Our Means to Heaven

A bridge of salvation. 16-61.

A guide in our youth. 34-133.

A helper for every situation. 11-41.

A secure means without delusion. 37-46.

A secure road which conducts to Jesus Christ and life eternal in a straight and secure manner. 37-125.

A short road which leads us to Jesus in a little time. 37-125.

A short road without danger. 37-46.

Adjutrix. 87-91. (See Foreword).

An immaculate way without imperfection. 37-46.

Assured help of the miserable. 16-102.

Auxiliatrix. 87-91.

Certain pledge of my salvation. 4-277.

Certain salvation of Christians. 4-110.

Channel of all grace that flows from Jesus' Precious Blood. 24-48.

Channel of all our goods. 20-228.

Compassionate helper and deliverer. 64-40.

Direct road. 33-137.

Door through which sinners are brought to God. 4-43.

Established guide of poor mortals here below. 79-22.

Enlightened guide. 37-155.

Gate of life. 20-223.

Guide and protectress. 58-29.

Guide and teacher of the knowledge of Christ. 51-89.

Guide of confessors. 45-5.

Guide of the missionary. 24-248.

Guide of travelers. 10-13.

Guide of the wanderer. 10-8.

Heavenly chariot. 4-239.

Help of all who call on thee. 79-5.

Help of Christians. 1-466; 6-19.

Help to the helpless. 6-19.

Helper in danger's dark hour. 10-12.

Helper of our salvation. 2A-11.

Helper of sinners. 16-23.

Immaculate way. 37-165.

Ladder to Paradise. 4-153.

Link between heaven and earth. 20-39.

Loving aid in all our woes. 34-149.

Loving helper of the Christian people. 6-19.

Mankind's perpetual help. 11-56.

Means and custodian of our salvation. 10-10.

Means and negotiator of the salvation of all ages. 4-167.

Means of ascent to the heavenly kingdom. 16-60.

More powerful than all others to help us gain eternal life. 16-54.

My guide and counselor in this vale of tears. 6-19.

My guide in journeyings. 4-275.

My guide in the pilgrimage of this life. 6-19.

My soul's ladder and way to heaven. 4-270.

Our assistance in salvation. 16-10.

Our guide and our teacher. 11-81.

Our loving guide. 37-232.

Our ready help. 10-19.

Our safest way among life's turbulent waves. 75-37.

Parent of salvation and of the saved. 20-278.

Perpetual help. 24-130.

Portal of all the predestined. 5B-224.

Portal of life and salvation for the sons of Adam. 5B-157.

Powerful aid for help. 37-29.

Radiant bloom that lights life's lonely way. 24-131.

Regulator of our spiritual existence. 20-97.

Resplendent car, in which her clients mount to heaven. 4-239.

Salvation of sinners. 12-112.

Salvation of all who call upon thee. 4-571.

Salvation of the dying. 79-11.

Salvation of the whole world. 6-19.

She does not disdain to serve those who serve her. 16-54.

Stewardess of every grace. 6-19.

Strength of all who stagger under burdens sore 24-122.

Strength to the fearful. 16-64.

The channel by which Christ came to us. 27-81

The channel of pardon. 27-81.

The road and the means to the end. 37-181.

The straight and secure way. 5E-60.

The way of our salvation. 4-239.

The way to go to our Lord. 37-54.

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