A beginning to the restoration of heaven and the sanctification of the world. 58-272.

A creature infinitely pure and exquisite. 2A-182.

A creature so lovable. 5C-358.

A creature who was altogether a prodigy and a summary of wonders. 5E-140.

A diligent pilgrim towards the heavenly and eternal city. 93-34.

A dwelling, the most illustrious for sweetness, for graces and for virtues. 37-134.

A faithful copy of the original. 5E-49.

A force, a power for us, because she excels in lifting us. 12-105.

A frail and tender maiden. 56-80.

A friend to counsel thee. 58-361.

A fullness of innocence and holiness. 91-10.

A gift which only infinite love could have devised and given. 34-294.

A girl in contemplation bent. 24-88.

A graduate of the school for virgins in the temple of Jerusalem. 34-348.

A haven in all troubles and difficulties of body and soul. 11-87.

A heaven from the first of thy existence. 58-144.

A heaven that contains the Sun. 34-178.

A helper in need and tribulation. 79-13.

A holy place. 37-165.

A human being descended from Adam. 61-476.

A joyful sign to the Church of the answer to its constant prayer, "Come, Lord Jesus." 94-23.

A listening girl encompassing the Word. 24-88.

A little and humble handmaid of God. 37-35.

A living and faithful reproduction of her most holy Son. 5D-437.

A living image of Christ, our Redeemer and Master. 5E-32.

A loyal servant of heaven.34-183.

A martyr not by the sword of the executioner but by the bitter sorrow of her heart. 16-66.

A martyr in spirit. 21-68.

A martyr of patience. 16-40.

A mere creature in mortal flesh. 58-584.

A mere creature that has come from the hands of the Most High. 37-11.

A mighty champion who will defend us against all of the wiles of the evil one and guide us to her son. 27-8.

A militant in heaven. 51-19.

A militant who influences all men without exception. 51-14.

A most rich treasury in which he has laid up all that he has of beauty and splendor, of rarity and preciousness, including even his Own Son. 37-15.

A most wise teacher. 5C-353

A new creature from the heaven of the divine mind. 58-203.

A partner in the divine mysteries. 2C-149.

A perfect example of a creature not only free from all taint of sin but also full of all grace. 27-84.

A perfect mold wherein we are to be molded in order to make her intentions and dispositions ours. 37-215.

A perfect setting for a perfect jewel. 27-5.

A physician, divinely mild and full of healing power. 24-266.

A pilgrim in the world. 5E-604.

A place so high and so holy, which is guarded, not by one of the Cherubim like the old earthly paradise, but by the Holy Ghost himself, who is its absolute Master. 37-193.

A pledge, a security for our reconciliation with God. 16-58.

A pledge of God's love for us. 11-76.

A precious vase that held each day new offerings of blossomy. 34-247.

A priestess bearing the sacrament in loving veneration.34-93.

A prodigy of humility. 58-418

A protectress to shield thee. 58-361.

A rich harvest of grace. 20-49.

A salutary remedy. 45-14.

A seal upon my heart, because your love is as strong as death. 37-162, 163.

A second Eve who brought forth Emmanuel. 20-9.

A secondary but universal meritorious cause of our supernatural life. 20-279.

A sign of motherly kindness, the living image of the mercy of God. 11-85.

A sinless creature and without measure superior to all the highest seraphim. 5E-338.

A song of love inspired by the Holy Spirit. 94-44.

A soul that was pure and noble beyond all earthly measure.20-245.

A special means of grace. 2A-11.

A spouse so worthy and so amiable. 6-13.

A star thou art, which shinest with a radiance kind, upon each weary heart. 34-212.

A stronghold of God. 58-233.

A sublime example. 12-79.

A teacher and an instrument of divine wisdom. 58-480.

A teacher of the spiritual life for individual Christians. 93-20.

A throne of nobler gold, silver pure and queenly strong, His infinity to hold. 34-246.

A treasure. 37-225.

A vast abyss of humility and love. 5D-17.

A wonder of physical and spiritual beauty. 15-8.

A work only surpassed by God. 4-318.

A world in herself. 11-91.

A world of marvels. 2C-108.

A young maiden of the Temple of Jerusalem. 56-21.

Above all of the angels and saints. 12-13.

Abode of all divine graces. 89-3.

Above all those who have been outstanding in the world by their charms and attractions. 12-13.

Above the world, below thy Son. 28-67.

Abyss impenetrable. 37-6.

Acceptable above all creatures. 58-151.

Adam's deliverance. 70-115.

Adjutrix. 87-91.

Administratrix of divine charismata. 10-36.

Administratrix of the sacrament of human rendemption. 10-36.

Admirable above others. 20-58.

Admirable creature. 37-5.

Admirable instructress. 5D-437.

Admirable treasurer of God. 58-225.

Adorer of the Incarnate Word. 10-19.

After God, our supreme joy. 11-38.

After God, the most beautiful and the greatest marvel of the universe. 12-25.

All beautiful, and radiant with the utmost in human perfections. 27-4.

All blessed. 68-10.

All chaste. 70-115.

All fair, 0 Mary. 6-13.

All fair to see, her robe of golden cloth, a robe of rich embroidery. 29-79.

All generations bless thee. 58-273.

All good. 70-115.

All gracious. 34-373.

All holy. 68-10.

All merciful. 34-361.

All mercy, all kindness. 11-83.

All nations recognize and praise thy grace and beauty. 58-273.

All perfect. 20-8.

All powerful in her intercession in obtaining pardon and succour for the unfortunate sons of Adam. 12-20.

All powerful with One Whom here on earth she greeted by the loving name of Son. 34-18.

All sweetness. 12-81.

All the grace of the way and the truth. 5D-20.

All the saints are but rays of this sun, and streamlets flowing from this ocean. 58-404.

All worthy of praise. 68-10.

Almoner of all graces. 64-25.

Alone the chosen one and the perfect one.5B-204.

Altar and sanctuary.5B-406.

Always a militant. 51-18.

Always beautiful, always good, always strong. 12-75, 76

Amazingly beautiful and holy creature. 85-14.

Ambassadress. 20-23.

Amiable and courteous. 4-215.

Amiable and heavenly creature. 5D-365.

Amiable and sublime creature. 34-230.

Amiable in the eyes of God, and of the angels and of the world. 58-605.

An abyss of graces. 2C-108.

An enemy of pomp. 2A-289.

An eternal thought of God. 6828.

An everlasting glory. 10-16.

An example to all the rest of creation. 5B-420.

An extraordinary union of graces. 5E-44.

An ideal of heroism, and beauty, and tenderness. 34-280.

An invincible warrior in the defense of her servants. 16-77.

An object of delight for God and angels and men. 11-34.

An object of terror to the powers of hell. 2C-105.

An ocean of greatness. 2C-108.

An old world's fondest dream. 34-100.

An overflowing and inexhaustible vessel of grace. 16-62.

An unbounded power in the realm of grace. 2C-317.

Angelic betrothed of Joseph, the just. 10-40.

Announced by the choir of prophets. 12-27.

Apostle par excellence of her Divine Son. 20-265.

Arbiter and dispenser of the treasures of God. 6-13.

Arbitress of our destiny. 10-13.

Archetype of purity and innocence. 70-115.

Archive of all the treasures of the Incarnate Word. 5D-55.

Archive of grace. 5D-80.

Assemblage of grace. 10-21.

Assistant of her divine Son. 5D-335.

Associate in the labors of the Divine Redemption. 91-10.

Associate of the Redeemer. 93-21.

August princess. 37-160.

August sovereign. 37-195.

August temple of the most Holy Trinity. 37-240.

Aurora, source of purity. 63-93.

Bearer of light. 20-87.

Beautiful and full of grace. 58-264.

Beautiful and sweet in thy delights. 29-62.

Beautiful as the moon. 58-126.

Beautiful as the turtle dove. 4-572.

Beautiful beyond compare. 2A-288.

Beautiful "dawn" which is always illumined with divine light. 4-316.

Beautiful gift of God. 20-218.

Beautiful in every way. 68-10.

Beautiful Jewish maiden. 67-5.

Beautiful love. 5D-15.

Beautiful one. 58-564.

Beauty of Carmel. 6-13.

Beauty of the world. 10-31.

Begetter of reconciliation and of the reconciled. 20-278.

Beginning, middle and end of our felicity. 10-13.

Beginning of our salvation. 5E-665.

Beloved and most loving mother. 58-590.

Beloved bride of the Holy Ghost. 82-214.

Beloved of angels. 11-35.

Beloved of God. 11-34.

Beloved of men. 11-35.

Beloved one of her Lord, loved more than all of the saints and angels together. 4-40.

Beloved spouse and mother. 5E-138.

Benefactress of men. 58-189.

Benevolent neighbor to the women of Nazareth. 10-40.

Best human fulfillment of Christ's command "Be perfect as the Heavenly Father is perfect." 11-8.

Beyond the saints who highest are, within the courts of heaven. 34-212.

Blessed among all creatures. 5E-667.

Blessed and extolled of all nations. 10-31.

Blessed art thou more than all thy kind. 34-129.

Blessed art thou that hast believed, because those things shall be accomplished that were spoken to thee by the Lord. 14-61, 62.

Blessed assurance. 20-278.

Blessed by the Holy Ghost by whose power you gave birth to the world's Savior. 75-33.

Blessed by the just because you hear their prayers, free them from temptation and increase grace in their souls. 75-33.

Blessed Dame in the high heaven. 10-37.

Blessed finder of grace. 10-11.

Blessed fountain, overflowing with unfailing joy. 20-16.

Blessed, free of blame. 34-69.

Blessed maid. 24-71; 24-206.

Blessed of all generations. 10-8.

Blessed those who heard and kept the word of God, as she was faithfully doing. 87-89.

Blessed Virgin, who by thy fiat hast saved a lost world. 16-66.

Blest are those who hear the word of God and keep it. 94-20.

Blest one. 34-80.

Blissful bearer of thy Maker. 34-87.

Blossom-crowned maiden. 34-126.

Breadth unspeakable. 37-6.

Breath of heaven. 34-319.

Bride of Christ. 94-7.

Bride of the Canticle. 70-115.

Bride of the Father. 70-115.

Bride of the Lamb. 58-52.

Bride of Yahweh. 94-5.

Bright mirror of all virtues. 6-13.

