenard. 58-542.

Immaculate ewe-lamb. 10-37.

Immaculate jewel of humanity. 10-7.

Immaculate lily of purity. 63-87.

Impregnable tower. 20-4.

Impregnable wall. 44-9.

Incarnate music whom God loves the most. 34-123.

Incorruptible dove. 20-88.

Incorruptible wood of the ark. 70-117.

Inexhaustible ocean of grace. 20-229.

Inexhaustible spring of praise. 10-38.

Inextinguishable lamp. 20-88.

Israel's lily. 34-34.

Jacob's ladder. 20-51.

Judith thrice blest. 10-7.

Key of heaven. 34-283.

Ladder to heaven. 16-11.

Lamp for darkened breast. 24-122.

Lamp unquenchable. 70-118.

Land of benediction. 10-19.

Land overflowing with milk and honey. 4-248.

Land wholly intact. 89-3.

Lantern of gold, wherein Light's Center burned. 34-23.

Life-giving fountain. 10-21.

Light cloud of heavenly rain. 70-118.

Light of Nazareth. 10-31.

Light of the grave. 1-673.

Like a green olive she became, so that all the doves of grace came and lodged in her branches. 28-41.

Like a pillar of smoke, with the odors of myrrh and frankincense. 20-65.

Like a slender, spotless lily. 56-79.

Like lilies distilling their fragrance. 34-161.

Like the choice Libanus and the cedar tree. 34-161.

Like the exquisite orchid which blooms in the swamps of tropical jungles. 28-19.

Like the golden vessels of Tharsis. 34-161.

Like vials that pour out perfumed oil. 34-161.

Lily among thorns. 16-38; 70-118; 11-22.

Lily chaste and rare. 24-207.

Lily fair. 28-35.

Lily full of whiteness. 12-17.

Lily of Christ. 24-164.

Lily of Eden. 10-15.

Lily of Israel. 10-12.

Lily of Nazareth. 34-337.

Lily of purity. 6-21.

Lily of the springtide. 24-131.

Lily of the valley. 10-15.

Lily so lovely, as white as the snow. 24-79.

Little bark. 5D-239.

Little dove. 28-60.

Little morning star heralding redemption's sun. 24-116.

Little white moon. 34-194.

Living mold of God. 10-39.

Living symbol of a holy nation. 12-27.

Loadstone of hearts. 4-205.

Loadstone of those engulfed in worldly waves. 10-38.

Lofty and sublime cedar. 12-32.

Loom of the Incarnation. 70-118.

Loved star of the sea. 24-250.

Lovely lily of God. 28-19.

Lovely rose. 4-282.

Lowly as lilies in a wooded vale. 24-21.

Magnet for Divinity. 19-4.

Mansion of God. 9-5.

Market place for the salutary exchange. 70-53.

Martyr's earliest rose. 6-21.

Mary's humility became a heavenly ladder by which God came into the world. 16-65.

Mary, ladder of men to God. 16-63.

Meekest dove. 5C-328

Mighty fortress. 11-70.

Mildest dove. 5C-355.

Mirror of divine perfections. 10-10.

Mirror of holy purity. 6-21.

Mirror of justice. 6-21.

Mirror of justice, because she reflects all the virtues. 11-8.

Mirror of the Divinity. 58-218.

Mirror without stain. 6-21.

Model spindle. 24-83.

Moon Mary. 5D-364.

Moon of the Immense Light. 5E-666.

Morning star. 6-21.

Morning star of a new day. 34-22.

Morning star to all the weak. 34-365.

Most beautiful flower of Mount Carmel. 13-1.

Most blessed lantern. 34-134.

Most faithful dove. 4-202.

Most glorious lily. 10-22.

Most humble dove. 58-343.

Most innocent dove. 58-543.

Most noble foundation after Jesus Christ. 2A-127.

Most pure fleece of heavenly rain. 70-53.

Most pure turtle-dove. 4-572.

Most sincere sheep. 5E-138.

Mother Church. 94-14.

Mother dove. 24-44.

Mold of God. 51-90.

My flowers are the fruit of honor and riches. 36-223.

My shield. 34-133.

Mystic rose in the flowering garden of the Church. 6-21.

Mystic rose of God. 24-166.

Mystic rose of heaven. 34-22.

Mystical and divine city. 5E-56.

Mystical city of God. 5E-430.

Mystical city of refuge. 58-34.

Mystical rose. 6-21.

Mystical rose of God's love. 11-69.

Mystical rose of purity. 10-15.

Mystical rose of the heavenly gardens. 34-392.

Mystical rose which broke into bloom upon Nazareth hill. 28-113.

Neck of the Mystical Body. 70-119.

Never-fading wood. 70-119.

New city of Mary. 5E-54.

New Eve, fountain of grace. 10-22.

