Mother. 6-15.

Mother, abyss of humility. 10-18.

Mother, advocate and protectress in heaven. 5E-660.

Mother, alike of the Redeemer and the redeemed. 2A-151.

Mother all merciful. 12-105.

Mother and advocate with her divine Son. 5D-595.

Mother and associate of the Savior. 93-28.

Mother and daughter of Him who is the Father of mercies and the God of all consolation. 6-15.

Mother and daughter of the King of kings. 27-27.

Mother and defender. 5E-149.

Mother and dispenser of all good things. 33-62.

Mother and instructress. 58-640.

Mother and lady of all things. 16-35.

Mother and mistress of all sanctity. 5D-145.

Mother and model of adorers. 34-400.

Mother and protectress. 58-347.

Mother and queen of every Christian family. 94-47.

Mother and queen of the Church. 5D-756.

Mother and queen of the holy rosary of Pompeii. 6-15.

Mother and superior. 5E-423.

Mother and teacher. 5E-160.

Mother and virgin. 70-118.

Mother as well as daughter of your God. 12-31.

Mother because of Him whom thou didst bear upon thy breast and whom thou hast nourished with thy milk. 20-87.

Mother benign, who no man didst know. 33-10.

Mother by the millions of her progeny from Jesus unto you and me. 34-275.

Mother courageous. 24-33.

Mother crucified in heart. 10-18.

Mother, daughter and spouse. 5E-134.

Mother enriched while on earth with so many favors that the mind of man can neither comprehend them nor speak of them in their greatness. 12-82.

Mother fairest. 6-15.

Mother filled with goodness. 12-2.

Mother filled with tenderness, like Rebecca. 12-45.

Mother, fount of love. 10-18.

Mother, fountain of patience. 10-18.

Mother full of grace. 77-11.

Mother full of love and sweetness for thy clients and children. 6-15.

Mother full of mercy. 12-8.

Mother full of tenderness. 64-50.

Mother gentlest. 6-15.

Mother, hail, immersed in woes. 6-15.

Mother, highly blessed. 6-15.

Mother, holocaust of divine love. 10-18.

Mother in heaven. 64-12.

Mother in the Holy Family. 63-75.

Mother incomparable. 12-82.

Mother inviolate. 6-15.

Mother-maid. 24-25~.

Mother Mary. 6-15.

Mother meek. 6-15.

Mother mild. 36-136.

Mother mine. 34-213.

Mother, more beloved than all mothers. 12-12.

Mother most admirable. 6-15.

Mother most afflicted. 10-9.

Mother most amiable. 6-15.

Mother most amiable most charming, most lovable. 11-34.

Mother most chaste. 6-15.

Mother most clement. 6-15.

Mother most gentle. 34-110.

Mother most greatly blest. 24-26.

Mother most loving and most merciful. 63-134.

Mother most mighty. 34-110.

Mother most powerful. 10-18.

Mother most pure. 11-28; 6-15.

Mother most sorrowful. 6-15.

Mother most tender. 1-555.

Mother most wonderful. 10-18.

Mother, much beloved. 5D-299.

Mother not of the Redeemer alone but also of the redeemed. 20-247.

Mother of a God who was a man of sorrows. 6-15.

Mother of a man treated more ignobly than the most abject of criminals. 51-73.

Mother of a Redeemer who would ransom me from sin by his passion and death. 11-86.

Mother of a Son so holy. 61-476.

Mother of all believers. 6-15.

Mother of all blessedness. 63-60.

Mother of all help. 72-50.

Mother of all humanity. 17-31.

Mother of all innocence. 58-541.

Mother of all light and counsel. 24-131.

Mother of all mankind. 6-15.

Mother of all men engendering them unto God. 20-273.

Mother of all men, for Christ died for all. 94-27.

Mother of all men, Jew and Gentile. 94-14.

Mother of all men who humbly seek the leaven. 34-22.

Mother of all races. 7-19.