Brightness of Everlasting Light. 34-28.

Brilliant light of sanctity. 63-97.

Busy one of Paradise. 10-22.

By nature fairer, more beautiful and more holy than the Cherubim and Seraphim. 20-8.

By nature more beautiful, more graceful and more holy than the Cherubim and Seraphim themselves and the whole host of angels. 89-3.

Careful housewife of Nazareth. 2C-141.

Careful teacher. 5D-323.

Carrier of the olive branch. 10-13.

Cause of all blessings. 5D-348.

Cause of joy in heaven. 11-60.

Cause of joy on earth. 11-61.

Cause of our joy. 6-13.

Cause of our salvation. 51-68.

Cause of universal joy. 28-19.

Celestial princess. 58-525.

Cellarer of the whole Trinity, for she pours out and gives the wine of the Holy Spirit to whomsoever she wills and to the extent that she wills. 2C-198.

Champion of the divine faith. 5D-94.

Channel of every grace which Jesus Christ has won. 2A-12.

Cherished being. 34-235.

Chief miracle of God's omnipotence. 10-14.

Child bride. 34-362.

Child-bearing maiden. 33-9.

Child of Adam, the God made father of the world. 10-39.

Child of virtue. 24-7.

Choicest blossom. 34-124.

Chosen among all creatures as the model of the new evangelical law and its Author. 5D-62.

Chosen and beloved one among the children of Adam. 5E-50.

Chosen and only one among creatures. 58-536.

Chosen before the ages. 70-115.

Chosen by the God of mercy to give to the world the Redeemer of the human race. 6-13.

Chosen dwelling-place of the Holy Spirit, his ciborium, his spiritual vessel. 11-62.

Chosen for the greatest sacrament of the divine Omnipotence. 58-159, 160.

Chosen for the mother of the Only begotten. 58-58.

Chosen from the beginning. 20-58.

Chosen lady in whom our Lord found repose. 4-274.

Chosen mother of the divine Son. 50-20.

Chosen of heaven. 34-353.

Chosen one. 28-35.

Chosen treasure.20-25.

Clean, pure, abounding in grace, and, above all, she is the mother of mercy. 58-249.

Closest of all creatures to God. 11-20.

Closest of all to God's heart. 11-14.

Clothed in variety. 11-105.

Clothed with divine grace as with a garment. 70-52.

Clothed with the purest gold of the Divinity. 58-473.

Clothed with the Sun, with crescent 'neath thy feet and the fair star-gems glistening in thy crown. 24-21.

Coadjutrix of Christ, our Lord. 58-238.

Coadjutrix of salvation. 5D-665.

Coadjutrix of the admirable works and mysteries of our redemption. 5C-353.

Coadjutrix of the Lord in his labors for the redemption of mortals. 5D-241.

Co-helper in our redemption. 27-81.

Come over to me all of you that desire me, and you shall be filled with my fruits. 36-223.

Comely as Jerusalem. 10-16.

Commander-in-chief. 51-30.

Comandress of the Catholic faith. 5D-94, 95.

Companion and co-partner in the works of the redemption. 5C-373.

Companion and helper of our Lord in his passion. 5D-228.

Companion of the Redeemer. 10-15.

Compassionate and courageous. 94-50.

Compassionate heart of Mary Immaculate. 75-27.

Compassionate with the little and the poor. 12-7.

Completely without reproach. 68-10.

Conceived of the Spirit Holy. 34-145.

Conqueror of all heresy. 94-39.

Conqueror of evil and death. 90-26.

Conqueror of the infernal serpent from the first instance of thy existence. 6-13.

Consecrated to God. 70-52.

Cooperator in our justification. 4-166.

Cooperator with the Redeemer. 51-17.

Cooperator with your Son in the work of our redemption. 51-132.

Cooperatrix of the Incarnation. 28-21.


Co-redeemer, that is, the co-operator with Christ in the redemption of the world. 51-115.

Co-redemptress of the world. 6-13.

Co-redemptrix of the human race. 6-13.

Consolation of the saints. 4-616.

Consort in the work of our redemption. 10-36.

Consummate teacher. 5D-4.

Counselor most venerable. 34-365.

Counselor of the world. 11-39.

Counterpart of Jesus, thy son. 10-13.

Courage of sinners. 24-7.

Court of the Eternal King. 70-115.

Co-worker of salvation. 28-309.

Creation's pride. 34-169.

Creator of poetry. 12-105.

Creature most pleasing and acceptable. 5B-166.

Creature so pure and immaculate. 5D-733.

Crown of all miracles. 20-5.

Crown of virginity. 70-115.

Crowned with sovereignty.34-249.

Cure of hearts. 20-229.

Custodian and dispenser of all the graces which her divine Son merited for us through his death on Calvary. 11-25.

Custodian of all the treasures gained by her Son as God, on account of his infinite merits. 5D-665.

Daily communicant at the Beloved Disciple's mass. 10-40.

Dear Madonna. 34-396.

Dear spouse.37-164.

Deity's shrine. 10-6.

Delicate and tender maiden. 5C-163.

Delight of all of the citizens of heaven. 45-5.

Delight of God the Father. 10-31.

Depository of the Divinity.S8-590.

Descendant of David. 14-16.

Descendant of the shepherdess Ruth. 10-11.

Disciple of Christ. 5D-5.

Dispensatrix of all grace. 33-61.

Dispensatrix of all the treasures of heavenly grace.5B-223.

Dispensatrix of the treasures of the Divinity. 58-240.

Dispenser of all gifts without exception. 28-88.

Dispenser of all good things. 4-113.

Dispenser of all the goods which God grants to us miserable sinners. 79-12.

Dispenser of all the graces Jesus purchased by his death and by his Blood. 2A-141.

Dispenser of divine mercy. 4-257.

Dispenser of God's graces. 11-79.

Dispenser of Our Lord's Blood. 2A-111.

Dispenser of the gifts of God. 10-36.

Dispenser of the gifts of the Redemption. 70-116.

Dispenser of the merits of her Son. 41-16.

Dispenser of the treasures of heaven. 6-13.

Dispenser of the treasures of thy Son. 6-13.

Dispenser of the vast stores of heaven through her Son. 27-84.

Distinguished among the heavenly citizens. 75-46.

Distinguished and chosen among all creatures. 58-69.

Distributor of all graces. 51-89.

Distributor of every grace. 11-7.

Divine luminary. 58-264.

Divine oracle. 5C-399.

Divine princess. 58-271.

Divine prodigy.5B-57.

Divine, triumphant princess. 10-9.

Dwelling-place of all the graces of the Most Holy Spirit. 20-8.

Dwelling place of light. 10-37.

Elect among creatures. 5G155.

Elect, exalted, powerful and full of the Holy Ghost. 58-153.

Elect of Almighty God. 34-139.

Elect of God Most High, to bear his Son and hers. 24-86.

Elect or chosen one of God. 11-14.

Elevated above the archangels. 12-82.

Elevated above the glory, above the honors which the saints possess, higher than the virtues, the benignity, the sweetness and charm of blessed spirits. 12-32.

Emblem of all that is good and pure. 10-16.

Eminently perfect. 20-84.

Empress and mistress of the militant Church, it's protectress, its advocate, its mother and teacher. 58-656.

Empress of all creation. 58-437.

Empress of heaven. 58-667, 58-467.

Empress of the Church 58-421.

Empress of the starry sky. 10-9.

Empress of the world. 58-595.

Engendered from the fruitful race of patriarchs. 12-27.

Enthroned above the starry sky. 6-13.

Entirely beautiful and perfect. 91-10.

Entrusted with all of the treasures of God. 11-47.

Espoused wife of the Lamb. 58-219.

Eternally full of grace. 19-11.

Ethereal vision whose grace and valor have entirely subdued us. 34-280.

Ever spotless and ever blessed. 20-9.

Exalted above all of the works of God. 58-457.

Exalted above the angels. 70-116.

Exalted above the choirs of angels unto heavenly kingdoms. 91-12.

Exalted and blessed spouse. 58-87.

Exalted as the angels, patriarchs, prophets, apostles, confessors and virgins. 75-32.

Exalted in dignity according to the measure of his own Omnipotence.SB-588.

Exalted supereminently.5E-224.

Example of patience. 4-582.

Excellent masterpiece of the Most High. 37-4.

Exquisite example of retirement and modesty. 5D-307.

Exquisite model whose virtues we must draw into ourselves. 2C-136.

Exterminator of the enemies of God. 37-19.

Extremely kind and generous to all thy loving children. 79-21.

Exultant with joy. 12-47.

Fair and full of grace. 34-157.

Fair and gentle as the moon. 37-62.

Fair and most dear to God. 20-5.

Fair and royal. 34-248.

Fair and sweet. 36-221.

Fair dawn of destiny. 34-178.

Fair maiden, blessed from heaven. 10-37.

Fairest of the fair. 24-245.

Fairest one. 24-136.

Fairest pattern of maidenhood and maternity. 10-13.

Fairest thou where all are fair. 29-108.

Fairest woman-child e'er seen. 24-116.

Faithful and inseparable spouse. 37-23; 37-127.

Faithful copy of her divine Son. 5E-206.

Faithful handmaid of divine providence. 6-13.

Faithful harbinger of the springtime of grace. 5B-309.

Faithful helper of her most holy Son. 5D-557.

Faithful messenger. 2A-11.

Faithful servant in the Church. 5D-762.

Faithful spouse of the Holy Ghost. 10-31;37-216.

Far surpasses all other creatures both in heaven and on earth. 87-86.

Fashioned of flesh incorruptible. 34-249.

Filled with grace and gifts above those of the highest Seraphim of heaven. 58-181.

First in beauty as in power. 28-83.

First in watchings. 2A-289.

Flame of wisdom. 67-117.

Fondest shepherdess.24-257.

For all weary, thou art rest. 34-319.

Foreknown by the Most High and prepared for his work. 20-58.

Forerunner of the Son of Justice. 10-15.

Forth-bringer of the Ancient of Days. 70-116.

Forth-bringer of the Tree of Life. 70-116.

Fount of love and holy sorrow. 6-13.

Friend. 34-295.

Fruit of benediction. 58-152.

Fruitful spouse of the Holy Ghost. 37-122.

Full of every grace. 6-13.

Full of goodness to the just. 10-13.

Full of grace and consequently of love. 11-68.

