A refuge and a help for sinners. 6-9.

A refuge and refreshment in our labours and weariness. 20-223.

A safe refuge. 28-97.

A sign of sure hope and solace for the pilgrim people of God. 87-95.

After God, our hope and consolation in this place of exile. 6-9.

A sweet hope. 6-9.

Aid of the lost. 6-9.

All hope of life and of virtue. 4-157.

All my hope. 63-129.

Asylum of all who are oppressed by temptation, calamity or persecution. 4-122.

Asylum of sinners. 10-22.

Beacon of hope. 24-122.

Bright star of our hope. 34-133.

Certain salvation of Christians. 4-1 10.

Certain salvation of thy faithful servants. 4-1 1 3.

City of refuge. 5E-58.

Guide of hope. 24-131.

Harbour of refuge. 10-8.

Haven of the tempest-tossed. 10-22.

Help to the helpless. 16-64.

Hope and light of all who trust in thee. 45-8.

Hope and pardon of the culpable. 12-102.

Hope and support of the unhappy. 10-15.

Hope of all Carmelites. 36-42.

Hope of all in temptation. 64-43.

Hope of all who follow Jesus will. 34-261.

Hope of Christians. 70-117.

Hope of life. 24-8.

Hope of my soul. 4-110.

Hope of sinners. 16-81.

Hope of the despairing and the guilty. 77-9.

Hope of the desperate. 6-9.

Hope of the Church in the dangers which beset her from within or without. 64-46.

Hope of the godly. 16-76.

Hope of the hopeless and sinful. 6-9.

Hope of the miserable. 4-117.

Hope of the most abandoned. 4-192.

Hope of the pilgrim. 63-239.

Hope of the world. 10-11.

Hope's steadfast star. 34-401.

In me is all hope of life and virtue. 36-223.

Mother Mary is the hope of mankind. 76-47.

My greatest hope. 16-13.

My solace here below. 4-113.

My sole hope in my tribulations. 12-68.

Only refuge of those who have offended God. 4-122.

Our anchorage of trust upon life's sea. 24-131.

Our deliverer. 20-85.

Our greatest, surest hope. 64-50.

Our haven. 24-69.

Our hope in death. 6-9.

Our hope in sorrows and afflictions. 64-44.

Our life, our sweetness and our hope. 16-65.

Our one most sacred and most certain hope before God. 77-10.

Our only hope, most sure and sacred in God's sight. 6-9.

Our refuge. 4-257; 24-224.

Port of safety. 10-13.

Port of the shipwrecked. 10-13.

Privileged asylum. 10-36.

Public infirmary, in which all who are sick, poor and destitute can be received. 4-121.

Rainbow and hope to the Poor Souls. 10-10.

Refuge and advocate of poor sinners. 6-9.

Refuge and consolation of all who turn to thee. 64-63.

Refuge and hospital of sinners. 4-120.

Refuge and sanctuary of sinners. 5E-60.

Refuge in grief. 10-8.

Refuge in time of danger. 70-120.

Refuge of all who comfort seek. 34-365.

Refuge of sinners. 6-9.

Refuge of the afflicted. 6-9.

Refuge of the children of Adam. 5E-375.

Refuge of the human race. 63-50.

Refuge of the sick poor. 4-121.

Refuge of the unfortunate. 5E-665.

Refuge, protection and defense of all men. 58-223.

Refuge without fear. 20-278.

Safe harbor for travelers. 6-9.

Safe refuge of the penitent sinner. 6-9.

Safety of nations. 10-13.

Safety of the world. 10-38.

Salvation of all who call on her. 4-268.

Salvation of the world. 4-110.

Secure anchor of our hope. 10-19.

Secure haven of those who are in danger. 4-273.

Secure haven of those who are sailing in the sea of this life. 4-273.

Secure refuge of sinners. 6-9.

Sole hope of the poor. 12-74.

Sole refuge in grief. 20-229.

Sole sanctuary, where sinners find refuge. 16-9.

Source of sweet hope. 6-9.

Succor of those who are abandoned. 4-113.

Sure hope of all who seek her help in dangers of body and soul. 64-4.

Sure hope of salvation and eternal life. 64-5.

The cause of my hope. 16-13.

The help of that which is lost. 6-9.

The hope not only of the just but also of the guilty. 64-44.

The hope of malefactors. 4-83.

The hope of my salvation. 4-113.

The hope of the unhappy. 12-31.

The only fitting refuge for Christ and His least. 34-123.

The only hope of those who are in despair. 16-59.

The refuge of abandoned creatures. 4-45.

The portal of a city of refuge. 5B-249.

The relief of sinners. 58-272.

The safest refuge and most faithful helper of all who are in danger. 20-13.

The safety of all. 9-7.

The singular refuge of the lost. 4-192.

The sinner's great hope. 44-11; 9-8.

The whole hope of our salvation. 4-174.

Universal refuge.35-38.

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