Mother of all saints living and dead. 44-6; 9-5.

Mother of all the faithful. 4-401.

Mother of all the living. 20-286; 94-48.

Mother of all the members of Christ's mystical body. 19-9.

Mother of all of us. 6-15.

Mother of all piety and clemency. 5E-431.

Mother of all purity. 5C-496.

Mother of all the world's children of every race and color. 27-17.

Mother of all virgins. 16-68.

Mother of an omnipotent God. 64-61.

Mother of beautiful love and holy hope. 58-392.

Mother of beautiful love and knowledge. 58-184.

Mother of beautiful love, of sweet fears and of tender words. 12-106.

Mother of Christ. 11-23.

Mother of Christ according to the flesh. 20-86.

Mother of Christ and a mere creature. 5D-362.

Mother of Christ and mother of men, particularly of the faithful. 87-86.

Mother of Christ and our mother in the communion of saints. 93-27.

Mother of Christ from stall to rood. 10-17.

Mother of Christ in his redemptive work. 20~264.

Mother of Christ, of grace divine. 34-365.

Mother of Christ the sovereign Priest. 10-17.

Mother of Christ who is God. 91-10.

Mother of Christ's members. 70-118.

Mother of clemency and mercy. 5E-54.

Mother of comfort. 10-18.

Mother of compassion. 6-15, 16.

Mother of confidence. 6-16.

Mother of consolation. 28-119.

Mother of constancy and perseverance. 11-56.

Mother of courage. 34-9.

Mother of delight. 10-9.

Mother of divine grace. 11-25; 6-16.

Mother of divine knowledge. 6-16.

Mother of divine love. 5C-207.

Mother of divine pity. 6-16.

Mother of divine providence. 6-16.

Mother of each of these myriad beings that follow one another upon this earth. 20-249.

Mother of each of us.20-268, 269.

Mother of Emmanuel. 20-216.

Mother of every grace. 6-16.

Mother of fair love. 6-16.

Mother of fruitful studies. 6-16.

Mother of glory in heaven. 6-16.

Mother of God. 87-86; 6-16; 14-13.

Mother of God and a virgin before and after his birth. 5E-209.

Mother of God and mother of men. 87-96; 63-101.

Mother of God and our mother. 6-16.

Mother of God entirely holy and free from all stain of sin. 87-88.

Mother of God, ever virgin. 87-96.

Mother of God from the first instant of the conception of Christ in her womb. 61-482.

Mother of God, of the Incarnate Word. 5E-380.

Mother of God the Son. 6-16.

Mother of God's children. 35-14.

Mother of God's Lamb. 24-128.

Mother of good counsel. 11-38.

Mother of good hope. 6-16.

Mother of goodness. 6-16

Mother of grace and mercy. 6-16.

Mother of grace and of our salvation. 4-171.

Mother of grace, because we are begotten of her to the life of grace. 28-92.

Mother of him on whom salvation is entirely built, because he is God and man in one person. 14-29.

Mother of him who alone can save us, who alone will be our judge. 20-279.

Mother of him who created all things. 75-50.

Mother of him who is our sweetest love. 58-403.

Mother of him who is the Creator of grace. 28-92.

Mother of him who is the glory of the saints. 5E-488.

Mother of him who is to become man. 58-532.

Mother of him who made thee. 29-13.

Mother of him who was condemned to die an infamous death as a criminal. 4-551.

Mother of him, who with the Father and the Holy Ghost liveth and reigneth world without end. 6-16.

Mother of him whose name is above every name. 10-17.

Mother of holiness. 5E-73.

Mother of holy happiness. 12-46.

Mother of humility. 5E-74.

Mother of innocence, purity and sanctity. 5C-580.

Mother of Jesus Christ and of all Christians. 2A-221.

Mother of Jesus and our mother. 63-114.

Mother of Jesus Christ, the Incarnate Word of God. 94-3.

Mother of Jesus glorified. 10-18.

Mother of Jesus of Nazareth. 10-17.