Full of grace and all perfection. 5C-298.

Full of grace, for grace is given to other saints partially, but the full plenitude of grace poured itself into Mary. 16-84.

Full of grace for herself. 28-91.

Full of grace for the sake of men. 28-91.

Full of grace, from which many small brooks flow, that moisten the earth, and water the garden of the world. 16-78.

Full of grace, virtue and the heavenly gifts. 6-13.

Full of liberality towards me. 4-98.

Full of light and grace and she bears within herself the Author of light. 50-328.

Full of love for us who are mortal. 6-14.

Full of the unction of mercy and of the oil of compassion. 4-39.

Fullness of all good. 2A-12.

Fully attentive to the needs of others. 94-46.

General of the armies of God. 2A-52.

Generator of charm. 12-105.

Generous to the needy. 10-31.

Gentle and full of grace. 34-21.

Gentle, chaste, spotless maid. 10-9.

Gentle maid of Galilee. 34-1.

Gentle maiden having lodged a God in her womb. 4-256.

Girl, empress and ruler. 91-4.

Glad creature. 20-184.

Glorified more than all others. 12-110.

Glorious example of humility. 75-46.

Glorious heaven. 20-23.

Glorious maid. 6-14.

Glory of Christians. 10-11.

Glory of Libanus. 6-14.

Glory of mankind. 10-13.

Glory of the Christian nations. 28-83.

God bearer. 87-94.

God destined thee his chosen one and made thee mother of his Son. 44-18.

God great and powerful in this creature. 5E-636.

Godlike creature. 58-57.

God's beautiful one. 34-152.

God's handmaid. 24-234.

God's handmaid full of every grace. 24-21.

God's handmaid low. 24-75.

God's holy spouse. 24-16.

God's lovely human bride. 34-125.

God's poor serving-child. 24-70.

God's pride and masterpiece. 34-308.

God's splendid marvel. 36-50.

God's treasure. 4-256.

Good, affable, compassionate and never tired of hearing the long complaints of the afflicted. 2A-288.

Good Anna's promised child of Judah's royal line. 34-100.

Grace and sweetness. 12-34.

Gracious guest in Elizabeth's household. 10-40.

Gracious matron. 10-9.

Grand almoner of Divine Providence. 10-16.

Great chieftainess of the martyrs. 5D-579.

Great militant. 51-14.

Great mistress of humility. 58-580.

Great princess.5B-246.

Great queen and teacher.5E-123.

Great sublime creature of God. 85-35.

Great teacher of humility. 5D-333.

Greater than all heaven's throng. 1628.

Greatest treasure of heaven and earth. 5E-316.

Guarantee of our salvation. 10-39.

Guardian of the Emmanuel. 10-7.

Guardian of the heavenly mysteries. 10-14.

Guardian of the treasures of God himself. 2C-145.

Guiltless in God's sight. 11-108.

Hail, full of grace. 10-5.

Hail Mary, of all things in this world most precious. 20-123.

Hail, O peace of God with men. 16-58.

Hallowed treasury for the wants of all creatures. 20-25.

Handmaid most perfect in God's sight. 10-22.

Handmaid of the Eucharistic Jesus. 10-20.

Handmaid of the Lord. 6-14.

Happy one. 24-119.

Happy parent, chose to bear thy Maker, God's eternal heir. 36-207.

Harbinger of peace. 71-16.

Harbinger of salvation. 45-13.

Haven in all troubles and difficulties of body and soul. 11-87.

He that harkeneth to me shall not be confounded. 36-223.

Health of the sick. 6-14.

Health of the world. 10-13.

Heaven declaring the glory of God. 20-25.

Heavenly commandress. 5E-148.

Heavenly creature affluent with the delights of the Almighty. 5E-69.

Heavenly instructress. 58-523.

Heavenly maid. 58-568.

Heavenly nurse. 5D-144.

Heavenly patron. 34-31.

Heavenly physician. 10-9.

Heavenly princess Mary. 50-288.

Heavenly sovereign. 5E-277.

Heavenly spouse. 58-296.

Heavenly teacher. 5D-177.

Heavenly treasure. 34-227.

Heavenly treasurer of the Heart of Jesus. 63-59.

Heaven's delight. 34-110.

Heaven's light. 34-87.

Heaven's masterpiece, she will be after God our supreme joy. 11-38.

Height incomprehensible. 37-6.

Heiress of the grandeur of kings. 12-27.

Help of the abandoned. 16-96.

Help of the Church. 64-46.

Help of the helpless. 64-30.

Helper for every situation. 11-41.

Helper of all men. 5E-661.

Helper of our redemption. 64-21.

Her bosom is, as the holy Fathers say, the chamber of the divine sacraments where Jesus Christ and all the elect have been formed. 37-194.

Her glory is great and her grace is powerful, surpassing that of the archangels, and the saints, rising to God who is the cause of her grandeur and glory. 12-95.

Her highness. 5C-166.

Her majesty. 58-485, 5C-209.

Her price is from afar and from the end of the earth. 20-59.

Her purity had ever been as spotless as that of the angels. 20-136.

Her will was always attuned to the will of God. 11-22.

Her womb God's citadel. 24-262.

Heroine. 34-295.

Hidden treasure of guilelessness. 20-25.

Highest in heaven but still lowly in heart. 24-133.

Highest sovereign. 5E-108.

Holiest of all creatures. 6-14.

Holiest of all the holy. 27-61.

Holy and pure creature. 58-56.

Holy and singular. 40-2.

Holy and wonderful fruit. 58-156.

Holy both in body and spirit. 20-58.

Holy city. 58-167.

Holy in soul and in body. 70-117.

Holy maiden. 34-57.

Holy one. 24-34.

Holy spinner in the temple. 10-12.

Home of the homeless. 24-269.

Honor of all creation. 58-596.

Honored more fervently than all others. 12-110.

Honored with the dignity of pontiffs. 12-27.

Hostel of the Sun. 28-115.

Hostess. 12-4.

Humble handmaid of the Lord. 88-6; 50-8.

Humble housekeeper. 2C-19.

Humble in heart. 20-27.

Humble maid of Galilee. 34-182.

Humble princess Mary. 15-5.

Humble servant of God. 28-74.

Humble wormlet. 58-350 (Mary's words about herself).

Humblest of all creatures of God. 6-14.

Humblest of the humble. 5E-412.

Ideal holiness. 34-178.

Illustrious exile in Egyptian land. 10-40.

Image of the humanity of Christ. 5D-783.

Imitator of St. Ann's virtues. 10-7.

Immaculate in body and spirit, in faith and in love. 6-14.

Immaculate mirror of the Divinity, admitting no other image. 5E-57.

Immaculate one, enclosed in your virginal flesh Him whom the whole world knows not how to contain. 12-36.

Immaculate, pure, blessed and holy above all creatures.5B-159.

Immaculate treasure-house of the Word of God. 6-14.

Immense treasury. 37-15.

Immortal almoner of graces. 30-186.

In her God was man and man was God. 20-228.

In her is the beauty of life. 2A-196.

In her there was no disease to remedy and no stain to cleanse. 20-190.

In me is all grace of the way and of the truth. 36-223.

In mind and heart, she was most beautiful, spotless; so that never was there a woman like unto her. 75-45.

In the eyes of the mightiest King and his courtiers, excellest all that is not God in dignity and grandeur. 58-273.

In thy beauty and comeliness go on, advance prosperously, and reign. 36-217.

In you are found gathered all good things. 12-32.

Inaccessible to venomous serpents. 28-20.

Incomparable in the charm of her beauty, nobility and grace. 58-577.

Incomparable loveliness. 20-85.

Incomparable mercy. 58-219.

Incomparable sanctity. 28-91.

Indicated by patriarchs. 20-58.

Industrious matron of the Holy Family. 10-40.

Ineffable miracle of the Almighty. 20-5.

Ineffable miracle of the Most High. 2A-10.

Inestimable treasure. 5D-763.

Inferior only to God and superior to all other creatures.5B-264.

Inquiring and contemplative. 94-50.

Inseparable companion of Jesus. 2A-284.

Inspirer of beauty. 12-105.

Instructress and model. 58-226.

Instructress of holy Church. 5D-783.

Intelligent. 94-50.

Intercessor of sinners. 64-30.

Inventrix of grace. 70-117.

Inviolate and altogether holy. 6-14.

Inviolate spouse. 6-14.

Isaiah's "Virgin (who) shall conceive and bear a Son whose name is God with-us." 85-5.

It is by thee every faithful heart is saved. 20-124.

Joined by an inseparable bond to the saving work of her Son. 94-31.

Joined to her Son's saving work on earth. 94-32.

Joy of heaven. 11-58.

Joy of our hearts. 24-80.

Joy of the humble. 10-13.

Joy of the just. 10-13.; 4-43.

Joy of the ransomed. 10-9.

Joy of the saints. 12-33.

Joy of the sick. 64-30; 4-273.

Joy to all mankind, for redemption is nigh. 28-21.

Joy to the angels, for she is to be their queen. 28-21.

Joy to the Blessed Trinity, for she is to be the co-operatrix of the Incarnation. 28-21.

Joy to the saints for she is to be the mother of their Deliverer. 28-21.

Joy unto generation and generation. 10-16.

Keeper and dispenser of all the divine treasures. 5D-328.

Kept safe by angels. 20-58.

Kind and loving. 34-361.

Kindest teacher and mother. 5E-192.

Kingly throne. 70-117.

Kinswoman of God. 10-15.

"La Chapparrita" (the pretty little girl). 72-127 Also, "Our Lady of Zopopan."

"La Negrita" (the little black madonna). 72-131.

Lamb-enthralled. 34-209.

Laughing shepherdess of cloudlets. 34-174.

Law of absolution. 10-12.

Leader and sovereign. 5E-462.

Leaven of mercy, inducing the Most High to grant it. 5E-63.

Legitimate and true teacher and superior. 58-662.

Length immeasurable. 37-6.

Liberal with the liberal and more liberal even than the liberal. 37-162.

Life-giver to posterity. 70-1 1 8.

Light of my soul when it is surrounded with darkness. 4-275.

Like a crystalline tablet on which was written the evangelical law. 5E-57.

Like a dove brooding over the swelling waters. 34-161.

Like the fair tall columns of marble set upon bases of gold. 34-161.

