Mary. 87-88; 88-5; 28-24.

Mary, a daughter of Adam. 87-88.

Mary, a sign of sure hope and solace for God's people in pilgrimage 87-95.

Mary, abode of all virtues. 16-48.

Mary, abode of heaven and earth. 1817.

Mary, abode of the Holy Ghost. 16-91.

Mary, abyss of grace. 16-7.

Mary, abyss of humility. 16-39.

Mary, abyss of light. 16-60.

Mary, abyss of wisdom. 16-60.

Mary, advocate of all sinners. 16-37.

Mary, after God, our only joy. 16-13.

Mary, agent of heaven. 16-46.

Mary, all eyes to our miseries. 10-37.

Mary, all powerful helper. 16-11.

Mary, altar of grace. 16-21.

Mary, altar of mercy. 16-25.

Mary, altar of the new magnificence 16-11.

Mary, always virgin. 37-227.

Mary, anchor of human hope. 16-24.

Mary, ark of life. 16-17.

Mary, ark of the mysteries of God. 16-67.

Mary assumed into heaven. 94-22.

Mary, aurora of the Eternal Light. 16-16.

Mary, aurora of the True Sun. 16-28.

Mary, author of our salvation. 10-39.

Mary, beautiful abode of divine condescension. 16-46.

Mary, beauty of justice. 16-62.

Mary, beloved of mankind. 16-50.

Mary, blessed bridge to God. 16-40.

Mary, Blessed Mother. 24-20.

Mary blest. 4-617.

Mary, blooming rod of Aaron. 16-65.

Mary, blossom and ornament of women. 16-76.

Mary, both virginal and fruitful. 10-36.

Mary, branch of the true vine. 16-91.

Mary, bright cloud in the day. 16-46.

Mary, bright moon of purity. 6-11.

Mary by her sanctity drives away the devils. 16-35.

Mary, cause of our salvation. 10-22.

Mary, center of the whole world. 91-6.

Mary, certain salvation of Christians. 16-59.

Mary, certain salvation of the faithful. 1683.

Mary, channel of divine grace. 16-28.

Mary, chosen daughter of the Heavenly Father. 16-91.

Mary, chosen one among thousands· 16-59.

Mary, chosen queen of the heavenly kingdom. 16-12.

Mary, chosen vessel of God. 16-51.

Mary, comely dove. 10-31.

Mary, comfort in our tears. 16-74.

Mary, comfort of the weak. 1885.

Mary, comfort of the world. 16-45.

Mary, comfort of our pilgrimage- 16-7.

Mary, comforter of the miserable. 16-24.

Mary, compendium of miracles, and the greatest miracle. 16-17.

Mary, conceived without sin. 65-14; 6-11; 77-4.

Mary, conqueror of the devil. 16-21.

Mary, conqueror of death. 16-73.

Mary, courtyard of the Divine King. 16-32.

Mary, crown of virginity. 16-29.

Mary, crown of womanhood· 10-16.

Mary, crowned with stars, who hast the moon for thy footstool and who sittest enthroned above all the choirs of angels. 6-11.

Mary, daughter of Abraham. 94-12.

Mary, daughter of David. 70-17.

Mary, daughter of life. 16-13.

Mary, dear delight. 10-38.

Mary, dear mother of Jesus and mother of us. 6-11.

Mary, delight of all men. 16-30.

Mary, delight of the angels. 16-32.

Mary, deliverance from our bonds. 16-28.

Mary, desire of the predestined· 16-81.

Mary, destined to be a virgin forever and at the same time mother of the Redeemer. 58-20.

Mary, destroyer of heretical malice. 16-8.

Mary, dispenser of divine graces. 16-39.

Mary, dread of the demons of hell. 16-39.

Mary, entrance to life. 16-17.

Mary, ethereal vision whose grace and valor have entirely subdued us. 34-280.

Mary, evergreen vine. 16-31.

Mary, ever virgin. 6-11.

Mary, expectation of the Eternal King. 16-9.

Mary, express image of the God-man. 10-39.

Mary, fairest daughter of Eve. 11-19.

Mary, flower of virginity. 16-35.

Mary, flowery resting place of God. 16-29.

Mary, fortress of the faithful and salvation of the world. 16-24.

Mary, fount of charity. 1016.

Mary, fountain of grace and of every comfort. 16-36.

Mary, fountain of mercy. 16-45.

Mary, fountain of our happiness 16-22.

Mary, fountain of the humanity of the Son of God. 16-67.