Mother of Jesus our Savior. 12-81.

Mother of Jesus, Son of God. 6-16.

Mother of joy. 20-16.

Mother of justice. 10-18.

Mother of justification and of the justified. 16-35.

Mother of knowledge. 20-105.

Mother of life. 16-81.

Mother of life, the author of our supernatural being. 20-100.

Mother of light. 5E-148.

Mother of loneliness. 34-8.

Mother of love. 67-12; 5B-442.

Mother of love, of sorrow and of mercy. 6-16.

Mother of mankind. 90-5.

Mother of mankind's Redeemer. 11-18.

Mother of man's redemption. 19-8.

Mother of many children. 20-99.

Mother of men and queen of angels. 12-106.

Mother of merciful bounty. 6-16.

Mother of mercy. 6-16.

Mother of mercy and omnipotent by grace. 82-49.

Mother of mercy and wisdom. 5E-245.

Mother of mercy to the heart filled with compassion. 12-102.

Mother of mercy towards the souls in purgatory. 64-52.

Mother of mercy, who is ever solicitous to help us in our misery. 16-75.

Mother of mercy, who so liberally dispensest graces to all who have recourse to her. 64-62.

Mother of mothers. 34-149.

Mother of Omnipotence. 4-217.

Mother of orphans. 6-16.

Mother of our Creator. 6-16; 11-42.

Mother of our God and Lord Jesus Christ. 87-86.

Mother of our God Divine. 34-188.

Mother of our Head. 70-118.

Mother of our Judge. 4-241.

Mother of our King. 24-106.

Mother of our Lord and Savior. 87-96; 28-83.

Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ. 6-16.

Mother of our love. 5B-404.

Mother of our redemption and sanctification. 19-3.

Mother of our Savior. 11-44; 6-16.

Mother of our spiritual nature. 10-18.

Mother of our supernatural life. 51-26.

Mother of patience. 58-442.

Mother of peace and love. 28-118.

Mother of perpetual help. 6-16; 11-19.

Mother of perpetual succor. 6-16.

Mother of perseverance. 11-73.

Mother of piety. 5B-31.

Mother of pity. 6-16.

Mother of Providence. 6-16.

Mother of purity and holiness. 20-84.

Mother of reconciliation and of the reconciled. 16-35.

Mother of redeemed humanity. 6-16.

Mother of redemption and of the redeemed. 16-35.

Mother of Salette.24-191.

Mother of salvation. 4-171.

Mother of sanctity. 75-12.

Mother of sinners. 6-16.

Mother of sinners and of the just. 10-17.

Mother of Sion's Son. 34-124.

Mother of sorrows. 94-48; 6-16; 11-69.

Mother of souls. 10-18.

Mother of sweetness and mercy. 37-105.

Mother of that love which grace enables human hearts to return to God. 20-104.

Mother of the agonizing. 63-94.

Mother of the Almighty. 58-204.

Mother of the Author of grace. 5B-276.

Mother of the Blessed One. 4-447.

Mother of the Church. 88-5; 10-19.

Mother of the Conqueror. 5D-724.

Mother of the cross. 24-194.

Mother of the Crucified. 10-18; 5D-655.

Mother of the Desired of Nations. 10-17.

Mother of the Divine King, Jesus Christ. 91-1.

Mother of the Divine Shepherd. 28-76.

Mother of the Divine Son. 45-4.

Mother of the Divine Sufferer. 10-18.

Mother of the Divine Word Incarnate. 5B-56.

Mother of the dying. 6-16.

Mother of the elect. 10-19.

Mother of the eternal Priest, Christ Jesus. 6-16.

Mother of the eternal Prince. 10-17.

Mother of the eternal Word made man. 6-16.

Mother of the Eucharistic Christ. 10-19.

Mother of the fairest of the sons of men. 31-15.

Mother of the faithful. 10-18.

Mother of the family. 5E-465.

Mother of the fullness of Christ. 20-258.