Like the lowliest handmaid, who according to the word of David, keeps her eyes fixed upon the hand of her mistress, awaiting her commands.5C-162.

Lily-maiden. 34-146.

Lily of Eden's fragrant shade. 34-335.

Living counterpart of her most holy Son. 5D-597.

Living example. 5E-631.

Living garden of Eden. 20-24.

Living image and faithful reproduction of Christ. 5D-237.

Living image of his Divinity and humanity. 5C-460.

Living image of the Only-begotten. 5D-62.

Living light of holiness. 6-14.

Living proof of God's love for us. 11-77.

Lonely lady of Judea. 34-61.

Love-fount tender. 20-131.

Love most pure and sweet. 4-283.

Love of men. 24-7.

Loved more tenderly than all others. 12-110.

Loveliest maiden ever the Creator made. 4-588.

Loveliest one. 34-30.

Lovely beyond imagination. 34-294.

Lovely Jewess, the mother of Jesus. 85-37.

Lovely keeper of the stars. 34-174.

Lovely maid. 4-589.

Lover of purity. 4-575.

Lover of souls. 5D-19.

Love's earthly bride. 34-169.

Love's great token. 34-98.

Loving princess. 5D-749.

Lowly hand-maiden. 6-14.

Lowly maid of Nazareth. 24-262.

Lowly maiden of highborn race. 34-321.

Made much higher than the Cherubim and Seraphim.20-22.

Madonna at Galloro. 72-99.

Madonna del Parto 28-33.

Madonna ever hind. 34-109.

Madonna fair. 34-66.

Madonna of all the Americas. 7-18.

Madonna of music. 34-395.

Madonna of Nettuno. 34-108.

Madonna of the exiles. 34-8.

Madonna of the glen. 24-253.

Magnanimous soul 5D-628.

Magnificence of the Most High. 10-19.

Maid of destiny. 24-46.

Maid of Israel. 46-15.

Maid of matchless purity. 24-57.

Maid of Nazareth. 20-270; 34-178.

Maid supremely blest. 34-244.

Maid who art crown'd above. 34-88.

Maid, who at that high call, with truth that match'd thine own humility, didst speak the "yes" the heavens would contemplate. 34-89.

Maiden all compassionate. 34-23.

Maiden blessed. 2C-311.

Maiden, blest star. 34-89.

Maiden by whom the old fierce serpent mourns his loss for evermore. 34-88.

Maiden, chaste and pure. 34-28.

Maiden clothed in white virginity. 24-46.

Maiden fair. 34-165.

Maiden in whose blest womb the very Godhead worthily made stay. 34-87.

Maiden mild. 34-354.

Maiden so meek. 24-16.

Maiden sweet and holy. 34-93.

Maiden, the Father's spouse. 34-88.

Maiden whose holiness hath dazzled the heavenly armies. 20-23.

Maiden, with sorrow laden. 34-403.

Mainstay and groundwork of the Holy Church and of its founders, the Apostles. 5E-55.

Majestic treasure of the whole world. 70-50.

Martyr of love and sorrow. 6-14.

Martyr of martyrs. 4-464.

Martyr of patience. 4-582.

Martyrdom's crown. 10-6.

Martyrdom's palm. 34-41.

Marvel of heaven and earth. 10-11.

Marvel of men. 11-37.

Marvel of the Lord. 10-12.

Marvel of the universe. 10-12.

Marvelous help of Christians. 6-14.

Mary enamoured of her divine Son. 20-125.

Mary shares in the authority of the Eternal Father over his Son's Humanity. 20-121.

Mary, the second heaven. 10-16.

Mary's womb, the treasury of the poor. 16-91.

Masterpiece of God. 34-124.

Masterpiece of grace. 37-81.

Masterpiece of the ages. 10-5.

Masterpiece of the Divine Artist. 11-62.

Masterpiece of the Most High. 10-19.

Masterpiece of the Wisdom of God. 10-5.

Matriarch ere any sea parted from the land. 34-208.

Merciful sovereign. 12-7.

Mercy-seat for the whole world. 20-25.

Mighty maid. 24-29.

Mildest of the mild. 6-14.

Minister of God. 10-10.

Minister of life. 70-118.

Minister of propitiation. 10-36.

Miracle ineffable. 12-24.

Miracle of purity, of love, of devotedness, of immense charity. 2C-341.

Mirror of love. 34-314.

Modest-clean of heart. 34-188.

Modest spouse of a humble workman. 58-5.

More agreeable than the sunrise. 58-204.

More beautiful than the moon. 5-8-204, 205.

More exquisite and admirable than the sun. 58-205.

More faithful than the angels in corresponding to divine grace. 4-331.

More glorious than Paradise. 70-118.

More holy than the Cherubim, the Seraphim and the entire angelic host. 70-118.

More lovely than the lotus. 34-54.

More pleasing to the Creator than the high heavens he made for his habitation. 58-144.

More powerful than all hell together. 11-11.

More powerful than all others as a means of uniting mankind with Christ. 51-89.

More pure and holy than the highest Seraphim. 58-271,272.

More pure than all the exalted spirits in heaven. 58-275.

More pure than the purest of angels. 51-54.

More valiant and powerful than the heavenly hosts of saints and angels. 5B-205.

More wise and perfect in her deeds than the angels. 5C-156.

More venerable than the symbolic ark of the covenant. 58-315.

Most amiable and gracious in the eyes of God and his creatures. 58-236.

Most amiable of creatures. 4-247.

Most beautiful and holy of all mere creatures. 50-20.

Most beautiful aurora, inflamed and refulgent as it were with the fiery clouds of the Divinity, which transformed all things within her. 5C-82.

Most beautiful in countenance, most pure of heart and most holy in soul. 75-45.

Most blessed one. 68-9.

Most blessed soul. 58-167.

Most blessed spouse. 5C-335.

Most chaste spouse. 6-14.

Most compassionate of all the compassionate. 27-61.

Most enlightened in your counsel. 12-31.

Most exact in fulfilling the divine law. 2A-288.

Most excellent, most glorious, most holy and ever inviolate Virgin Mary. 58-614.

Most exquisite treasure of all the universe. 58-264.

Most faithful dispensatrix. 58-225.

Most faithful helpmate.5D-435.

Most faithful minister of Divine Providence. 6-14.

Most faithful of all creatures. 5B-377.

Most faithful servant and friend. 58-134.

Most faithful witness and co-worker. 5D-197.

Most glorious throne. 37-146.

Most gracious and liberal of all pure creatures. 37-135.

Most high, most humble one, above the world, below thy Son. 28-67.

Most high princess. 58-430.

Most highly exalted of all creation. 5D-329.

Most holy and pure of all creatures. 16-85.

Most holy Mary, into whose hands He has pawned his Omnipotence. 58-49.

Most holy place. 37-192.

Most humble and pure princess. 58-414.

Most humble disciple. 58-513.

Most inflamed in your prayer. 12-31.

Most kind helper. 58-254.

Most loving spouse of the Holy Spirit. 6-14.

Most perfect and most holy of creatures. 37-115.

Most perfect disciple. 4-576.

Most perfect in every virtue. 2A-289.

Most powerful and favored of all God's creatures. 50-328.

Most powerful and sympathetic of saints. 19-11.

Most powerful destroyer of heresy. 6-14.

Most powerful in your help. 12-31.

Most profound in humility. 2A-289.

Most profound in your meditation. 12-31.

Most prudent creature. 5D-379.

Most prudent spouse. 5D-133.

Most pure and holy creature formed and conceived in the Divine Mind from the beginning and before all ages. 58-56.

Most pure and spotless creature. 58-167.

Most pure in soul and body. 20-8.

Most pure princess. 5D-84.

Most sensitive in your compassion. 12-31.

Most serene empress. 58.-435.

Most simple dove. 58-524.

Most sweet in her delights. 58-272.

Most vigilant sentinel. 58.-166.

Most wise teacher. 58-541.

Most wonderful of God's creatures. 20-74.

Most worthy spouse. 58-575.

Most zealous princess. 58-476.

My body's healing. 70-119.

My counselor, sincere and true. 63-143.

My graceful chatelaine. 24-229.

My greatest security. 37-198.

My heart and my soul. 37-234.

My joy. 37-234.

My light. 64-63.

My love. 48-10.

My memory is unto everlasting generations. 36-223.

My most generous benefactor. 6-14.

My mother and my lady. 5E-594.

My powerful sovereign. 37-216.

My sister, my spouse, is a garden enclosed, a fountain sealed up. 36-222.

My solace. 34-133.

My soul's saving. 70-119.

My sovereign. 6-14.

My strength. 6-14.

My support in my extreme misery. 37-224.

My sweetness and hope after Jesus. 63-97.

My teacher. 5E-666.

My treasure. 37-234.

My whole life. 6-14.

Mysterious and godlike creature. 5B-57.

Mysterious treasury dispensing unspeakable joy. 20-16.

Mystic church. 5D-354.

Nature's recreation. 70-119.

Nature's restoration. 70-119.

New and wonderful work of the Most High. 5B-267.

New joy of the saints. 5E-665.

New phoenix. 50-475.

Next to God, the joy of the saints. 4-272.

No creature equals her. 12-113.

No creature ever loved as she. 34-260.

No creature in the world was so exalted as Mary, because no creature in the world ever humbled itself so much as she did. 4-549.

None can compare with thee. 16-81.

Not only placeless but also timeless in her love for all of us. 27-18.

Nourished by the holy descendants of priests. 12-27.

Nourisher of God and man. 70-119.

Novelty worthy of the Infinite Wisdom. 5E-648.

Nurse of the new born Church. 10-12.

O blessed and most blessed. 10-31.

O heaven, greater and vaster than the heavens themselves. 16-77.

0 joy unhoped for. 12-24.

O Mary, center of the whole world. 91-10.

Object of divine predilection. 10-15.

Object of our love. 6-14.

Object of terror to the powers of hell. 28-94.

Of all creatures the most amiable, the most beloved, the most loving. 4-560.

Of all creatures the most illumined. 2C-261.

Of all God's creatures the most pure, most fair, most powerful. 28-17.

Of all my friends the best and dearest. 63-143.

Of earth, the fairest creature. 34-123.

Of mortals, honored most. 34-202.

Of purity, the crystal shrine. 34-188.

Offered to God as a sign of gratitude. 70-52.

