Immaculate Conception

A bough in which no blur of either kind, original or wrought, hath touched the Virgin rind. 44-12; 9-9.

A soul immune from stain. 89-4.

Adorned with the radiance of a singular holiness from the first moment of her conception. 94-20.

All fair and stainless in thy conception. 6-10.

All fair art thou my beloved and there was never a stain of Adam's sin in thee. 44-9.

All immaculate. 68-10.

All pure. 68-10.

All spotless is she, who alone was found worthy God's Mother to be. 24-117.

Alone, holy, who excepting God, is higher than all. 89-3.

Alone of all our mortal race, thou wast preserved from sin's least trace. 44-20.

Always blessed. 89-3.

As a lily in the midst of thorns, so is my beloved among the daughters of Adam. 44-26.

At all times pure. 89-4.

Blessed the clay out of which thou wert wrought, so utterly free from original blot. 44-8.

Born pure and stainless, beautiful and full of grace.5B-264.

Chaste lily sin could never blight, the serpent's head was crushed by thee. 44-31.

Clean from all stain. 6-10.

Completely free from every stain of sin and entirely beautiful and perfect. 89-6.

Conceived free from original sin. 6-10.

Creature who was preserved from original sin, in view of the merits of the Savior. 88-5.

Earth entirely untouched. 20-6.

E'en in conception, no earthly taint darkened thy soul. 34-366.

Ever sinless virgin. 6-10.

Ewe without spot, that hast borne the Lamb That took flesh of thee, even Christ. 20-23.

Exempt in the womb from the taint of the fall. 1-668.

Fair by nature and entirely free from all stain. 20-7, 8.

Fair, unsullied form. 24-81.

Fenced from all snares of the malignant serpent. 20-6.

Formed without stain. 70-116.

Fountain ever clear. 20-6.

Free from all contagion of sin. 89-3.

God selected and prepared her. 44-4.

Holy and stranger to all stain of sin. 89-3.

"Holy to the Lord" when life's first gossamer thread was spun. 34-210.

Immaculate. 70-117.

Immaculate and remote from all stain of sin. 16-84.

Immaculate Eve. 10-15.

Immaculate flower. 24-196.

Immaculate, free from stain of sin as is no other human being whom God has made. 20ยท275.

Immaculate one. 34-80

Immaculate Virgin. 6-10; 87-90.

In thy conception, 0 Virgin Mary, thou wast immaculate. 77-7.

Incorrupted earth which God blessed and was therefore free from all contagion of sin. 16-62.

Incorruptible branch the worm of sin has never injured. 20-6.

Innocent and most innocent. 20-8.

Innocence which was never wounded. 209.

Land wholly intact. 89-3.

Like a lily in the midst of thorns, so among Adam's daughters is my beloved. 44-8.

Lily among thorns. 89-3.

Maiden Immaculate. 34-89.

Mary possessed grace from the beginning. 14-48.

Mary, virgin soil, untouched by the curse. 16-26.

Mary's absolute sinlessness. 20-128.

Most immaculate among all creatures. 5D-328.

Mother of God conceived without stain of original sin. 89-6.

My fair, my spotless one. 20-229.

Nature yielded to grace. 20-7.

Never subject to the one accursed. 89-3.

No shade of Adam's sin sullied thee. 44-18.

Of sin's foul touch inviolate.44-26.

Offspring not of wrath but of grace. 89-3.

One most pure. 24-272.

Only Mary, the Mother of God, was free from every sin. 16-75.

Our tainted nature's solitary boast. 19-3.

Preserved by God immune from all stain of original sin. 89-5.

Preserved from the guilt which hath come on us all. 1-668.

Product of a sinning sea, yet preserved so spotlessly. 34-57.

Pure and spotless creature. 58-167.

Purer than the angels and at all times pure. 89-4.

Purest of creatures. 10-9.

Purity without stain. 37-230.

Reproachless, most sweet paradise of innocence.20-6.

Sinless mother of thy Son, the mighty Lord of the universe. 16-63.

Sole unblemished one of our race. 10-7.

Soul immune from sin. 89-4.

Spotless beauty of her who was to be the Mother of God. 34-345.

Spotless, blessed lady. 10-9.

Spotless, holy and most distant from every stain of sin. 20-8.

Spotless mother. 10-9.

Spotless virgin and sinless mother. 48-14.

Stainless styled. 34-354.

Superlatively immaculate, pure in every way and at all times. 11-32.

That spotless woman who always appeared beautiful and without stain in the eyes of God. 16-44.

The flesh of the virgin, taken from Adam, did not admit the stains of Adam. 20-7.

The Immaculate Conception. 3-151.

The one and only daughter not of death but of life. 89-3.

The only one of human mold, immaculate, all-beautiful. 44-23.

The pure and guileless soul. 20-218.

The rod in which was neither knot of original sin nor rind of actual guilt. 6-10.

The sinless one. 84-271.

The spotless one. 11-27; 24-262.

The Virgin Mary is called Immaculate, for in nothing was she corrupt. 16-86.

Thou art all fair, 0 my love and there is not a spot in thee. 36-222.

Thou wert free from the stain that has sullied the earth. 44-6.

Undefiled and immaculate soul. 20-225.

Unimpaired and ever unimpaired. 893.

Unspotted by sin. 27-57.

Victorious over the infernal serpent from the first moment of thy being. 6-10.

Virgin mother, who wast never defiled with the slightest stain of original or actual sin. 6-10.

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