Mother of the God-made-man. 6-16.

Mother of the God of charity. 10-18.

Mother of the God of mercies. 10-19.

Mother of the golden heights. 10-31.

Mother of the Good Shepherd. 10-17.

Mother of the great God, who was ruler and judge of all in heaven and on earth and under the earth. 20-153.

Mother of the hidden Little One, who of the Father was born perfect and is made an infant in her womb. 70-17.

Mother of the Holy Child. 34-70.

Mother of the Holy Family at Nazareth. 94-47.

Mother of the Holy of Holies. 10-17.

Mother of the human nature of Christ. 61-483.

Mother of the human race. 20-248.

Mother of the human race, which the beloved disciple represented. 94-43.

Mother of the immortal King of ages become man. 5D-651.

Mother of the Incarnate God. 20-32.

Mother of the Incarnate Mystery. 34-124.

Mother of the Incarnate Word of the Eternal Father. 14-56.

Mother of the Infant Babe of Bethlehem and our mother. 63-121.

Mother of the infant Church. 10-18.

Mother of the infant Mystical Christ. 20-264.

Mother of the infant Savior. 10-9.

Mother of the just. 20-86.

Mother of the King of ages. 10-17.

Mother of the King of glory. 1017.

Mother of the King of kings and Lord of lords. 10-17.

Mother of the King of our salvation. 10-19.

Mother of the King of the universe. 10-17.

Mother of the Lamb of God. 10-17.

Mother of the Law. 12-52.

Mother of the Legion. 2A-224.

Mother of the Light that shows the way. 34-22.

Mother of the living. 6-16; 93-10.

Mother of the Living God. 10-17.

Mother of the long-awaited Messiah. 85-5.

Mother of the Lord and his holy Church. 5E-253.

Mother of the Lord of the world. 4-236.

Mother of the Man of Sorrow. 51-73.

Mother of the members of Christ. 87-86; 94-28.

Mother of the messianic people. 94-7.

Mother of the Most High. 6-16.

Mother of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. 20-257.

Mother of the natural body of Jesus Christ and also of his Mystical Body. 51-90.

Mother of the never-setting star. 10-22.

Mother of the new evangelical Church. 5E-66.

Mother of the nursery of Heaven. 34-22.

Mother of the poor. 50-533.

Mother of the praesidium home of Nazareth. 2C-184.

Mother of the predestinate. 10-19.

Mother of the Promised One. 10-17.

Mother of the redeemed on account of the universality of her grace. 2A-264.

Mother of the Redeemer. 87-86.

Mother of the Redemptive, the Glorified and the Mystical Body of Christ. 19-11.

Mother of the rosary. 6-16.

Mother of the sacrificed. 24-173.

Mother of the Savior and of the saved. 33-205.

Mother of the Savior of the world. 5E-484.

Mother of the second Adam Jesus Christ. 4-287.

Mother of the sin-stained human race. 24-31.

Mother of the Son of God. 87-86.

Mother of the Son of man. 10-18.

Mother of the Son, the new Man. 20-182.

Mother of the suffering Christ. 17-31.

Mother of the Sun that shineth both on heaven and on earth, even Christ. 20-22.

Mother of the supernatural life in us. 59-230.

Mother of the supreme High-Priest, Christ. 6-16.

Mother of the true God. 6-16.

Mother of the true High-Priest. 24-255.

Mother of the true Light. 58-341.

Mother of the Truth. 34-22.

Mother of the Vine which is the historical Christ. 20-258.

Mother of the wayside. 28-85.

Mother of the whole world. 10-19.

Mother of the Word Incarnate. 88-5.

Mother of the Word made flesh. 10-17.

Mother of the world's ransom. 10-17.

Mother of the world's Redeemer. 85-14.

Mother of those to whom Christ is Father and Brother. 10-38.

Mother of those who are in their agony. 6-16.

Mother of those who ask to be holy. 34-270.

Mother of those who fly. 24-129.