Offspring of Adam. 87-86.

Omnipotent to save sinners. 16-45.

On her, as on the most noble foundation after Jesus Christ, rests the faith of all generations. 2C-149.

One peerless mortal. 34-41.

One so singular among all creatures. 5E-294.

One who, at our slightest sign, bends over us with a smile, alleviates our pain and wipes the tears from our eyes. 34-280.

One who follows us everywhere. 34-280.

One who was able to contain God. 70-42.

One whom the infinite God himself loves without bound or measure. 5D-358.

One with all human beings in their need for salvation. 87-86.

Only and legitimate disciple of the Lord. 5E-123

Only one, elect as the sun.5B-584.

"Open Sesame" of God's own heart. 28-26.

Ornament and beauty of all the human race. 5E-535.

Ornament of splendor of Carmel. 36-146.

Ornament of angels. 10-21.

Ornament of our Church. 10-39.

Our beloved. 75-23.

Our cardinal link with the Divine High Priest. 19-10.

Our chaste love. 20-231.

Our companion to eternal blessedness. 16-10.

Our constant company. 34-260.

Our co-redemptrix. 6-14.

Our counsel. 16-81.

Our counselor. 28-74.

Our deliverer. 20-85.

Our enlightener, who bore us a Light as a revelation to the nations. 56-30.

Our ever faithful messenger. 34-73.

Our heart's best love. 34-279.

Our leader and mistress. 5E-467.

Our liberator from our calamities. 4-401.

Our life. 11-26; 6-14.

Our Miriam. 85-9.

Our most charming princess. 58-567.

Our most kindly adviser. 88-4.

Our only and heavenly Phoenix. 5E-589.

Our ordinary resource. 34-334.

Our perfecter. 56-30.

Our princess. 5B-573.

Our proximate end. 37-195.

Our purifier, whose heart was pierced by Simeon's prophecy. 56-30.

Our race's most distinguished alumna. 34-348.

Our reconciliation and peace. 64-44.

Our reparatrix. 5C-109.

Our salvation. 34-233.

Our shield. 34-88.

Our sister through ties of nature. 88-5.

Our solace in sorrow. 10-12.

Our support in every tribulation of life. 64-44.

Our sweetness. 6-14.

Our tainted nature's solitary boast. 19-3.

Our unfailing succor in trials. 64-44.

Our universal supplement with Jesus. 10-19.

Outstanding example of faithful service to God. 11-66.

Pacificatrix. 10-36.

Paradise of joy, for God overwhelmed her with the joy of grace. 16-76.

Paragon of chastity. 5D-104.

Paragon of virginity and humility. 45-4.

Pardon of sinners. 24-122.

Participant in his dignity of Redeemer. 58-225.

Peace of God with men. 16-58.

Peerless creature. 5E-30.

Peerless one among lovers for entertaining love without limitation of measure or manner. 513-223.

Peerless queen. 2A-200.

Perfect and only one. 5D-185.

Perfect contemplative. 94-46.

Perfect fulfillment of the will of God. 11-105.

Perfect image of the disciple of Christ, reflected every virtue and incarnated the evangelical beatitudes proclaimed by Christ. 88-5.

Perfect imitator of Christ. 10-13.

Perfect member of the early Church. 10-37.

Perfect militant. 51-14.

Perfect work. 5D-762.

Perfection of justice. 10-37.

Perfectly beautiful in every way. 20-85.

Perfectly faithful to God. 36-37.

Perfectly holy. 11-15.

Perfectly redeemed in body and soul. 14-19.

Personification of "relativity" between man and God. 19-6.

Pinnacle of created perfection. 5D-17.

Pinnacle of sanctity. 5D-58.

Pledge of our pardon. 10-39.

Pledge of our salvation. 10-12.

Plenitude of sanctity. 10-37.

Portal and mediatrix of those who were to profit of the passion and the redemption of mankind.5D-662.

Portress dear. 63-98.

Possessed of all grace and beauty, without being wanting in any. 5B-272.

Powerful princess of the heavens. 10-19.

Powerful rod with which the violence of the infernal enemies is conquered. 16-23.

Powerful vanquisher of all heresies. 6-14.

Preamble of the Christ. 19-7.

Precious child of earth. 34-100.

Prefigured and foretold by the prophets. 10-38.

Priest of the New Law. 10-37.

Princess of heaven. 5E-374.

Princess of the heavenly court. 10-11.

Princess whom God's Spirit chose as bride. 15-5.

Princess whose beauty lured Love's kiss when life began. 34-194.

Privileged soul. 10-15.

Prodigy of holiness. 5D-41.

Prop on which the Holy Church, now and during the ages in which it is to exist, shall rest securely in the midst of the persecutions and temptations of the enemies of the Lord. 5E-352.

Prophetess. 85-31.

Propitiation for sin. 5D-356.

Propitiatory or mercy-seat of the whole world. 16-23.

Protected by angels. 28-20.

Protector of the Son of God. 11-70.

Protectress. 58-173.

Prototype of the Catholic faith and of holy hope. 58-386.

Prudent and wise. 16-55.

Prudent dispenser of the plenitude of her graces and gifts. 5E-142.

Prudent in the fashion of a noble mistress. 12-32.

Pure and chaste. 34-365.

Pure and stainless. 58-264.

Pure as a tower of ivory. 37-134.

Pure as mid-ocean spray. 34-377.

Pure as the mantling snow on Alpine crest. 34-377.

Pure as the milk-white dove that bathes in woodland spring. 34-377.

Pure as the Seraph's thought before the Almighty King. 34-377.

Pure as the snow. 24-48.

Pure as the summer sky. 34-170.

Pure creature, more holy, perfect and agreeable to his eyes than all those he had created or will create to the end of the world, or through the eternities. 5B-180.

Pure in your life, like to a lamb. 12-32.

Pure lily-maid. 3-152.

Pure temple of the Holy Ghost. 34-188.

Purer and brighter than the chaste stars. 20-229.

Purer than the angels. 89-4.

Purer than the sun's rays. 16-28.

Pure stone. 45-15.

Purity personified. 11-27.

Radiant one.34-204.

Radiant with purity. 20-119.

Raised above all things except God. 20-22.

Ransom of captives. 4-273.

Ready help in trouble's hour. 28-83.

Receiver of orphans. 10-22.

Reconciler of sinners. 16-14.

Reconciler of the whole world. 28-20.

Redeemer of captives. 64-30; 4-401.

Redemptrix of souls. 10-39.

Remedy for all sorrows of the heart. 4-584.

Repairer of our calamities. 10-22.

Repairer of our fallen race. 10-34.

Repairer of the human race. 4-401.

Repairer of the lost world. 4-288.

Reparatrix of her parents. 20-7; 70-120.

Reparatrix of the whole world. 10-36.

Residence of God. 10-12.

Resplendent more than all others. 12-110.

Resplendent with the purest sanctity. 34-232.

Responsive and creative. 94-50.

Rest from our mourning. 10-37.

Restoratrix of the human race. 5E-583.

Restorer of peace and reconciler of enemies. 64-45.

Restorer of the lost world. 28-170.

Resurrection of those who fall. 10-22.

Rich and beautiful. 79-21.

Rich in mercy. 70-120.

Riches of the Deity. 34-227.

Rightly to be regarded as the way by which we are led to Christ. 94-25.

Root of our salvation. 4-616.

Royal maiden. 10-9.

Sacred heroine of the valiant people of Israel. 12-27.

Sacred maid. 10-15.

Sacred shrine of sinlessness. 10-22.

Safe response of men. 10-21.

Safeguard of the living. 79-11.

Safety of those who stand. 10-22.

Saint Mary of Mount Carmel. 33-5.

Salvation and expiation of the world. 10-39.

Salvation's fiat. 24-105.

Salvation's way. 34-110.

Sanctified in her mother's womb above all angels and saints. 16-84.

Sanctified soul. 58-185.

Second Eve. 70-120.

Secret love of the Eternal Father for the world. 2C-107.

Secretary of the great counsel. 5E-547.

Secure and most faithful depository. 50-66.

Seed not of enmity but of grace. 20-6.

Seraph of heaven. 34-384.

Servant and slave of the Lord. 37-52.

Servant of her vassals. 5E-47.

Servant of the children of the Church. 58-33.

Set by God to be a vital element of his gracious scheme. 28-11.

Sharer in the work of man's redemption. 6-14.

Sharer of Christ's regal might. 42-10.

She, above all the saints, is most powerful to obtain whatever she wills. 16-52.

She being all love towards those whom she has thus adopted. 4-51.

She, being obedient, became the cause of salvation for herself and the whole human race. 87-88.

She bore the Everlasting. 34-203.

She bore the King Divine. 34-203.

She by herself has smothered and extinguished all the heresies of the whole world. 5C-289.

She comes next to God. 12-113.

She cometh up from the desert flowing with delights, leaning on her beloved. 20-208.

She conceived the Son of God without the operation of man. 14-14.

She co-operated with Christ by her charity to give birth to the faithful in the Church who are members of the Head. 20-279.

She discovered salvation for all and for her own sanctification. 14-14.

She found grace who brought forth the source of grace. 20-48, 49.

She had begotten Eternal Life. 20-266.

She in whom the Deity itself finds so much pleasure and delight above all other creatures.5E-648

She is concerned with the whole human race. 91-11.

She is easily found by them that seek her. 4-63.

She is like the merchant ship; she bringeth her bread from afar. 58-592.

She is universal-according to her own mode, which is to efface herself in Jesus. 34-366.

She knows no failures, what she seeks she finds. 21-32.

She merited for us in her subordinate way, all those graces which Christ has merited as the Head of the body. 20-279.

She next to God surpasses all in purity; 20-228.

She stands beside the right hand of her Son, Our Lord, the only-begotten Jesus Christ. 21-32.

She sums all virtues that may be. 34-334.

She that cometh forth as the morning rising, fair as the moon, bright as the sun, terrible as an army set in battle array. 2C-61.

She, the primal seat of enmity, must never have any part with sin. 21-26.

She, who clothed her servants in double garments. 50-785.

She who extended her hands to the poor and opened her palms to the destitute. 5D-785.

She who gave Him his rightful place in the very first Christian home. 34-374.

She who girded herself with strength. 5D-784.

She who has given to the world mercy in Jesus. 12-7.

She who nursed her Creator as an infant at her breast. 20-227.