Mary, fragrance of heaven and earth. 16-20.

Mary, fruitful blossom of virginity. 16-30.

Mary, fruitful olive-tree in the house of God. 16-83.

Mary, full of grace. 11-18.

Mary, fullness of all good. 16-41.

Mary, garden of sweet-smelling virtues. 16-78.

Mary, garden of the Eternal Father. 16-61.

Mary, gate of freedom. 16-95.

Mary, gate of life. 16-37.

Mary, gateway to salvation. 16-66.

Mary, gentle mother. 24-20.

Mary, glorious resting place of God. 16-48.

Mary, glory of solitude. 16-89.

Mary, glory of the angels. 16-58.

Mary, glory of the blessed. 16-25.

Mary, glory of the Blessed Trinity. 16-73.

Mary, glory of the martyrs. 16-53.

Mary, glory of thy mother. 16-54.

Mary, glory of virginity. 16-27.

Mary, glory of virgins. 16-82.

Mary, goal of God's promises. 16-74.

Mary, golden rose, sweet and beautiful at once. 12-32.

Mary, greater than the heavens. 12-11.

Mary, greatest of all virgins. 16-65.

Mary, guarantee of our confidence. 16-44.

Mary, guardian of the child's innocence. 64-10.

Mary, guardian of Christ. 21-8.

Mary, heaven, temple, throne of the Divinity. 10-37.

Mary, heavenly commissioner. 16-70.

Mary, heavenly helper. 16-90.

Mary, heavenly manna. 16-52.

Mary, heavenly paradise. 16-28.

Mary, heavenly pearl. 16-19.

Mary, heavenly stairway of God to man. 16-58.

Mary, heaven's crystal window. 16-50.

Mary, help in our poverty. 16-85.

Mary, help of aviators. 34-174.

Mary, help of chaplains. 34-47.

Mary, help of Christians. 6-11.

Mary, hope of all. 16-68.

Mary, house of God. 16-53.

Mary, house of wisdom. 16-82.

Mary, humble and poor in everything. 12-73.

Mary, illumination of hearts. 16-81.

Mary, illustrious virgin. 12-27.

Mary immaculate. 94-55; 67-12; 6-11.

Mary, immaculate blossom of life. 16-39.

Mary, immaculate garment of God. 16-81.

Mary, immaculate gate of the Creator. 16-13.

Mary, immaculate lamb. 16-48.

Mary immaculate, mediatrix of all graces. 2A-56.

Mary, Immaculate Virgin. 6-11.

Mary, immense abyss of grace. 16-18.

Mary, inexhaustible ocean of joy. 26-49; 16-49.

Mary, inextinguishable light. 16-26.

Mary, instructor of our religion. 16-15.

Mary, instructress of all. 16-62.

Mary, intercessor of the poor. 16-51.

Mary is a mother and a wall; a wall for protection, a mother to nourish us. 16-9.

Mary is an advocate who intercedes; Jesus is the mediator who pays. 12-105.

Mary is beauty and grace. 12-43.

Mary is one with the risen Christ in body and soul. 94-22.

Mary is the dawning, Christ the perfect day. 27-14.

Mary is the means by which saint and sinner, sanctified or restored through her intercession, have entered the realms of the blessed Jerusalem.64-18.

Mary is the excellent means by which sanctity is attained here below and great glory in the world to come. 64-18.

Mary is the one woman with whom we can fall in love at first sight and not fear that later we shall be disillusioned. 11 36.

Mary is the paradise of joy. 16-76.

Mary is the perfect achievement and work of redemption. 14-89.

Mary is the pillar of clouds, leading us safely along dangerous paths, protecting us from the heat of temptation. 16-46.

Mary is the true and only spouse of the Holy Spirit, "his dove", "his perfect one". 73-71.

Mary, ivy entwined around the cross. 10-37.

Mary, Jesus' mother. 24-13.

Mary, joy of the angels. 16-30.

Mary, joy of mortals. 16-60.

Mary, key of heaven. 16-91.

Mary, kindly, friendly lady. 16-89.

Mary, land of promise. 16-21.

Mary, leader of virginity. 16-58.

Mary, life of Christians. 16-17.

Mary, light of Christians. 16-45.

Mary, light of nations. 16-16.

Mary, light of our path. 16-58.

Mary, light of the blind. 16-18.

Mary, light of the Church. 16-69.

Mary, light of the erring. 16-73.

Mary, lily among the angels. 16-23.

