Mary as a Child

A child whose equal had never been created and never can be. 20-48.

A little handmaid of the Lord among the daughters of Israel. 50-6.

A perfect model to all children. 50-6.

A princess of the lineage of David. 28-19.

A tot demure. 34-28.

A virgin small, immaculate. 34-325.

A young girl. 34-81.

Anna's wonder harbinger. 24-103.

Attentive learner at thy mother's knee. 10-40.

Baby virgin, who soon will crush the serpent's head. 24-116.

Beauteous moon. 6-12.

Beautiful child. 58-344.

Beloved child, adorned with every virtue. 28-20.

Blessed maid. 34-335.

Blossom-crowned maiden. 34-126.

Bright morn; who forerunner of the heavenly Son of Justice, didst bring the first light to earth. 6-12.

Celestial child. 58-338.

Child immaculate. 34-327.

Child Mary. 58-267.

Child of the seed of Abraham. 28-19.

Child queen. 58-269.

Dear child. 6-12.

Diligent student in Temple Court. 10-40.

Dread warrior-child; who in thyself a host, didst put to flight all hell. 6-12.

Elect, who like the untarnished Sun didst burst forth in the dark night of sin. 6-12.

Fairest woman-child e'er seen. 24-116.

Forerunner of the heavenly Son of Justice. 6-13.

Future mother of the Christ. 24-116.

Future mother of the Word. 58-270.

God's own maid. 24-62.

Great child. 58-272.

Hail, O Spirit's little spouse. 24-116.

Heavenly babe. 6-13.

Heavenly child. 58-270.

Heavenly maid. 58-568.

Heavenly princess. 58-318.

Holy and wonderful fruit. 58-156.

Holy babe. 34-136.

Immaculate babe nestling in St. Ann's embrace. 10-40.

Immaculate child. 52-7.

Inestimable treasure. 58-321.

Infant Mary, little maiden, joy of earth. 10-16.

lnfant queen. 58-270.

Joy of my sorrow. 58-321.

Little golden house. 24-116.

Little maid of Nazareth. 34-95.

Little maiden Mary. 24-181.

Little morning star, heralding redemption's sun. 24-116.

Little temple maiden. 34-19.

Maiden, chaste and pure. 34-28.

Maiden, pure and bright. 34-402.

Mary, child of promise. 10-11.

Mary, thy birth has brought joy to the whole world.16-66.

Miraculous child of blessed parents. 12-27.

Most amiable child Mary. 4-350.

Most blessed child Mary. 58-263.

Most holy child. 58-314.

Most humble child. 58-316.

Most humble maiden. 58-548.

Most lovely infant, who by thy holy birth hast comforted the world. 6-13.

Most noble maiden Mary. 58-577.

Most prudent child. 58-519.

Most pure child. 52-20.

Most sweet child. 58-312.

Most wise child. 58-520.

Most beloved infant, adorned with every virtue, immeasurably above all saints. 6-13.

Orphan ward of Zachary, the High Priest. 10-40.

Our little queen. 58-524.

Precious and rich pearl, that didst come forth to the light of the sun, still enclosed within the rough shell of this world. 58-272.

Princess Mary. 58-266.

Princess of heaven. 58-264.

Rosebud. 34-297.

Sacred maid. 36-207.

Sovereign child. 5D-342.

Spotless babe. 28-19.

Sublime infant. 58-272.

Sweetest child. 58344.

Tender child. 58-267.

The alleviation of my labors. 58-321.

The angel's new-born queen. 24-116.

The example of supernal perfection. 58-321.

The mirror for the regulation of my life. 58-321.

The most pleasing offering, the purest victim, who until then had been brought to the altar of the Most High. 50-6.

The spotless infant. 23-20.

This rosy babe was born to usher in Redemption's blessed morn. 34-298.

Thou child all glorious. 34-100.

True child of God. 20-48.

Unknown princess of the world. 58-538.

Unequaled and beloved treasure. 58-319.

Virgin child. 52-32.

White dove of purity. 6-13.

Winsome toddler in Joachim's field. 10-40.

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