She who obtains for those who attach themselves to her, the graces of fidelity to God and perseverance. 37-131.

She who put forth her arms to greater things. 5D-784,785.

She who rises from the emptiness of this world, steeped in the delights of Paradise. 12-11.

She who together with her Maker recreates the human race, and redeems the souls of men by giving them her Son. 20-178.

She who was to be the habitation of the Son of God.5B-147.

She whom all the tongues of heaven and earth do not suffice to extol. 20-8.

She whose famous life still sheddeth lustre upon all the Churches. 28-19.

She whose heel is to crush the infernal serpent. 20-119.

She whose light was not extinguished in the night of tribulation. 5D-785.

Shrine of the Divine Artificer. 10-7.

Shrine of the Holy Ghost. 10-7.

Shrine of the Trinity. 10-6.

Simple in your heart like a dove. 12-32.

Singular being. 5E-139, 140.

Singular consolation of all the holy souls in limbo. 58-272.

Sinless, rational creature. 20-182.

Sister and mother. 70-120.

So beautiful, so worthy and so perfect a spouse. 52-20.

So beautiful that when one has seen her, one can no longer love anything earthly. 2A-288.

So delicate, yet so glorious. 34-328.

So gentle that Jesus can refuse her nothing. 34-281.

So mild, so merciful, so strong, so good. 34-333.

So modest and yet so mighty. 34-328.

So much has the Most High and powerful God favored this creature, that we, his angelic spirits, are full of astonishment. 5B-27.

So patient, peaceful, loyal, loving, pure. 34-333.

So powerful with God. 79-14.

So simple and so lowly. 34-328.

So sublime in sanctity, that none but Mary was a fitting mother of God. 34-290.

So weak, yet so strong. 34-328.

Solace of our exile. 10-12.

Solace of the world. 64-30.

Sole and universal heiress of all the gifts of nature, of grace and of glory. 5D-668.

Sole dispenser of his graces to ennoble, to exalt and to enrich whom she wishes. 37-28.

Sole repose of men. 10-39.

Solitary in her greatness amid his vast creation. 34-328.

Sorrowful spouse.5D-424.

Soul filled with a wisdom divine, in heart wedded to God. 70-52.

Soul, the most noble, the most pure that ever was, next to the soul of Jesus Christ. 2A-288.

Source from which God's grandest graces spring. 24-131.

Source of every good. 4-112.

Source of immortal life. 10-9.

Source of joy. 11-61.

Source of mercy. 5E-666.

Source of the Precious Blood. 3-150.

Source of true consolation. 10-22.

Source of our happiness. 10-13.

Sovereign above us. 24-246.

Sovereign benefactress. 10-16.

Sovereign, merciful and mild. 34-70.

Sovereign of all Christians. 10-37.

Sovereign of heaven and earth. 37-19.

Sovereign of the angels and of all the universe. 5D-283.

Sovereign of the world. 12-24.

Sovereign princess, to whom all owe subjection in heaven and on earth. 37-240.

Sovereign spouse. 5C-356.

Sparkling jewel of youth. 34-126.

Spiritual abode of the most spiritual souls. 37-134.

Spiritual paradise of God. 10-20.

Spotless bride. 44-18.

Spotless loveliness. 27-22.

Spotless maid, whose virtues shine with the brightest purity. 36-281.

Spotless mirror of God's majesty. 34-28.

Spotless mirror of justice. 11-58.

Spouse and servant of the Holy Ghost. 10-8.

Spouse, chosen among thousands. 5D-299.

Spouse of Christ. 34-273.

Spouse of God. 4-173.

Spouse of St. Joseph. 10-11.

Spouse of the creative Spirit who renovates the nature of man. 20-182.

Spouse of Divinity. 58-219.

Spouse of the Eternal Spirit. 10-5.

Spouse of the Father. 75-12.

Spouse of the King. 4-36.

Spouse of the Lamb, that is Christ. 58-219.

Stainless maiden, springing from David's kingly line. 34-203.

Standard bearer of Christ. 10-22.

Standard for all men. 5D-4.

Stands out among the poor and humble of the Lord. 93-34.

Star above the storm. 34-384.

Star-crowned. 34-70.

Stately prophetess of victory. 34-353.

Stay of widows. 10-13.

Store-house of God, filled with the everlasting joy of eternity. 20-16.

Storehouse of the treasures of heaven. 58-248.

Stranger among the children of Adam, captive in the bonds of mortal flesh. 5E-605.

Strength of martyrs. 45-5.

Strong as a tower of David. 37-134

Stronger than the earth, wider than the universe, for thou has conceived the God the world could not contain. 16-79.

Sublime and spotless. 34-70.

Sublime work of the divine omnipotence. 10-20.

Submissive in the manner of a humble servant. 12-32.

Sum and substance of the decrees of God. 10-22.

Sun of the Church. 5E-204.

Sun without stain. 6-14.

Superabundantly filled with grace by the Holy Ghost. 37-28.

Superior in excellence and dignity to all creatures.5C-192.

Suppliant omnipotence. 51-54.

Supreme among mere creatures. 58-66.

Supreme empress and mistress of those caverns and dwelling-places of our enemies. 58-656.

Supreme glory of the tribe of Judah. 12-27.

Supreme mistress, mother, governess and sovereign of the Church. 5E-225.

Sure pledge of redemption. 5E-265.

Surest help to the knowledge and love of Christ. 51-8.

Surpassed all the martyrs in generosity. 4-399.

Surpassing Eden's Garden. 70-120.

Surpassing the heavens. 70-120.

Surpassing the Seraphim. 70-120.

Sweet and beautiful. 12-78.

Sweet as desert manna. 34-100.

Sweet as Eden's lilies. 34-70.

Sweet benediction in the eternal curse. 34-384.

Sweet charm of salvation 10-12.

Sweet flowering of gracious mercy. 70-120.

Sweet fount of love. 29-32.

Sweet, loving and powerful to enrich our poverty. 5B-249.

Sweet, lowly handmaid. 34-33.

Sweet modest little Nazareth flower. 34-178.

Sweet solace in pain. 34-133.

Sweetest of all creatures. 20-127.

Sweetest picture artist ever draw. 24-122.

Sweetest spouse. 5E-31.

Sympathizer with the children of Eve. 10-12.

Tall Lady of the lilies. 34-78.

Teacher and example of all the believing. 58-379.

Teacher and guide of all the virgins and lovers of chastity. 58-238.

Teacher and mistress of all sanctity. 58-435.

Teacher in the doctrine of eternal life and salvation. 5D-218.

Teacher of all sanctity and perfection. 5C-203.

Teacher of all the creatures. 5D-12.

Teacher of perfection. 5C-502.

Teacher of prophets. 11-95.

Teacher of the Apostles. 45-5.

Teacher of the Church. 5E-60C.

Teacher of the holy Church. 5D-373.

Teacher of virtues. 5C-189.

Temple of the Holy Spirit. 87-86.

Tender maiden, full of grace and beauty. 5G385.

Tender spouse. 58-516.

Terrible to the devil and his crew, as an army ranged in battle. 37-34.

Terrible to the princes of darkness. 4-557.

Terror of demons. 10-13.

Terror of the proud. 45-4.

Testamentary executrix. 5D-665.

That creature, in whom the human nature is freed from its first sin, who is to crush the head of the dragon. 58-166.

The assistant in the principal work for which the Incarnate Word came into the world. 5D-320.

The astonishing virgin who ravished the vision of our wonderful prophet Isaiah 85-35.

The aura of the Eucharist. 34-285.

The aurora sending forth the splendors of the Sun, Christ, true God and man. 5E-53.

The beautiful one. my love, comely. slender and tall. 34-27.

The beautiful temple that was Mary's soul. 27-23.

The begetter of reconciliation and of the reconciled. 20-278.

The beginning of all our happiness. 5E-430.

The beginning of perpetual life. 20-221.

The beginning of the warfare. 21-19.

The beginning, the middle and the end of our happiness. 16-62; 4-243.

The beloved one. 24-120.

The best-beloved of the Most High. 28-91.

The best guide. 15-7.

The Blessed Virgin. our ordinary resource. 34-334.

The bride of the Dove. 34-352.

The bride. the wife of the Lamb. 58-219.

The bride whom the Father has espoused. 20-227.

The bright madonna. 24-90.

The brightest and dearest reflection of God's own holiness. 11-20.

The cause itself of joy. 20-227.

The cause of angel's jubilee. 34-179.

The cause of her own salvation and that of all mankind 4-579.

The cause of the happiness of all men. 5D-370.

The center and focus of all the wonders of the Almighty 5B-202.

The channel of that other outpouring of the Holy Spirit which formed the Church, the Mystical Body of Christ. 2A-58.

The chaste spouse of the Holy Ghost. 20-136.

The cheer of those who vigils keep24-122.

The Cherub's glee. 34-210.

The choice of God, 10-38.

The chosen beloved of the Father. 20-272.

The chosen companion of Him who was to redeem the world. 20-272.

The chosen of all mankind. 10-10.

The crystal reflection of our Sun. 34-194.

The Church of the Living God. 2C-111.

The dearest reflection of God's own holiness. 11-20.

The cloister garth which no man trod. 34-210.

The closest of all creatures to God. 11-20.

The companion for the ministry. 20-30.

The corn of heavenly bread. 20-227.

The counterpart of Eve. 20-257.

The creature excelling all others in dignity and grandeur above all understanding and calculation of the created mind. 5B-295.

The dawn of grace. 58-178, 179.

The delight of our eyes. 58-313.

The delight of the just. 5B-272.

The depository and treasure-house of heavenly sacraments. 5D-163.

The disciple of Christ. 5D-5.

The disciple who is the active witness of that love which builds up Christ in people's hearts. 93-34.

The disciple who works for that justice which sets free the oppressed and for that charity which assists the needy. 93-34.

The divine world of God. 10-19.

The dream and the realization of all tenderness. 12-34.

The Eden of ancient, forgotten tenderness. 34-205.

The elect of Almighty God. 34-139.

The emancipator, Mary. 19-13.

The end of my captivity. 4-113.

The end of vices. 16-19.

The espoused wife of the Lamb. 58-219.

The exemplar for us of all Christian life. 12-86.

The fair glass and universal exemplar who shows us the way out of our darkness. 21-21.

The fairest flower of mankind. 11-21.