Mary, lily of the valleys. 16-32.

Mary, lily undefiled. 16-30.

Mary, living palace of the King of Angels. 16-12.

Mary, lovely paradise of innocence. 16-90.

Mary, lovely rose of spring. 16-93.

Mary, maiden mild. 6-11.

Mary, marvel of the world. 167.

Mary, mediatrix of all graces. 2C-11.

Mary, meekest of benefactors. 16-85.

Mary mild. 34-324.

Mary, miracle of miracles. 1036.

Mary, mirror and model of chastity. 16-75.

Mary, mirror of confessors. 10-38.

Mary, mirror of virginity. 16-81.

Mary, mistress of kings and nations. 16-75.

Mary, model of chastity. 16-65.

Mary, model of holy Church. 16-78.

Mary, model of women. 16-36.

Mary, more holy than the Seraphim and Cherubim. 16-76.

Mary, most beautiful among the beautiful. 16-19.

Mary, most beautiful of all creatures, 16-94.

Mary, most beautiful Rachel. 16-93.

Mary, most benevolent lady. 16-53.

Mary, most chaste turtledove. 16-33.

Mary, most faithful in nourishing Christ. 16-77.

Mary, most fruitful of women and most inviolate of all virgins. 16-74.

Mary, most happy and sweetest virgin. 16-70.

Mary, most happy virgin, who didst die of the vehemence of the love of God. 6-11.

Mary, most holy. 6-11.

Mary, most holy and immaculate. 6-11.

Mary, most holy in her glorious and Immaculate Conception. 6-11.

Mary, most holy in her glorious Annunciation. 6-11.

Mary, most holy in her glorious Assumption. 6-11.

Mary, most holy in her glorious Nativity. 6-11.

Mary, most holy in her glorious Presentation in the temple. 6-11.

Mary, most holy in her glorious Purification. 6-11.

Mary, most holy in her glorious Visitation. 6-11.

Mary, Most Holy Virgin. 6-11.

Mary, most humble Queen of heaven. 65-198.

Mary, most innocent lady. 16-75.

Mary, most kind, most merciful mother. 16-44.

Mary, most merciful. 6-1 1.

Mary, most powerful with God. 16-75.

Mary, most precious gift of God. 16-27.

Mary, most pure. 6-11.

Mary, most sacred hope of Christians. 16-74.

Mary, most sorrowful of mothers. 16-66.

Mary, most sweet. 6-11.

Mary, mother and lady of all things. 16-35.

Mary, mother of all. 6-11.

Mary, mother of Divine Innocence. 16-81.

Mary, mother of Divine Light. 16-37.

Mary, Mother of God. 6-11.

Mary, mother of holy hope. 16-86.

Mary, mother of our Maker. 10-37.

Mary, mother of the Lord, figure of the Church. 94-38.

Mary, mother of the Omnipotent God. 16-48.

Mary, mother of the sun of justice. 16-47.

Mary, my assistance and consolation. 16-91.

Mary, my liberator. 4-199.

Mary, my spouse. 16-76.

Mary, my only joy. 16-70.

Mary, my princess. 37-107.

Mary, mystic rose of purity. 611.

Mary, mystical neck of the Church. 16-77.

Mary, nearest approach to Divinity. 16-22.

Mary never had a predecessor, she has not today an equal, she will never have henceforth a peer. 12-24.

Mary, new Eve and mother of life. 16-67.

Mary, nourisher of Him, Who nourishes all. 16-27.

Mary, nurse of Nazareth. 34-97.

Mary, O my sovereign princess. 16-94.

Mary, O queen with power over heaven and earth. 16-22.

Mary, of all creatures the greatest, the most exalted, and the most amiable. 4-236.

Mary of Christmas. 24-28.

Mary of Jesus. 5D-356; 5E-408.

Mary of Nazareth. 10-11; 85-11.

Mary of sorrows. 4-536.

Mary of the angels. 28-107.

Mary of the Annunciation. 28-67.

Mary of the Hebrew race. 34-147.

Mary of the lilies. 24-100.

Mary of the Miraculous Medal. 41-13.

Mary of the mount. 34-166.

Mary of the rosary. 24-179.

Mary of whom Jesus was born. 10-16.

Mary on Calvary. 24-150.

Mary, ornament of humanity. 16-57.

Mary, ornament of the female sex. 16-29.

Mary, our advocate. 6-11.

Mary, our benefactor. 10-15.

Mary, our comforter. 10-15.