New-risen flame of Israel's deliverance. 44-21.

New star of hope that hath risen in these latter days above the valley of ruin. 6-21.

New star that shone over Israel's head. 44-6; 9-5.

Noble chariot. 10-13.

Noble star risen out of Jacob, whose ray enlightens the whole world. 20-61.

North star. 58-61.

Ocean of grace. 58-425.

Ocean of greatness. 2C-108.

Ocean of humility which was able to contain and embrace the Incomprehensible and the Immense himself. 58-456.

Ocean of love and compassion. 81-3.

Olive tree of the Father's compassion. 70-119.

Ornament of the holy Church. 4-615.

Ostensorium for the worshipping Magi. 10-40.

Our beacon light. 24-239.

Our invincible Judith. 53-679.

Our mirror alike and example. 33-75.

Our most beautiful Rachel, the purest Mary. 50-597.

Our silver and ceaseless-sung constellation. 34-121.

Palace of light. 6-21.

Palm tree full of glory. 12-32.

Palm tree in Cades. 29-13.

Paradise fenced against the serpent. 70-119.

Paradise of God. 10-11.

Paradise of innocence and immortality. 70-119.

Paradise of the New Adam. 10-12.

Paradise planted by God. 70-119.

Pearl of grace. 10-8.

Peerless rose of paradise. 34-65.

Perfect and immaculate dove. 4-316.

Perfect flower of God's purest grace. 34-342.

Perfect rose. 34-15.

Perfume of faith. 70-119.

Perfumed stem. 12-17.

Pillar bright. 34-131.

Polar star. 37-145.

Port of salvation. 68-9.

Portal and mediatrix of those who were to profit of the passion and redemption of mankind. 5D-662.

Portal of bliss to man forgiven. 28-34.

Portal of eternal mercy. 14-59.

Portal of God. 1-669.

Portal of heaven. 10-8.

Portal of the sky. 6-21.

Powerful rod with which the violence of the infernal enemies is conquered. 16-23.

Precious and rich pearl. 58-272.

Prefigured in Esther delivering her people from oppression. 28-20.

Priest and altar. 10-10.

Public hospital for sinners. 10-38.

Pure as the crystal waters of paradise, reflecting the image of the God-head. 28-20.

Pure flower of Adam's race. 10-8.

Pure lily, emitting such fragrance for the delight of the Creator and for mortals. 5E-69.

Purer than crystal streamlets as they flow. 24-21.

Purer than foam on central ocean tossed. 28-21.

Purest dove. 5E-71.

Purest flower of heaven. 34-204.

Purity's cell. 10-6.

Purity's shrine. 44-8; 9-6.

Queenly flower. 10-8.

Queenly purple mantle of the King of heaven and earth. 20-23.

Rainbow of peace perpetual. 44-23.

Rainbow round about the throne. 4-203.

Red rose of charity. 6-21.

Redemption's dawn-light. 34-180.

Redundant fount. 10-38.

Refulgent hall of light. 6-21.

Resplendent aurora. 10-10.

Resplendent moon of purity. 63-91.

Rich and shady mountain of God, whereon pastured the True Lamb. 20-24.

Rich as a house of gold. 37-134.

Rising morn of purity. 6-21.

Rod of Aaron which flowered without having been watered. 20-59.

Root from which would bud forth the flower of Jesse. 11-16.

Rose ever blooming. 70-120; 20-8.

Rose full of celestial sweetness. 3-156.

Rose full of fragrant perfume. 10-22.

Rose in whose gentle bosom God was laid. 34-23.

Rose mother of God. 20-23.

Rose of eternal freshness. 6-21.

Rose of heaven. 10-38.

Rose of Jericho. 34-366.

Rose of mystic beauty. 10-9.

Rose of paradise, transplanted into this valley of tears. 6-21.

Rose of Sharon. 10-9.

Rose of spotless beauty. 6-21.

Rose of the cross. 10-8.

Rose wherein the Word Divine became incarnate. 10-37.

Rose without a thorn. 10-8.

Sacred refuge of this heavenly Jerusalem. 5E-54.

Safe and sure road to Christ. 11-13.

Samson's sweet honey-comb. 1-669.

Sea of goodness and compassion. 6-21.

Sea of grace and light. 5D-437.

Sea of sorrow. 6-21.

Seal and mark of true devotion. 10-13.

Sealed fountain. 10-15.

Secure haven of peace and port of salvation. 64-39.

Secure port of the shipwrecked. 64-30.

Septre of the orthodox faith. 10-22.

Shield of the oppressed. 10-10.

Shut gate. 20-209.

Sincerest dove. 5D-39.

Single-hearted dove. 5D-7.

Sinless, beautiful star of the sea. 10-8.

Soaring flame. 12-17.

Soaring Tower of David, peak of the royal house. 34-123.

