Mistress. 58-559, 6-15.

Mistress and banner-bearer of virginity. 16-29.

Mistress and instructress of the Church. 5E-482.

Mistress and only treasurer of the riches of the Divinity. 58-599.

Mistress and preceptress. 58-258.

Mistress and protectress. 5E-362.

Mistress and queen of all hearts. 37-164.

Mistress and queen of the whole Church. 5E387.

Mistress and sovereign of Africa. 6-15.

Mistress fair of worlds unseen. 44-18.

Mistress filled with clemency. 12-16.

Mistress of all. 58-174.

Mistress of all grace. 34-390.

Mistress of all her bodily faculties and powers 5D-82.

Mistress of all holiness and true perfection. 58-586.

Mistress of all imitators of thy Son. 5D-579.

Mistress of all perfections. 58-364.

Mistress of all prudence and humility. 5C-156.

Mistress of all sanctity. 5D-145.

Mistress of all of the apostles and disciples of Christ. 6-15.

Mistress of all virtue and grace. 5C-191.

Mistress of angels and men. 5D-668.

Mistress of creation. 6-15.

Mistress of every creature. 6-15.

Mistress of faith. 58-385.

Mistress of heaven and earth. 6-15.

Mistress of humility. 5D-734.

Mistress of holy science. 5E-321.

Mistress of mercy and charity. 58-318.

Mistress of nations. 5D-356.

Mistress of our song. 20-231.

Mistress of sanctity. 58-364.

Mistress of the angels. 6-15.

Mistress of the earth. 10-6.

Mistress of the humble. 5E-430.

Mistress of the universe. 58-637.

Mistress of the whole human race. 5D-310.

Mistress of the world. 44-5; 10-6.

Mistress of truth. 58-330.

Mistress of wisdom. 58-606.

A mistress to direct thee. 58-361.

Admirable mistress. 12-3.

Amiable mistress. 63-106.

By angels mistress owned. 29-107.

Charitable mistress. 4-461.

Eminent mistress. 58-435.

Gentlest mistress among all mistresses. 12-24

Good mistress. 37-106.

Gracious and immaculate mistress. 63-134.

Great mistress of obedience. 5E-338.

Great mistress of virtue and of love. 4-461.

Great mistress of virtue full of divine wisdom. 58-536.

Heavenly mistress of all virtues. 5D-710.

Kindest mistress. 50-361.

Legitimate mistress. 5E-596.

Loving mistress. 58-375, 37-216.

Mighty mistress. 6-15.

Model and mistress of perfection. 58-517.

Most exalted mistress. 58-234.

Most prudent mistress. 58-212.

Most pure mistress. 58-562.

Nature's mistress. 24-193.

Our guide and mistress. 6-15.

Powerful mistress. 58-395.

Sovereign mistress of all creation. 58-665.

Sovereign mistress of the Heart of Jesus. 1-540.

Supreme mistress. 58-225.

Sweet mistress. 58-667.

The vicar and mistress of all this world. 28-88.

Thee from eternity God did ordain over his household as mistress to reign. 9-4.

Victorious and triumphant mistress of angels and men. 58-536.

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