Mary, our consolation. 16-18.

Mary, our deliverer. 10-15.

Mary, our guardian. 4-211.

Mary, our heavenly mother. 2A-37.

Mary, our help in danger. 16-79.

Mary, our helper. 6-11.

Mary, our hope. 6-11.

Mary, our lady.SB-436.

Mary, our lovely queen of May. 28-10.

Mary, our mistress. 5E-53.

Mary, our mother. 63-102.

Mary, our mother and the helper of our salvation. 2A-11.

Mary, our only hope after God. 64-60.

Mary, our perpetual joy. 16-68.

Mary, our personal mother. 10-36.

Mary, our queen. 91-2.

Mary, our salvation. 4-220.

Mary, our sweet, loving mother. 3-149.

Mary, our sweetness. 4-99.

Mary, our tryst against danger. 10-37.

Mary, overshadowed by the power of the Holy Ghost. 56-21.

Mary, paradise of delight. 16-45.

Mary, paradise of God. 16-46.

Mary, paradise of heavenly bliss. 16-25.

Mary, paradise of pleasure and immortality. 16-9.

Mary, path for the erring. 16-11.

Mary, pattern of perfection. 16-11.

Mary, peace of the world. 16-52.

Mary, peace-maker of the whole world. 1893.

Mary, perfect joy next to God. 16-68.

Mary, perfectly redeemed. 14-15.

Mary, perpetual fountain of everlasting life. 16-49.

Mary, pierced with sorrow. 34-100.

Mary, pilot through the sea of life. 16-46.

Mary, pledge of our reconciliation with God. 16-21.

Mary, portal of the Son of God. 16-27.

Mary, powerful helper of the poor. 16-76.

Mary, precious vessel of all virtues. 16-44.

Mary, preserver of the treasures of divine grace. 16-38.

Mary, price of our redemption. 16-24.

Mary, promoter of the salvation of men. 16-54.

Mary, protective wall of faith of Christians. 16-60.

Mary, protectress of those who confide in thee. 16-51.

Mary, pure and immaculate dove. 16-90.

Mary, pure vein of life. 16-59.

Mary, purest star. 16-77.

Mary, queen above. 34-19.

Mary, queen of humility. 16-40.

Mary, queen of mothers. 63-101.

Mary, queen of my soul. 10-9.

Mary, queen of our hearts. 2A-139.

Mary, queen of peace. 24-99.

Mary, queen of the apostles. 16-47.

Mary, queen of the Legion. 2A-92.

Mary, queenly virgin. 16-25.

Mary, ransom of captives. 1869.

Mary, ravisher of hearts. 16-43.

Mary, reconciler of the whole world. 16-70.

Mary, redemptrix of captives. 16-8.

Mary, refuge of all poor sinners. 16-78.

Mary, remedy for the evils of the world. 16-16.

Mary, remedy for all the sorrows of the heart 16-24.

Mary, renowned tabernacle of grace. 16-11.

Mary, reparatrix. 34-206.

Mary, resting place of God. 16-84.

Mary, restorer of womanhood. 16-95.

Mary, rock of constancy. 10-16.

Mary, root of our joy. 16-16.

Mary, root of the most precious blossom. 16-86.

Mary, rose of patience. 16-84.

Mary, rose of salvation. 16-35.

Mary, rose without thorns. 1882.

Mary, royal road of the Savior. 16-82.

Mary, ruler over the demons. 16-68.

Mary, safe place of refuge for sinners. 16-23.

Mary, sea of graces. 16-29.

Mary, seal of chastity. 16-65.

Mary, seal of virginity. 16-49.

Mary, seat of the Holy Ghost. 16-69.

Mary, second heaven. 16-89.

Mary, secure haven of mankind, 16-53.

Mary, secure refuge of man. 16-43.

Mary, security for the fidelity of God. 16-44.

Mary, shelter of divine grace. 16-37.

Mary, shelter of justice. 16-31.

Mary, shepherdess. 24-257.

Mary, shield of those who trust in thee. 16-54.

Mary, shining light of the universe. 16-52.

Mary, shining ornament of the Fathers of the Church.16-85.

Mary, ship laden with merits. 16-83.

Mary, singularly remarkable and remarkably singular virgin. 16-31.

Mary, sorrowing, mother of all Christians. 6-11.

Mary, source of our salvation. 16-92.

Mary, source of the Precious Blood. 3-150.

Mary, spikenard of sweetest aroma. 16-58.