The figure of the synagogue. 94-13.

The finder of grace. 4-81.

The finest result of the redemptive work of her divine Son. 14-39.

The first after Jesus Christ, true God and true man. 37-81.

The first and most perfect disciple of Jesus Christ in the practice of all virtues. 4-547.

The first and peculiar work of God. 20-7.

The first and specially privileged disciple of her most holy Son. 5D-61, 62.

The first-born before all creatures. 5D-19.

The first-born of God. 4-288.

The first Christopher, the first Christ-bearer. 27-34.

The first fruits of those who have fallen asleep. 94-22.

The first in God's design of the work of creation. 20-38.

The first object, out of all humanity. of the love of Christ. 20-121.

The first of mere creatures. 11-25.

The first, the highest and greatest of saints. 46-11.

The first to share from a full heart the joy that is Christ. 27-34.

The formal cause of our regeneration. 21-21.

The fragrance of that world unseen. 24-40.

The friend of mortals. 45-4.

The fullness of a fruitful life. 34-175.

The fullness of helping mercy. 34-175.

The fullness of illuminative wisdom. 34-175.

The fullness of overflowing grace. 34-175.

The fulfillment of prophecy. 6-14.

The future Eve, to whose offspring victory over Satan is promised. 94-5.

The general of the armies. 72-127.

The glorious foreshadowing of the eternal Son. 28-19.

The glory of angels. 12-31.

The glory of the heavens. 6-14.

The governess of heaven. 28-88.

The grand and divine world of God. 37-5.

The great and exclusive mold of God. 37-191.

The great missionary. 33-106.

The great queen and lady of all the universe. 5E-592.

The greater Eve. 11-18.

The greatest among the lowly and poor of the Lord. 94-46.

The greatest glory of Christ because she has received the most from him. 20-121.

The greatest of all the martyrs. 20-125.

The greatest personal friend that Jesus had here on earth. 20-125.

The greatest treasure of the Divinity in the whole creation, next to the humanity of Christ, our Savior. 5C-659.

The greatness of love. 5E-666.

The guiding light for men journeying through life's tempestuous sea of temptation. 28-24.

The harbinger of peace and reconciliation. 28-20.

The hidden treasure of guilelessness. 20-25.

The hidden treasure of modesty. 28-41.

The heroine of the "Stabat," the "Mother of Sorrows." 20-178.

The high mountain on which is to be established and constructed the new law of grace. 5B-518.

The holiest, most authentic and happiest human being. 14-24.

The holiest. the most august of all creatures which God has produced (except Christ). 34-23:.

The holy of holies where saints are formed and moulded. 37-165.

The holy one, and more glorious and pure, and more saintly than all the rest of human kind. 28-20.

The holy one of our race. 11-21.

The Holy Spirit's anguished bride. 4-540.

The honor and adornment of virgins. 45-5.

The honor of the human race. 4-615.

The honor of the earth. 20-84.

The humble maid immaculate. 24-86.

The humble maid of Nazareth. 20-80.

The humblest of all creatures. 20-91.

The ideal that fascinates us. 34-280.

The image and first flowering of the Church as she is to be perfected in the world to come. 87-95.

The ineffable. 12-25.

The inseparable companion of Jesus. 2C-247.

The inspiration of prophets. 11-95.

The instrument and special dispensation of thy Son, Jesus Christ. 79-21.

The instrument of the Holy Ghost. 20-205.

The instrument of the Incarnation. 20-39.

The instrument or the motive power through which the saints themselves have reached their station. 5D-63.

The Jewish people`s magnificent boast. 85-4.

The joy and fruition of the blessed. 12-102.

The joy of angels. 5B-272.

The just men and kings bore witness to you. 12-27.

The keeper of the ineffable treasure of heaven. 5C-248.

The law of clemency is on her tongue. 5B-606.

The life of Christians. 16-66.

The life of our hearts. 6-14.

The light of earth, the sovereign of saints. 10-38.

The link between heaven and earth. 20-39.

The living image and portrait in everything of her divine Son. 2C-341.

The living image of the mercy of God. 11-85.

The living mold of God. 2A-4.

The living source of cleansing water. 20-227.

The Lord's humble handmaid. 87-91.

The loss that man in Eve deplores, thy fruitful womb in Christ restores. 36-237.

The love of my soul. 4-231.

The Madonna with her beautiful Babe. 20-1 25.

The magnificence of God. 37-183.

The magnificence of the Most High. 37-5.

The maid of the Annunciation. 28-67.

The martyr's palm by thee is borne. 44-25.

The marvel of God. 11-36.

The masterpiece beyond compare. 34-344.

The masterpiece of the hands of God. 37-32.

The masterpiece of the Holy Ghost. 2C-111.

The means Our Lord made use of to come to us. 37-54.

The miracle of miracles of grace, of nature and of glory. 37-8.

The miracle of purity, of love, of devotedness, of immense charity which was the soul of Mary. 2C-341.

The mirror reflecting all the thoughts, feelings, aspirations, desires and purposes of Jesus. 2C-341.

The model, here below, in prayer. 12-86.

The mold of God. 37-165.

The most acceptable child of God. 2C-168.

The most authentic form of the perfect imitation of Christ. 88-5, 6.

The most beloved of God and his greatest lover. 4-247.

The most conformed of all creatures to Jesus Christ. 20-235.

The most excellent fruit of the redemption. 94-21.

The most exquisite treasure of all the universe. 58-264.

The most exquisitely formed image of Jesus Christ. 2A-289.

The most generous and most grateful of creatures. 20-236.

The most perfect throne in all the world. 27-41, 42.

The most powerful and sympathetic of saints.

The most precious, the most estimable and worshipful of all the creatures. 5E-328.

The most pure of all creatures. 16-85.

The nations shall know her as the Blessed. 58-153.

The new Eve, who put her absolute trust not in the ancient serpent but in God's messenger. 87-92.

The noblest, the most exalted, the purest, the holiest of all things created. 6-14.

The obedient new Eve. 94-16.

The omnipotent answer to prayer. 6-14.

The one chosen by God to retain intact her virginity and yet also selected among all creatures as the mother of the Lord. 5D-93.

The one creature, that could worthily intercede for sin and temper the wrath of the just Judge. 58-443.

The one full of grace. 11-18.

The one in whom the divine Word shall vest himself with human flesh and form. 58-518.

The one person whose virtue is unconquerable by the malice of Satan. 27-82.

The one who gave the world a God and King and called that God her son. 34-262.

The one who perfectly believed and hoped in all the mysteries. 58-386.

The only and legitimate disciple of the Lord. 5E-123.

The only and worthy spouse. 58-512.

The only child of Adam who never for an instant bowed to the reign of Satan. 27-8.

The only hope of the Patriarchs. 4-273.

The only one and without a compeer among creatures.5B-102.

The only one without a peeress. 58-588.

The only Phoenix upon the earth. 58-604.

The only saint whose glorified body, like that of her Divine Son, does not have to await Gabriel's call to the fullness of life. 19-11.

The organ of the Holy Spirit and the representative of the Infant. 5C-416.

The ornament of the heavens. 12-33.

The panegyric of all the ages and of all spheres. 12-25.

The paragon of maternity. 20-257.

The parent of salvation and of the saved. 20278.

The patriarchs desired your birth, 0 Mary. 12-27.

The people of Israel sighed for you. 12-27.

The perfect Christian. 14-37.

The perfect example of creature holiness. 27-8.

The perfect example of the use of circumstances as a help to sanctity. 27-31.

The perfect one. 58-204; 58-405.

The perfect type or representative of redemption in its very essence. 14-89.

The perfect victory of the grace of Christ in the weakness of the flesh. 14-17.

The person who encounters Mary cannot help but encounter Christ likewise. 94-25, 26.

The personification of "relativity" between man and God. 19-6.

The place of delights. 28-20.

The plenitude of grace is thine. 44-26.

The powerful means of our redemption. 5C-97.

The preparation for the Christ. 19-3.

The prodigy of grace and who has filled up the abysses of the guilt of all of the children of Adam. 58-666.

The prodigy of the divine perfections. 58-457.

The promise given to the Patriarchs. 45-5.

The pure beginning of all creatures. 58-457.

The purest and the most holy so that under God a greater purity cannot be understood. 89-4.

The purest, the fairest, the holiest of all things created. 6-14.

The rational paradise of the second Adam. 70-53.

The relation to God. 37-168.

The reminder that God loves us and we must love God. 11-77.

The representative of the believing remnant. 94-6.

The resting place of the Holy Trinity. 58-98.

The riches of my poverty. 4-113.

The rod of Jesse has blossomed; a virgin has brought forth him who is God and man. 83-571.

The royal princess of God, the King. 24-248.

The royal way of virgins. 10-11.

The sacred vine of divine wine. 20-227.

The safe and sure road to Christ, the star which leads us to him. 11-13.

The second or greater Eve. 11-18.

The secret of modesty. 20-30

The scepter of orthodoxy. 21-16.

The Seraph's boast. 34-210.

The soul of blessed Mary. limpid clear as cloudless night, holds the Spirit of the Godhead in immensity and might. 34-247.

The source of the life by which we really live. 20-100.

The source of the Way, Life and Truth. 34-181.

The sovereign of the invisible world of spirits. 20-153.

The sphere of the omnipotence of God. 58-457.

The splendor of virtue. 12-31.

The spring that gives us purity. 20-173.

The spouse of the Divinity. 5B-219.

The steadfast undoer of Eve's folly and our folly. 34-396.

The strength that fortifies our souls. 34-280.

The strong one who in her seed should conquer. 21-19.

The sublime creature dwelling on the confines of the Divinity. 34-280.

The superior of all creatures 58-555.

The supreme among mere creatures. 58-66.

The sure means and the straight and immaculate way to go to Jesus Christ and to find him perfectly. 37-33.

The teacher and the mother of true wisdom. 58-417.

The throne of grace and true mystical propitiatory. 58-326.

The treasure of the Lord. 37-163.

The treasure, the treasurer and the dispenser of divine graces. 16-91.

The true Esther, most holy Mary. 5B-679.

The truth revealed to the prophets. 45-5.

The type or figure of the virgin Church. 14-19.

The typical perfect believer. 94-7.

The unique militant. 51-24.

The utmost limit to which the love of Christ can proceed in mere creatures. 5D-62.