Mother of those who live in Christ. 20-256, 257.

Mother of thy Maker. 42-6.

Mother of true science. 10-18.

Mother of truth and purity. 5C-289.

Mother of two sons, Jesus and mankind. 10-17

Mother of Uncreated Light. 10-17.

Mother of us all. 27-83.

Mother of virtues. 5D-715.

Mother of wisdom. 5E-482.

Mother, our shield. 10-18.

Mother overwhelmed in grief. 6-18.

Mother pierced with a sword of sorrow. 10-18.

Mother pitiful and mild. 10-18.

Mother-queen. 24-253.

Mother secret and hidden. 37-3.

Mother selected from eternity to fill an exalted human role in the Incarnation. 34-289.

Mother so blest. 34-51.

Mother so lovely. 34-51.

Mother sorrowful unto death. 10-18.

Mother standing by the crib of the Mystic Christ. 2A-282.

Mother sublime. 34-51.

Mother, teacher and mistress. 58-259.

Mother that knew not man. 20-25.

Mother, through whom the sword pierced in black midnight seventy times seven. 24-132

Mother to her scapular children. 33-113.

Mother undefiled. 6-16.

Mother, victim of charity. 10-18.

Mother, who alone merited to have as Son, the Son of God himself, born of you. 12-106.

Mother, who as a virgin conceived, brought forth and nursed the Lord. 5E-256.

Mother, who died a thousand deaths for us. 34-194.

Mother, who is able to dry our tears and comfort our desolate hearts. 64-29.

Mother, who teachest true wisdom. 16-32.

Mother, whose virgin bosom was uncrost with the least shade of thought to sin allied. 34-336.

Mother without blot or stain. 34-402.

Mother worthy of the God she was destined to bear. 11-15.

Mamma. 40-123.

A mother befitting the Eternal Word. 20-40.

A mother ever ready to help us. 79-13.

A mother from whom he took his life and became Savior of mankind. 52-20.

A mother to those whom she has adopted by her scapular contract. 33-146.

A mother to us in the order of grace. 87-91.

A Mother, who gives both example and strength to him who knows how to contemplate her. 12-62, 63.

A mother without ceasing to be a virgin. 48-11

A mother worthy of having an incarnate God for a son. 58-64.

A perfectly responsive mother. 94-21.

A sovereign but also a mother. 12-108.

A sublime model and an admirable mistress, an example and a mother. 12-3.

Above all a mother. 12-7.

Admirable mother of the Son. 37-215.

Adopted mother of sinners. 10-22.

Advocate and mother, not only here below but in heaven beyond life, so as to merit through her eternal glory. 12-100.

All-good and all-loving mother. 63-106.

Approachable mother. 34-201.

At the same time mother to all and a mother to each one of us. 12-106.

Attentive mother of divine wisdom. 5D-55.

August mother of God. 6-17.

Beautiful mother. 34-181.

Beloved mother. 6-17.

Beloved spouse and mother. 5E-71.

Beneficent mother mild. 34-131.

Best of all mothers. 37-148.

Blessed and ever-virgin mother of God. 6-17.

Blessed mother. 6-17.

Blessed mother and virgin undefiled. 27-71.

Blessed Mother of God. 94-1.

Blessed Mother of sorrows. 6-17.

Blessed Mother of the Son of God. 13-1.

Blessed, 0 mother, among all women. 12-5.

Blissful mother-maiden. 10-8.

Bounteous mother. 24-161.

Bright mother of our Maker. 36-281.

Bright mother of the blest. 10-9.

Burdened mother. 34-193.

Celestial mother. 20-251.

Charitable mother. 37-155.

Chosen by the Most High for his dwelling place and for his mother. 5C-328.

Chosen from all eternity to be God's mother and ours. 11-15.

Chosen mother of uncreated Charity. 5B-405.

Christ's dear mother uncomplaining. 22-6.

Christ's mother. 87-94.

Clement mother of mankind. 28-27.