Mary, splendid temple of divine glory. 16-82.

Mary, splendid temple of divine grace. 16-35.

Mary, spotless flower of life. 16-19.

Mary, staff of the blind. 16-69.

Mary, staff of wholesome doctrine. 16-15.

Mary, star of life. 16-26.

Mary, stream of goodness. 1840.

Mary, stream of grace. 16-61.

Mary, strength in our weakness. 16-57.

Mary, support in our infirmities. 16-36.

Mary, support of the most degraded. 16-52.

Mary surpassed all martyrs in generosity. 16-92.

Mary, sweet comfort of the sick. 16-22.

Mary, sweet consolation of converts. 16-16.

Mary, sweet smelling balm. 16-28.

Mary, sweetest light of our souls. 16-23.

Mary, sweetest of rulers. 16-84.

Mary, sweetest ruler of my heart. 16-43.

Mary, sweetest shepherdess 24-257.

Mary, sweetest virgin. 16-53.

Mary, sweetness of confiding souls. 16-38.

Mary, sweet-scented rose. 16-83.

Mary, sweet-smelling balm. 1628.

Mary, sword against evil spirits. 16-84.

Mary, tabernacle of purity. 1669.

Mary, tabernacle of the Divine Word. 16-51.

Mary, tabernacle of the glory of God. 16-25.

Mary, teacher of mankind. 16-61.

Mary, temple of mercy. 16-8.

Mary, temple of sanctity. 16-84.

Mary, temple of the Divine Word. 1620.

Mary, temple of the living God. 16-61.

Mary, temple of the mercies of God. 16-44.

Mary, terror of the evil spirits. 16-28.

Mary, the abyss of miracles. 16-39.

Mary, the beloved one, the delight of God. 16-93.

Mary, the best of us. 34-169.

Mary, the blessed and ever-virgin mother of God. 6-11

Mary, the breast of love giving life. 34-169.

Mary, the Christian hymn of praise. 10-13.

Mary, the consoler. 6-11.

Mary, the daughter of Joachim and Anne. 5E-408.

Mary, the distributor of graces. 64-62.

Mary, the divine mother has already by her assistance and prayers obtained heaven for us, provided we put no obstacles in the way. 16-61.

Mary, the first-fruits of the redemption 20-91.

Mary, the great mother figure for the Church. 94-30.

Mary, the holy and undefiled. 20-48.

Mary, the living vine. 16-78.

Mary, the maiden. 7-2.

Mary, the most beautiful of all women. 12-24.

Mary, the most humble and unpretentious of all creatures.5C-163.

Mary, the most pure and most beautiful of the daughters of Adam. 56-21.

Mary, the mother and the ideal woman. 12-42.

Mary, the mother of my risen God. 56-92.

Mary, the pledge of divine mercy. 4-85.

Mary, the prophetess 20-228.

Mary, the queen of love. 16-71.

Mary, the queen of mercy and compassion. 4-246.

Mary, the sorrowful virgin. 6-11, 12.

Mary, the spotless one. 11-27.

Mary, the throne of glory of the Son of God. 16-45.

Mary, the village maid. 34-210.

Mary, the Virgin Mother. 6-12.

Mary, then as Mother of Christ, is mother also of all the faithful and of all the pastors. 88-5.

Mary, thou art both priest and altar. 16-17.

Mary, thy name is filled with blessings 16-87.

Mary, thyself woman trinity. 10-22.

Mary, tower of hope. 16-18.

Mary, treasure-chest of goodness and grace. 16-67.

Mary, treasury of divine love. 16-9.

Mary, tree of life. 16-78.

Mary, unique holiness. 94-20.

Mary, universal joy of the world. 16-85.

Mary, universal mother of poor mankind. 16-12.

Mary, universal protectress of the world. 16-54.

Mary, unsullied lily of purity. 6-12.

Mary, untainted even by the corrupting earth. 56-210.

Mary, valley of benediction. 16-77.

Mary, vein of mercy. 16-10.

Mary, vessel of the Divinity. 16-36.

Mary, virgin fair. 24-73.

Mary, virgin full of immeasurable grace. 16-37.

Mary, virgin full of meekness and humility. 63-128.

Mary, virgin in body and soul. 16-47.

Mary, virgin most renowned. 16-49.

Mary, virgin priest. 6-12.

Mary, virgin soil, untouched by the curse. 16-26

Mary, the wellspring of life. 10-16.

Mary, who saw her Son Jesus, on the road to Calvary, fall. 24-261.

