Patroness and Defender

Mary is our queen. She sits on a throne at the right hand of her divine Son to whom all power is given in heaven and on earth. She is queen because her Son is king. She is a queen unrivaled because she resembles the God-Man as much as is possible for any creature. She is queen of the Heart of Jesus. The Son who subjected Himself to her on earth is not less attentive to her in heaven. She is the queen of the heavenly court, of all the angels and saints.

It was said of her, "The Queen stood at thy right hand in gilded clothing, surrounded by variety." For all the graces, privileges and merits of the other saints were united in Mary, according to the Abbot of Celles. The angels, even the greatest, feel privileged to carry out her wishes. The saints in heaven come to her with their requests, that she obtain them from her divine Son. She is the queen of purgatory which is said to have been emptied at the time of her assumption, the occupants accompanying her in her triumphal entry into heaven. She is the queen of the universe, mistress of all creatures.

She is the queen of the Church, and of the apostles. She is the queen of an army of virgins. Thousands of nuns bear her name. She has been acclaimed queen of various countries such as Ireland, Poland and Viet Nam. Religious orders such as the Carmelites, Franciscans, Jesuits and Marists hail her as their queen. Lay organizations such as the Sodality of the Blessed Virgin and the Legion of Mary are named in her honor. She is queen of the patriarchs, prophets, martyrs, confessors and of all hearts. She is the queen of all nature, which obeys her commands. Even the demons in hell are subject to her and the serpent lies in wait for her heel.

Our queen is most beautiful, gracious, gentle, merciful, holy, humble, immaculate and invincible. She is the queen of the scapular and the most holy rosary, by which her devoted children show their affection for her.


A help and protection. 5E-630.

A well-defended fortress in defense of her lovers. 4-89.

Aid of bishops. 92-6.

An invincible warrior in defense of thy servants, fighting against the devils who assail them. 16-77.

Blest guardian of all virgin souls. 28-34.

Bulwark of the faithful. 10-22.

Bulwark of those who confide in thee. 10-22.

Chief patroness of vocations. 50-3.

Chief protectress of the Church. 10-15.

Defender against the evil spirit. 10-36.

Defense against the demons. 5E-630.

Deliverer from all wrath. 70-116.

Deliverer of Christian nations. 70-116.

Fairest patron of mortals. 10-9.

Fortress of the faithful. 4-110.

Fortress of the just. 10-13.

Guardian of our peace with God. 10-36.

Guardian of our way. 10-9.

Guide and patroness of my studies. 6-19.

Heavenly patroness. 22-126.

Helper of all who are in danger. 70-117.

Helper of those in peril. 10-21.

Holy patroness of vocations. 50-9.

Illustrious protectress. 10-7.

Impregnable fortress. 10-15.

Invincible woman, than Judith more bold. 9-7.

Loving protectress of all. 64-39.

Macarena, patroness of Sevilla. 90-20.

Maiden, patron of the May. 10-9.

Mightier than all the powers of hell. 6-19.

Mighty and glorious protector of holy Church. 6-19.

Most blessed patroness of vocations. 50-18.

Most firm guardian of the holy Church. 20-13.

Most gracious patroness of vocations. 50-19.

Most powerful patroness of vocations. 50-13.

My aid. 6-19.

My beloved protectress. 4-230.

My protection. 6-19.

My protectress and advocate. 50-203.

My special patroness. 6-19.

My strength in weakness. 4-275.

Our defense and joy. 4-275.

Our most powerful patroness. 6-19.

Our nation's patroness, all fair. 24-101.

Our protectress against the assaults of the devil. 64-43, 44.

Our refuge, who love thee so well. 44-6.

Our strong defense in battle's hour. 44-28.

Patron of airmen. 24-128.

Patroness of our land. 24-17.

Patroness of the house in which we live. 34-368.

Patroness of the United States. 94-54; 41-18.

Protector and patron of all Christendom. 28-27.

Protector of the children of God. 11-70.

Protector of the Son of God. 11-70.

Protectress. 5C-211.

Protectress from all hurt. 70-119.

Protectress of many kingdoms, provinces, dioceses and cities. 37-7.

Protectress of the bullfighters. 90-20.

Protectress of the Church. 5D-762.

Protectress of the missions. 11-97.

Protectress of the poor and of the afflicted. 5E-665.

Protectress of the Vatican II Council. 88-4.

Protectress, terrible to hell as an army set in battle array. 64-47.

Protects human life from the moment of conception through birth. 94-49.

Salvation of the Roman people. 89-10.

Special patroness of Catholic countries. 5E656.

Terror of hell. 44-6; 4-225.

That powerful rod with which the violence of the infernal enemies is conquered. 4-101.

The guardian of the child in the womb. 94-48.

The serpent's destroyer. 1-672.

The strength of those by sin oppressed. 44-33.

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