Common mother of all of the poor children of Adam. 63-105.

Compassionate mother of all believers. 6-17.

Compassionate mother of mercy. 64-54.

Crucified mother. 4-582.

Daughter, mother, spouse of heaven. 10-9.

Dear Mother. 6-17.

Dear mother of Altotting. 72-71.

Dear Mother of God. 50-6.

Dearest and most clement virgin mother. 6-17.

Destined office as mother of God. 11-26.

Devout mother. 5E-228.

Divine mother. 16-91.

Divinely appointed mother of men. 11-47.

Ecstatic young mother. 7-4.

Empress and mistress of the militant Church, its protectress, its advocate, its mother and teacher. 5E-656.

Especially mother of the faithful. 94-27.

Eternally functioning mother of the Mystical Body of Christ. 19-4.

Eternally-predestined, in conjunction with the Incarnation of the divine Word, to be the Mother of God. 94-21.

Ever glorious and Blessed Mother. 50-22.

Ever humble mother of the Most High. 5D-760.

Ever-nursing mother of our redemption and sanctification. 19-3.

Exalted mother. 5E-528.

Fair mother of Beauty itself. 4-304.

Faithful mother of the Redeemer. 20-268.

Fit to be the mother of God. 16-82.

Fondest of mothers. 6-17.

Fortunate mother. 5C-425.

From all eternity elected mother of God. 6-17.

From Pope to poorest pauper,she is a mother. 11-42.

Fruitful mother of the Redeemer. 20-268.

Gentle mother of orphans. 12-74.

Generous and devoted mother. 50-22.

Glorious Virgin Mother. 6-17.

God-bearer. 87-94.

God's own mother blest. 6-17.

God's sinless mother, Queen benign. 44-33.

Good and tender mother. 6-17.

Good mother, all full of grace and of the unction of the Holy Ghost. 37-113.

Good mother of the predestinate. 37-155.

Good mother, of whom Rebecca was but the type. 37-149.

Gracious mother. 6-17.

Great mother. 91-12.

Great mother and lady. 5E-320.

Grief-stricken mother. 5D-560.

Handmaid and mother. 70-53.

Happy Mary, chosen to be mother of grace and clemency. 36-244.

Happy mother. 12-106.

Heavenly mother. 91-2.

Heavenly mother, mistress sweet. 10-9.

Heavenly queen and mother. 64-58.

Holy Mary, mother mild. 10-9.

Holy mother. 6-17.

Holy Mother of God. 94-94; 11-20; 14-77; 6-17.

Holy, sinless mother of him that was before thee, even Christ. 20-23.

Human mother of the one true and living God. 20-48.

Humble and attentive mother. 5D-331.

Ideal mother. 20-250.

Immaculate Mother of God. 6-17.

Immaculate Mother of God and of Eve's redeemed children. 33-46.

Immaculate Mother of Jesus. 6-17.

Immaculate Mother of Jesus and our mother Mary. 68-53.

Immaculate Virgin Mother of God. 6-17.

In the truest sense a mother. 11-86.

Incomparable mother of God. 33-159.

Instructress and mother of the Church. 5[)-763.

Instructress and spiritual mother of the disciples of Christ. 5D-298.

Invincible mother. 5E-155.

Jesus and Mary, mother and Son. 10-31.

Kind and tender mother. 3-164.

Lady Mary, ever intact virgin and Mother of God. 10-38.

Lady mother of grace. 6-18.

Lily maid and admirable mother. 10-13.

Loveliest of all mothers. 16-47.

Lovelorn mother. 5D-9.

Lovely mother. 2A-216.

Love's mother. 67-22.

Loving and faithful mother. 12-74.

Loving and kind mother. 58-393.

Loving and prudent mother. 58-176.

Loving mother. 6-17; 11-11.

Loving Mother of Jesus Christ. 6-17.

Loving mother of men. 6-17.

Loving mother of the divine Redeemer. 87-91.