Solomon's throne. 10-6; 9-5; 44-7.

Sparkling sapphire. 12-17.

Spikenard of the Spirit's sweetness. 10-37.

Spiritual table of faith. 10-22.

Spotless dove of beauty. 70-120; 20-8.

Spotless dove of purity. 10-15.

Spotless sun. 10-10.

Staff of the blind. 10-22.

Stainless lily. 20-22.

Stainless seed in sin-bearing sod. 10-14.

Star of guidance. 24-21.

Star of Jacob. 10-6.

Star of our hope and trust. 34-171.

Star of promise in the midst of evil. 6-21.

Star of the deep. 63-125.

Star of the night. 34-110.

Star of the ocean, radiance pure and sweet. 34-120.

Star of the pathless sea. 10-9.

Star of the sea. 6-21; 11-13; 36-50.

Star of the sea leads all her faithful servants into a safe harbor. 37-154.

Star of the wave. 10-7.

Star on the horizon of the sea. 12-20.

Star that bore the Sun. 70-120.

Star that heralds morn. 24-122.

Star that shines in the sky. 12-24.

Star to guide us. 11-13.

Star which leads to the haven of peace. 12-20.

Star which smiles on the lost mariner. 12-20.

Starlight of this earthly strife. 79-3; 10-9.

Strange spindle, of her very substance the warp is placing. 24-82.

Sun of the Church. 5E-204.

Sweet balm of all our sadness. 10-16.

Sweet day star. 10-8.

Sweet flower. 10-8.

Sweet fount of life. 10-7.

Sweet fount of love. 29-38.

Sweet fountain of gentleness. 10-12.

Sweet fountain of the Precious Blood. 3-155.

Sweet honeycomb. 10-6.

Sweet little rose of Sharon. 34-100.

Sweet morsel of Sampson. 44-7; 9-5.

Sweet star of life's dark sea. 4-617.

Sweet stem of that rose, Christ, who from the earth suck'st our poor prayers, conveying them to him. 28-97.

Sweetest odor of Israel. 34-223, 224.

Sweetest rose of all. 34-158.

Temple divine. 44-8.

Terrestrial paradise of the New Adam. 10-19.

Terrestrial paradise, that virgin and blessed earth from which Adam and Eve, the sinners, have been driven. 37-29.

That closed door through which no man shall pass, because the Lord, the God of Israel, has entered in by it. 20-246.

That happy ark, in which those who take refuge will never suffer the shipwreck of eternal perdition. 16-25.

That myrrh, fragrant and choice, which produced a perfume and a fruit, Jesus. 12-99.

That noble star risen out of Jacob, whose ray enlightens the whole world. 20-61.

The ark of the true manna, Mary most holy, mother of the Word. 58-144.

The awe-inspiring loom of the Incarnation, whereon in a way unspeakable was woven the garment of the hypostatic union with the Holy Spirit as weaver. 70-53.

The bark and star. 12-22.

The bearer of the flames of divine love. 4-560.

The cabinets of the secrets of God. 37-182.

The channel, as the saints declare, through which the blessings of heaven flow to mankind. 64-27.

The cloud that shall drop the dew of heaven for the refreshment of mortals. 58-157.

The dawn which precedes and reveals the Sun of Justice, who is Jesus Christ. 37-33.

The divine cellarer. 10-19.

The divine shepherdess. 10-10.

The eastern gate, whereof Ezechial speaks, always shut and full of light, which closing on itself brings forth from itself the Holy of Holies. 70-29.

The echo of God, that says nothing, repeats nothing, but God. 37-168.

The fairest flower of mankind. 11-21.

The field mentioned in the Gospel in which was hid the great Treasure. 28-92.

The figure of the new People of God. 94-13.

The figure of the synagogue. 75-17.

The flame. 24-32.

The flower of virginity. 16-29.

The flower that has opened its blossom only for heaven. 20-173.

The flute. 24-32.

The fold. 28-115.

The fount, all virgin pure. 24-122.

The four rivers' fountain watering paradise of old. 28-115.

The furrow in which the bread of mankind took growth. 20-173.

The Godhead's dove. 34-254.

The golden book of the Lord. 16-55.

The good tree bringing forth good fruit. 34-391.

The great King's gate. 10-8.

The great sign in heaven. 58-539.

The heaven from which the manna, signifying Christ, fell upon the world. 28-314.

The holy city of the new Jerusalem, prepared and adorned as a bride, descending from heaven. 5E-43.

The holy dove. 20-218.

The image and first flowering of the Church as she is to be perfected in the world to come. 94-22.

The jewel of the earth. 20-88.

The key to the store-house of God's graces. 11-80.

The light of day. 12-31.

The lily and the rose. 2C-221.

The living ark, the most holy Mary. 58-326.

The Lord's cloister. 10-8.