Mary, whose birth was the dawning hope for mankind. 27-14.

Mary, whose brightness illumines the darkness of the world. 16-55.

Mary, womb of divine grace. 16-23.

Mary, wonder of the universe. 16-8.

Mary, wonderful treasury of the Church. 16-9:

Mary, worthy abode of the Son of God. 1690.

Mary, worthy of her Maker. 16-20.

Mary, zither of the Holy Spirit. 16-52.

All-beautiful, O Mary. 90-26.

All-good and all-loving Mary. 63-109.

Ave Maria. 12-114.

Beloved Mary. 58-166.

Beloved spouse Mary. 6-12.

Blessed and venerable, 0 virgin Mary. 7514.

Blessed is the womb of the Virgin Mary, which bore the Son of the Eternal Father. 83-56

Blessed Mary. 6-12.

Blessed Mary, maiden, glory of all maidens. 10-14.

Blessed Mary of Portiuncula. 78-75.

Blue-robed Mary. 24-89.

Chaste Virgin Mary, 16-29.

Dear Mary. 24-36.

Empress Mary. 4-252.

Ever-vernal Mary. 19-3.

Faithful Mary. 37-132.

Glorious and admirable Virgin Mary. 12-31.

Glorious and perpetual Virgin Mary 87-86.

Glorious Mary, full of grace. 6-12.

Golden lady Mary. 34-164.

Hail Mary, full of grace, the Lord is with thee. 36-254.

Holy Mary, immaculate mother of God. 77-2.

Holy Mary of Guadalupe. 34-197.

Holy Mary of perpetual help. 11-20.

Holy Mary of the street. 28-84.

Holy Mary of the way. 28-84.

Holy Mary, our deliverer. 6-12.

Holy Virgin Mary and most worthy of all praise, for out of thee arose the Son of Justice, Christ our God. 29-109.

Humble, gentle Virgin Mary. 51-111.

Humble Mary. 37-115.

Humble princess Mary. 15-5; 24-143.

Invincible princess Mary. 58-515.

Most august and Blessed Virgin Mary. 1-560.

Most compassionate virgin Mary. 63-63.

Most excellent, most glorious and ever inviolate virgin Mary. 6-12.

Most glorious virgin Mary. 6-12.

Most gracious virgin Mary. 6-12.

Most holy and ever-inviolate blessed Virgin Mary, 6-12.

Most holy Mary, conceived without original sin. 58-525.

Most holy mother Mary. 6-12.

Most loving virgin Mary. 6-12.

Most pious virgin Mary. 4-138.

Most prudent Mary. 5E-40.

My faithful and immaculate virgin Mary. 37-241.

0 clement, 0 pious, 0 sweet virgin Mary. 92-6; 6-12.

O great Mary, O greatest of Marys. 10-31.

0 merciful, 0 loving, 0 sweet virgin Mary. 6-12.

O virgin Mary, there is not in the world, amongst women, one arisen similar to thee. 36-254.

Our most humble lady Mary. 58-542.

Protectress Mary. 4-165.

Queen Mary's soul of light, images the Godhead bright. 34-246.

Resplendent aurora Mary. 5C-393.

Sacred virgin Mary. 4-158.

Saint Mary of Mount Carmel. 33-31.

St. Mary of the angels. 78-75.

St. Mary of the snows. 72-102.

Sorrowful Virgin Mary. 6-12.

Sovereign Mary. 5C-289.

Spotless Mary. 56-6.

Spotless sun, 0 virgin Mary. 63-95.

Sweet and powerful mother Mary. 6-12.

Sweet Mary, full of maiden grace. 34-129.

Sweetest Mary. 6-12.

The divine model, Mary. 12-3.

The emancipator, Mary. 19-13.

The perfect Mary, from whose mold His perfect expression, Christ, would assume a perfect human nature. 19-7.

The phoenix, Mary. 58-547.

The ship of Mary. 58-593.

The virgin's name was Mary. 83-566.

Thou art blessed and venerable, 0 virgin Mary. 83-571.

Thou canst not be named, 0 Mary, without inflaming. 16-82.

Virgin Mary, thou hast been blessed by the Lord on high, before all of the women on earth. 8-30.

Virgin Mary, who didst bear the Lord, the Creator of the world. 29-12; 37-231.

Virgin-mother Mary. 11-30.

You are all beautiful, 0 Mary. 12-30.

Young Mary, the innocent queen. 24-164.

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