Lovingly solicitous mother. 64-29.

Maiden mother of God. 20-16.

Maiden, mother pure. 24-69.

Maiden with child. 36-50.

Maria, mother of our King. 20-231.

Mary, chosen mother of God. 12-61.

Mary, mother mine. 65-250.

Mary, my queen and mother. 12-85.

Mary, our mother. 24-130.

Mary, the mother of beautiful love. 58-403.

Mary, the Mother of Jesus. 2C-202.

Mary, the mother so glad. 34-13.

Mary, the Virgin Mother of God. 91-1.

Mary, then as Mother of Christ is mother also of all the faithful and of all the pastors. 88-5.

Mary, Virgin Mother of Christ the Lord. 24-100.

Merciful Mother of the faithful. 5E-85.

Mighty mother of God and my mother. 6-17.

Mirthful mother. 24-8.

More a mother than a queen. 33-71.

Most beloved mother. 87-86.

Most benign mother. 64-44.

Most Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God. 6-17.

Most chaste Mother of God. 11-30.

Most compassionate Mother of God. 6-17.

Most compassionate mother of the faithful. 4-52

Most dear and afflicted mother. 50-17.

Most diligent mother. 5E-289.

Most dutiful Mother of God. 50-14.

Most fair mother of mercy and grace. 21-32.

Most faithful and fortunate mother. 50-404.

Most fortunate and happy mother. 5B-95.

Most gentle queen and mother. 6-18.

Most holy mother of sorrows. 6-17.

Most holy mother of the Infant Jesus. 5C-509.

Most Holy virgin and mother. 6-17.

Most humble virgin and mother. 50-10.

Most indulgent of mothers. 12-65.

Most innocent mother. 50-11.

Most kind and powerful mother. 91-2.

Most kind mother of mercy. 58-606.

Most loving and beloved mother. 5E-31.

Most loving and worthy mother. 5E-549.

Most loving mother of our Truest and Highest Good. 5D-238.

Most mighty and pitiful mother. 50-6.

Most observant mother. 53-705, 706.

Most patient Mother of God. 50-17.

Most perfect and loving of mothers. 64-25.

Most pious and prudent mother. 5E-550.

Most powerful Mother of God, who is also our tender mother. 89-12.

Most prudent mother of wisdom. 5E-207.

Most sorrowful yet most happy of mothers. 50-19.

Most sweet and kind mother. 58-457.

Most sweet and beautiful mother of beautiful love and charity. 58-405.

Most sweet mother of mercy and grace. 20-14.

Most venerable mother of God. 11-48.

Most watchful mother and shepherdess. 58-1 48.

Most wonderful queen and mother. 2C-204.

Most worthy mother. 6-17.

Mournful mother. 6-17.

Natural mother of Christ. 58-485.

New mother of all men. 94-7.

Noble mother. 4-292.

One Mother, who always understands and who can always help you. 51-84.

Our mother and consolation. 6-18.

Our mother, for by giving us Jesus, she gave us true life. 16-18.

Our mother in faith. 94-11.

Our mother on that first Christmas night through Christ, our brother. 34-400.

Our spiritual mother because we are brethren of her Son. 20-280.

Patient and generous mother. 50-14.

Predestined Mother of the Redeemer. 4-288.

Predestined the mother to be of Him who created earth, heaven and sea. 44-4; 9-4.

Present as mother at the birth of the mystical Christ. 20-265.

Propitious mother. 44-6; 9-7.

Provident mother of the Church. 93-13.

Pure and inviolate Mother Mary ever virgin. 6-18.

Purest, holiest Mother of Jesus. 6-18.

Queen and mother in the ancient land of Pompeii, once the home of paganism. 6-18.

Queen and mother of Christian people. 91-14.

Queen mother of the Prince of Peace. 34-26.

Queen mother of the servants of Jesus. 10-20.

Queen of mothers. 34-82.

Royal mother in Bethlehem's cave. 10-40.