The moon at night, the dawn at break of day, and the sun at mid-day. 4-92.

The moon Mary shining as the sun, on account of her likeness to Christ. 58-39.

The morning star which is to announce the rising of the sun of justice. 2A-258.

The morning star which would announce the dawn of a new and better day. 11-16.

The mount upon whose heights we breathe the pure invigorating air of sanctity. 28-96.

The mountain of the house of the Lord. 34-290.

The mysterious and loving tree, engendered by the eternal line of kings. 12-96.

The mysterious ring that united heaven and earth. 16-29.

The new earth and the new heaven. 5E-43.

The new Eve, who put her absolute trust not in the ancient serpent but in God's messenger. 87-92.

The new Israel. 94-14.

The new People of God. 94-14.

The ocean star by which we sail and gain the port of rest. 36-281.

The orb that shines on ocean's way. 24-122.

The pearl who couldn't be priced. 24-164.

The pillar of clouds leading us safely along dangerous paths, protecting us from the heat of temptation. 16-46.

The purest of gems that the world has e'er seen. 34-181.

The rainbow thou art, thro' the deluge that shone. 9-5; 44-7.

The rod foretold in story, which sprang of Jesse's kin. 34-202.

The root of which Christ is the flower. 20-268.

The rose that God's hand had sown. 24-164.

The royal throne which angels surround. 20-50.

The shining star that rises above the wide horizon by her example and merits. 11-13.

The ship in which man is rescued from the waves of temptation. 75-37.

The sun that gives us light. 20-173.

The symbolic temple of Mary surpasses in excellence the temples of the saints. 12-24.

The tablet of the true law, written in his own Being. 5C-215.

The taintless cloud. 5C-568.

The tree which has produced the mysterious flower announced for the salvation of the world. 12-96.

The true garden, locked and sealed to preserve the waters of grace. 50-783.

The true tree of life, which has borne Jesus Christ, the Fruit of Life. 37-192.

The unploughed field. 20-25.

The unspotted mirror of God's holiness. 64-57.

The ventricle through which is circulated from his Sacred Heart the life-giving blood of the Mystical Body. 19-10.

The virginal ark. 58-326.

The way of the Savior. 64-18.

The whitest of lilies-lily of the Eternal Father. 28-20.

There is a bough in which no blur of either kind, original or wrought, has touched the virgin rind. 9-9.

This heavenly sun, with which the rays of the Divinity break upon the world. 5B-192.

Thou cedar tree of chastity. 44-25.

Thou second rainbow seen. 34-100.

Threshold of mercy. 10-13.

Throne from which our Lord dispenses all grace. 4-83.

Throne of divine wisdom. 11-58.

Throne of God's grace. 10-21.

Throne of mercy. 16-37.

Throne of the hidden God. 10-20.

Throne of the King. 70-120.

Thy chastity's figure, the fragrance of balm. 9-6.

Tower of David. 6-21.

Tower of ivory. 6-21.

Tower of strength. 11-71.

Tower unassailable. 70-120.

Treasure chamber of heaven. 10-37.

Tree of life, most holy Mary. 5E-106.

Tree of life planted in God's fair garden. 10-38.

Tree that bears the Fruit of Life. 33-145.

True morning star, bathed from the first in beams of redeeming grace and heralding the dawn of salvation. 2C-65.

True mystical city of Jerusalem. 5E-46.

True vine bearing the Fruit of Life. 10-22.

Two anchors of salvation, Jesus and Mary. 4-33.

Undug well of remission's waters. 70-121.

Unfading tree. 89-3.

Unfailing fountain, satisfiest the thirsty soul with sweet waters. 20-23.

Unfathomable sea of divine grace. 10-21.

Unshakable tower of ivory. 11-72.

Untilled earth. 20-25.

Unwatered vineyard of immortality's wine. 70-121.

Valley where the lily bloometh. 10-17.

Vast ocean of goodness. 10-15.

Veritable tree which bore the first Fruit of Life. 10-19.

Vermillion rose. 10-12.

Vine always growing. 4-330.

Vine blossom laden. 33-9.

Vine full of flowers. 20-25.

Vine heavy with grapes. 12-32.

Virgin root of flower Divine. 44-33.

Warehouse of every grace. 10-16.

Well of the living and active water, namely the gifts of the Holy Ghost. 16-48.

Well overflowing with waters. 20-25.

White dove of peace. 6-21.

White dove of purity. 5-21.

White lily of the Trinity. 10-12.

White rose of Nazareth. 24-172.

Wonderful dial, Ezechias of old, beheld when the prophet his destiny told. 9-7.

Wonderful ocean of grace and knowledge. 5D-88.

Workshop of the Incarnation. 70-121.

Wounded deer. 5D-8.

Wounded dove. 34-27.

Your shrine, little Jesu benign. 24-59.


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