A mediator in our behalf with Jesus Christ. 14-39.

Aqueduct of grace. 70-115.

Arbitratrix. 4-207.

Channel of grace. 10-11.

"Channel" or the "aqueduct" by which the waters of grace flow to man. 64-22.

Channel through which we receive all graces needful for our salvation. 6-13.

Ever-flowing channel of divine grace. 6-13.

Full of grace, not only for herself but for all men. 64-27.

In the communion of saints, she is the intercessor for all of us, the mediatrix of all graces. l4-101.

In the distribution of graces an "almost immeasurable power" was given to the Blessed Virgin Mary. 91-11.

Intermediary with the One who knows how to cure all things. 51-4.

Mary, in this position as intermediary, is entirely one of us, as a mere creature, to the one human family. 14-40.

Mediatress between heaven and earth. 16-10.

Mediatress between the judge and the culprit. 4-208.

Mediatress in grace. 2C-167.

Mediatress in the salvation of mankind. 70-48.

Mediatress of all men. 4-327.

Mediatress of angels. 4-328.

Mediatress of peace between men and God. 4-288.

Mediatrix and sole advocate of this world. 58-422.

Mediatrix between God and man. 27-81.

Mediatrix of all graces. 2C-12; 14-16.

Mediatrix of mortals. 58-218.

Mediatrix of salvation. 70-118.

Mediatrix of the entire world. 12-24.

Mediatrix of those who turn to her for their salvation. 58-297.

Mediatrix to the Mediator. 70-91.

Mediatrix universal. 21-8.

Mediatrix with Christ, who alone is the Mediator. 70-53.

Mediatrix with the Son. 16-87.

Most faithful and powerful intercessor. 58-517.

Mysterious canal. 37-16.

Our go-between. 11-77.

Our mediatrix. 14-94; 14-40.

Our mediatrix of intercession. 37-63.

Our mediatrix to the fullest extent possible to a mere creature. 5[)-260.

Our sovereign mediatrix with thy dear Son Jesus. 6-13.

Peace-maker between God and men. 16-57.

Powerful mediator. 6-13.

Reconciler of sinners. 6-13.

So powerful that none of her petitions has ever been refused. 37-62.

Special mediatrix of the human race. 58-240.

The immaculate way which leads us safe to the Heart of God. 6-13.

The most powerful and most sympathetic of all who mediate for us before God. 64-21.

The principal minister in the distribution of grace. 51-23.

The source of graces. 12-31.

Through whom all creation held fast by the madness of idolatry has come to the knowledge of the truth. 70-51.

Through whom angels and archangels are glad. 70-50, 51.

Through whom churches are erected throughout the world. 70-51.

Through whom devils are put to flight. 70-51.

Through whom heaven rejoices. 70-50.

Through whom holy baptism has come to believers, and the oil of gladness. 70-51.

Through whom the apostles preached salvation to the nations. 70-51.

Through whom the dead are raised and kings reign. 70-51.

Through whom the fallen creature is taken up to heaven. 70-51.

Through whom the Holy Trinity is glorified and adored throughout the world. 70-50.

Through whom the nations are brought to repentance. 70-51.

Through whom the only-begotten Son of God has shown forth a light to those who sat in darkness and the shadow of death. 70-51.

Through whom the prophets foretold. 70-51.

Through whom the tempter-devil fell from heaven. 70-51.

Treasure-house and channel of all graces which come to us. 11-41.

Universal mediatrix and dispensatrix of all divine graces. 64-5.

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