Through her long, hidden life at Nazareth, Mary gives an example to all the world's busy and unsung parents. She is particularly a model for mothers, having been chosen from all women by God the Father to be the mother of His Only Begotten Son. Her perfection must be beyond our imagination for her to hold such an exalted position. She had been termed by the Church "worthy mother of God." According to the poet Wordsworth, she is an "example of all womanhood, so mild, so merciful so strong, so good, so patient, peaceful, loyal, loving, pure." She is a model of virgins whose lives are dedicated to the glory of God. She is a model and pattern for all the holy apostles, martyrs, doctors and confessors. She is a magnetic model, not only pointing out our path but attracting us toward it. May this model and teacher of holiness in all things great or small be our constant inspiration leading to our sanctification.


Accomplished model of every virtue and perfection. 37-191.

Beautiful model. 12-10.

Exemplar actively inspiring imitation, and so found in the Church virginity as a state of life. 14-70.

Exemplar and type of the perfection of redemption. 14-85.

Exemplar of both virginity and motherhood. 87-92.

Exemplar of the virtues blest. 34-326.

Exemplar of virginal consecration to Christ. 94-19.

Example and model. 58-477.

Example of all holiness. 58-329.

Example of all womanhood. 34-333.

Example of life through death. 34-340.

Example of that maternal love by which all should be fittingly animated who cooperate in the apostolic mission of the Church. 87-93.

Example of that worship that consists in making one's life an offering to God. 93-20.

Faultless model. 93-21.

Great exemplar to the whole Church. 94-47.

Great model of zeal and holiness. 20-48.

Heavenly model. 56-79.

Ideal of heroism, and beauty, and tenderness. 34-280.

Image of the Most High. 5D-243.

In her hidden life at Nazareth, she was an example to all the world's busy and unsung parents. 27-67.

In the Visitation, she was the first missionary priest or sister or brother, hurrying to bring Christ to someone who was in darkness. 27-67.

Living image of Christ our Redeemer and Master. 58-32.

Magnetic model, not only does she point out our path, but helps us along that path. 11-80.

Mary has become a model of all Christian virginity. 14-70.

Mirror of Jesus. 34-30.

Model also to each individual in the Church, at every stage of human life and in every particular Christian vocation. 94-47.

Model and a support. 12-62.

Model and exemplar of all virtues. 11-7.

Model and pattern in whose image all men must shape themselves if they wish to be saved. 11-14.

Model and rule for every state. 10-15.

Model and teacher. 34-375.

Model for all molds of sanctity. 11-105.

Model for all of the perfection and holiness and virtues of all his elect. 5D-62.

Model for Christian womanhood. 20-84.

Model for priests. 11-105.

Model for women who live a single life. 94-51.

Model in sufferings and in tears. 12-66.

Model of activity. 10-10.

Model of adorers and servants of the Eucharist. 74-4.

Model of all creation. 11-43.

Model of all feminine freedom. 94-50.

Model of all sanctity and discretion. 50-434.

Model of contemplation. 34-376.

Model of faith and of full response to any call from God. 88-6.

Model of faithful discipleship. 94-31.

Model of following Jesus. 94-47.

Model of human perfection and supernatural holiness. 11-61.

Model of humility. 2A-113.

Model of maidenly reserve. 10-10.

Model of married people. 4-434.

Model of meekness. 10-10.

Model of militants. 51-V.

Model of patience and perfection. 12-73.

Model of patience in grief. 12-52.

Model of perfect purity and self surrender to God and to neighbor. 94-48.

Model of prayer. 94-39.

Model of purity. 6-14.

Model of sanctification. 10-12.

Model of suffering. 11-99.

Model of the Church in divine worship. 93-16.

Model of the Church in the matter of faith, charity and perfect union with Christ. 94-15; 87-92.

Model of the Church's virginal faith. 94-15.

Model of the full assimilation of the teaching of Christ and of his charity. 88-6.

Model of the just. 10-13.

Model of the new evangelical law and its Author. 5D-62.

Model of virginity. 20-83.

Model of the virtues. 87-93; 9348.

Model of virtues for the whole community of the elect. 94-52.

Model of voluntary poverty. 10-10.

Model to be imitated. 94-44.

Most authentic form of perfect imitation of Christ. 88-5, 6.

Most captivating model of the interior life. 51-63.

Most excellent exemplar of the Church in the order of faith, charity and perfect union with Christ. 93-16.

Most perfect model of purity. 11-22.

Moving example to the continent. 20-83.

Notable model. 12-79.

Our exquisite model. 2C-136.

Outstanding example of faithful service to God. 11-66.

Our model and our help. 11-28.

Pattern of maidenhood at home, of kinswomanhood in ministry, of motherhood in the temple. 28-41.

Pattern of perfect fulfillment of the will of God. 11-105.

Perfect example of a holy and perfect life. 5D-177.

Perfect example of awaiting the Messiah with a pure and humble spirit. 94-6.

Perfect example to mortals. 5B-606.

Perfect model for our imitation. 11-6.

Perfect model for the religious. 94-46.

Perfect model of the disciple of the Lord. 93-34.

Perfect model of the imitation of Christ. 94-44.

Prototype of motherhood. 20-257.

Standard for all men. 5D-4.

Sublime spiritual model. 34-292.

Supreme example of loving association with the Savior in his mission of redeeming mankind. 94-25.

The Church's model and excellent exemplar in faith and charity. 87-86.

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