The vastness of clemency. 5E-666.

The vastest, the most efficient, the most universal supernatural power in heaven and on earth, outside the three Divine Persons. 2C-317.

The very flood-tide of grace. 2A-11, 12.

The very heart of the Mystical Body. 2A-149.

The very mercy of God. 6-14.

The very point in the whole history of our redemption at which the saving grace of the living God descends from him into this history. 14-38.

The very treasure of life. 6-14.

The village carpenter's wife. 27-52.

The way by which God has come to us. 33-45.

The way by which Jesus came to us the first time; she will also be the way by which he will come the second time, though not in the same manner. 37-33.

The way by which shall pass to men the various outpourings of his munificent goodness and omnipotence. 2A-11.

The wise prophets announced you. 12-27.

The world of God. 37-193.

Theotokos (Mother of God). 70-3.

There is not in heaven nor on earth a creature worthy to be compared to you. 12-82.

They that explain me shall have life everlasting. 36-224

They that work by me shall not sin 36-223.

This fairest idea of God, whom no other so sweetly delighted 34-121.

This maid supremely blest. 34-244.

Thou, after thy Divine Son, art the certain salvation of thy faithful servants. 4-113.

Thou alone hast destroyed all heresies in the whole world 37-124

Thou art become beautiful and sweet 36-272.

Thou art exceedingly gracious 16-73.

Thou art truly happy. 0 sacred virgin Mary and worthy of all praise. 36-224.

Thou at whose dear breasts the life himself drew life. 3487

Thou beauty 34-384

Thou canst not be thought of by those who love thee without filling their minds with joy. 16-82.

Thou gavest the world by human birth the most desired of heaven and earth. 36-207.

Thou harmony of nature's art. 34-384.

Thou hast all power to change hearts. 4-70.

Thou hast conceived the Creator of all creatures. 20-17.

Thou hast found grace with God abiding grace. 20-70.

Thou hast found grace with God all desirable grace. 20-70.

Thou hast found grace with God everlasting grace. 20-70.

Thou hast found grace with God exceeding grace. 20-70.

Thou hast found grace with God greater than any other 20-70.

Thou hast found grace with God immovable grace. 20-70.

Thou hast found grace with God invincible grace. 20-70.

Thou hast found grace with God saving grace. 20-70.

Thou hast found grace with God unfailing grace 20-70

Thou hast, in fact, far surpassed every creature. 91-10.

Thou hast ravished the gaze of the Adorable Trinity. 3-156.

Thou hast that Son as thy debtor, who gives to all and receives from none. 16-54.

Thou hast to the astonishment of nature given birth to the Creator. 20-268.

Thou living form among the dead. 34-384.

Thou lovest us with an invincible love. 4-66.

Thou mirror, in whom, as in the splendor of the sun, all shapes look glorious which thou gazest on. 34-384.

Thou of all creatures art the most noble, the most sublime, the most pure, the most beautiful, the most holy. 16-100.

Thou that bringest a joy that passeth not away. 20-16.

Thou that nourishes joy in the highest. 20-16.

Thou to the sorrowing here beneath hast opened heaven's eternal doors. 16-20.

Thou who, blessed by God, didst merit to bear the Redeemer of the world. 16-56.

Thou who didst bear the God Man. 6-14.

Thou who dost aid the forlorn. 45-8.

Thou who hast placed in this world the Creator and Redeemer, our guide to the kingdom of heaven. 20-123.

Thou who sittest enthroned above all the choirs of angels, nearest to God himself. 6-14.

Thou who with neither toil nor sowing hast made the undying ear of corn to flourish. 20-88.

Thrice holy spouse. 6-15.

Throne, at which all -- just and sinners -- find the consolations of mercy. 4-216.

Throne of glory. 10-22.

Throne of His glory for His Father, because it is in Mary that Jesus Christ has calmed his Father, irritated against men. 37-183.

Throne of honor for the grandest princes of eternity. 37-134.

Throne of the heavenly King. 10-21.

Through thee every creature is rejoiced. 16-75.

Through thee, mankind obtains salvation. 16-75.

Through you are promised to us all delights. 12-32.

Thy fragrance is sweeter than all ointments. 20-224.

Thy garments are as white as snow and thy face like the sun. 20-119.

Thy handmaids are the daughters of princes. 34-54.

Thy instructress. 58-362.

Thy purity surpasses that of the angels and thy compassion that of the saints. 4-562.

Thy soul more purified than the finest gold. 28-20.

Treasure bright, of all delight. 10-38.

Treasure-house and channel of all graces which come to us. 11-41.

Treasure-house of life. 70-121.

Treasure-house of the Lord's graces. 37-232.

Treasure-keeper of heaven. 58-232.

Treasure of all holiness. 10-10.

Treasure of God, where He was pleased to put all He had most precious. 37-163.

Treasure of heaven and earth. 2C-107.

Treasure of immortality. 20-6.

Treasure of the Lord, out of whose plenitude all men are made rich. 37-15.

Treasure of the world. 70-121.

Treasure worthy of veneration, that belongest to all mankind. 20-124.

Treasurer and dispenser of all the goods in heaven and on earth. 5D-668.

Treasurer and dispenser of God's mercies. 6-15.

Treasurer and dispenser of the divine favors. 58-107.

Treasurer and dispenser of the gifts and graces of the Most High. 37-154.

Treasurer and universal dispenser of the merits and virtues of her Son. 37-151.

Treasurer of divine graces. 6-15.

Treasurer of God. 4-390.

Treasurer over the vast property of her Son, which is mercy, for God is mercy. 64-22.

Treasurer whose treasure is Jesus Christ. 2C-198.

Treasury of all graces. 6-15.

Treasury of celestial gifts. 1013.

Treasury of immortality. 70-121.

Treasury well nigh infinite. 84-3.

Tree that bears the Fruit of Life and the true mother who produces it. 33-143.

True model of meditation. 12-86.

True reparatrix. 58-272.

True spouse. 58-343.

Truly blessed one. 20-223.

Type of purity. 10-14.

Unbounded power in the realm of grace. 2A-264.

Undefiled like a dove, all clean, all upright, full of grace and truth. 20-19.

Undefiled treasure of virginity. 70-53.

Unequalled and beloved treasure. 58-319.

Unique in the midst of the elect. 12-24.

Unique in the order of creation. 12-25.

Unique in your humility. 34-178.

Universal depositary of all our goods of nature and of grace. 37-129.

Universal dispenser of all divine graces. 4-390.

Universal dispenser of grace, the full and absolute disposal of the Eucharist and of the graces which it comprises. 2C-307.

Unlearned in the ways of Eve. 70-121.

Untarnish'd by decay. 34-342.

Untouch'd by age. 34-342.

Utterly full of divine grace and loveliness. 2A-288.

Vase of grace. 34-247.

Vast abyss of humility and love. 5D-17.

Vastness of clemency. 5E-666.

Vermilion rose of Trinity. 34-106.

Very treasure of life. 6-15.

Vessel of anguish.34-200.

Victim for the human race. 58-225.

Victor in all of the battles of God. 51-20.

Victorious and triumphant mistress of angels and men. 58-536.

Victorious chieftainess. 5C-293.

Victorious Sulamite. 5C-289.

Virgin and immaculate earth, of which the New Adam was formed. 37-192.

Virginal spouse of the Christ Child's foster father. 10-40.

Virginal wisdom. 9-5.

Virtue rich and fruitful. 24-80.

Visage most resembling Christ. 12-18.

Vision of peace. 5E-46.

Vision of the prophets. 6-15.

Vivifier of posterity. 20-7.

Wayfarer among the mortals. 58-167.

Wedded to God. 70-121.

Well-beloved of God. 90-26.

Well-beloved one. 28-118.

Well-beloved spouse. 6-15.

Well spring of favors. 10-9.

White as untrodden drifts of Alpine snow. 24-21.

Who can never be loved according to her merits. 5D-358.

Who is she that goeth up by the desert as a pillar of smoke of aromatical spices, or myrrh, and frankincense, and of all the powders of the perfumer? 36-222.

Who repairest the ill which thine ancestors have caused, and art the means of restoring life to their descendants. 20-58.

Wholly and utterly, purity, kindness, love, faithfulness, patience, compassion and belongs to God alone. 14-80.

Wholly fair, wholly without sin. 14-80.

Whom all creatures should eagerly strive to love. 5D-358.

Whom God himself declared of plenteous grace. 34-91.

Whom the angels love with all of their heavenly powers. 5D-358.

Widow of Ephesus, perpetual Eucharistic adorer. 10-40.

Wife of Joseph, the carpenter. 11-47.

Wise and good counselor. 28-75.

Wise commander. 28-94.

With God, after God but under God, the efficient cause of our regeneration. 21-21.

With her grace none other e'er may compete here below or above. 34-117.

With the honor of virginity, Mary has the joy of motherhood. 20-119.

Within and without adorned in beauty. 34-249.

Without equal among things created. 58-205.

Witness of our toil. 88-4.

Wonder of the Most High. 58-57.

Wonderful and chosen creature. 20-72.

Wonderful being. 58-76.

Wonderful creature. 58-579.

Wondrous girl. 7-3.

Work of God. 34-284.

Workshop of the union of the natures. 70-53.

Worthy associate of the Redeemer. 93-15.

Worthy repairer of the lost world. 16-85.

Worthy teacher of the militant Church. 5E-535.

You are beauty, la belta', and we cannot admire you enough. 12-114.

You are goodness, la bonta', and we cannot praise you enough. 12-113.

You are she who is always named, and you are she who cannot be named at her worth. 12-25.

You are the most great in your humility, the most beautiful in your virginity and the most ardent in your love, the most resigned in your patience. 12-31.

You give to the world the joy of its salvation. 12-48.

You have found grace even in the eyes of God. 12-82.

You, in whose maiden womb was formed long since in Galilee, the fairest of the sons of men. 34-307.

You merit all honor and glory. 12-31.

You preserve the honor of virginity. 12-48.

You who alone brought forth mercy by giving birth to Jesus. 12-12.

You who are so gentle and so compassionate to poor sinners. 12-102.

You who know how to give to the weak, strength, to the captive, freedom. 12-28.

Your firm support. 2C-133.

Your superior and head. 5D-766.

Zealous princess. 58.-476.

Zelatrix of Jesus. 10-19.

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