Royal mother of a conquering King. 58-5.

Sinless mother of a fallen race. 10-38.

Sinless mother of the perfect Christ. 11-43.

Sinless mother of thy Son, the mighty Lord of the universe. 6-18.

Solicitous mother of Jesus adolescent. 10-40.

Sorrowful Mother of Christ. 24-187.

Sorrowful Virgin Mother. 6-18.

Sorrowing Mother of our Lord. 34-324.

Sorrowful, grief-stricken mother. 63-123, 1 24.

Sovereign lady and mother. 4-609.

Spiritual mother of the members of Christ. 94-27.

Spotless mother of God. 56-153.

Stricken mother on Calvary's mount. 10-40.

Sweet mother of pity. 3-161.

Sweet, sacred virgin mother. 34-341.

Sweetest mother of providence. 6-18.

Tender and affectionate mother. 5C-449.

Tender and compassionate mother. 16-89.

Tender and gentle mother. 12-61.

Tender mother of Christ. 24-187.

Terrestrial mother. 58-154.

The King's mother. 70-18.

The mother and origin of humility. 5B-548.

The mother of all good things. 4-114.

The mother of all of the living. 50-21.

The mother of dolours. 20-126.

The mother of Jesus in the temple. 20-147.

The mother of justification and the justified. 20-278.

The mother of our loving Christ. 24-128.

The mother of that vital influence which has given life to that Mystical Body. 20-273.

The mother of the family who supplied all with nourishment. 5E-166.

The mother of the Living Flame. 12-87.

The mother of those who live by grace. 20-278.

The Mother, who had given to Christ this passible nature. 5E-44.

The Mother, who loves me exceedingly. 6-18.

The Mother, who remains standing near the cross. 12-64.

The Mother, who suffers. 12-64.

The Mother, who teaches true wisdom. 16-32.

The mother with tender Child. 34-56.

The only one who merited to be called the Mother and Spouse of God. 16-82.

The sinner's patient mother. 10-8.

The Virgin Mother of God who both enjoys royal power and burns with a mother's love. 91-11.

This most glorious lady was the beloved mother of Christ precisely that she might be made his associate in the redemption of the human race. 91-9.

This Mother, who suffered more than any human being has suffered and therefore has triumphed as no other human being has ever triumphed. 51-85.

Thou hast brought forth Him who made thee. 36-223.

Thou shalt become a mother without ceasing to be a chaste virgin. 36-229.

Thou shalt conceive, and bring forth a Son, who shall be called the Son of the Most High. 36-227.

True mother of Him who died for thy salvation. 5E-254.

True mother of the apostles. 5E-227.

Truest of mothers. 34-103.

Universal mother. 94-45.

Valiant Mother of Christ. 24-187.

Victorious mother. 5C-288.

Vigilant mother. 5E-74.

Virgin and mother equally. 12-23.

Virgin and mother, highest and most lowly. 24-132.

Virgin Mary, mother of benediction. 10-39.

Virgin Mary who without any violation of purity was found to be the mother of our Savior. 83-563.

Virgin most spotless and mother most dear. 77-3.

Virgin-mother blest. 28-87.

Virgin, mother, imperial queen. 10-8.

Virgin mother, in whose breast the Triune God once dwelt a guest. 44-25.

Virgin Mother of God, he whom the whole world cannot hold enclosed himself in thy womb, and was made man. 83-571.

Virgin Mother of the Lord Most High. 10-7.

Virgin Mother of the Messiah. 85-3.

Virgin mother of the sovereign King. 10-22.

Virgin-mother perfection's highest crest. 10-14.

Virgin Mother, who brought forth the King of the entire world. 91-4.

Virgin Mother, whose arms cradled Christ-Babe. 34-237.

Virginal and faithful mother. 56-24.

Watchful mother. 6-18.

Wisest of mothers. 34-103.

Worthy mother of the God of all holiness. 11-21.

Worthy mother of the Redeemer of the world. 5E-297.

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