Heart of Mary

A haven of safety from the storms of trials and temptations. 28-89.

A heart encircled by thorns which seemed to have pierced it like nails. 82-68.

A heart pierced by a seven-fold sword of anguish. 11-80.

A limitless treasure of mercy and compassion for us.12-84.

A mother's heart full of pity for the erring. 34-361.

Adorable heart pierced by so many swords of sorrow. 6-8.

Adorned with a most pure and tender heart. 77-2.

All-courteous heart. 7-14.

An expressive symbol and reminder of the virgin's interior qualities. 28-90.

Anxious heart. 6-8.

At the hour of my death, the surest anchor of my hope. 1-541.

Benign and compassionate heart. 4-41.

Blessed heart. 6-8.

Blessed Virgin, who in thy sweetest heart, didst keep as a precious treasure the words of Jesus, thy Son. 1-545.

Channel whereby we receive all graces needful for our salvation. 6-8.

Chaste heart. 5D-476; 34-146.

Compassionate heart. 63-44.

Dove-like and affectionate heart. 5D-54.

Dove-like heart of the loving mother. 5D-11.

Earthly resting place of the sacred and divine Heart of Jesus. 28-89.

Fair as the spotless lily. 24-94.

Faith and love unutterable. 2C-47.

Faithful in joy and sorrow. 24-95.

Fountain of Love Divine. 24-94.

Full to overflowing with charity, sweetness and tenderness for us, poor sinners. 6-8.

Generous heart. 6-8.

God chose it amongst all creatures to be the abode of His Son. 28-89.

Heart full of all grace and sweetness. 1-541.

Heart full of goodness, ever compassionate towards our miseries. 6-8.

Heart full of joy and tears. 24-94.

Heart most amiable on which the adorable Trinity ever gazes with complacency. 6-8.

Heart most like to the heart of Jesus, of which thou art the perfect image. 6-8.

Heart most pure of the Blessed Virgin Mary. 6-8.

Heart most worthy of love. 6-8.

Heart of a mother and heart of a woman. 12-79.

Heart of a virgin and heart of a martyr. 12-79.

Heart of love most tender. 24-131.

Heart of Mary -- crystal pure. 24-151.

Heart of Mary, mother of God and our mother. 6-8.

Heart of Mary, pierced with grief. 6-8.

Heart of the Immaculate Virgin. 51-84.

Heart of the tenderest of mothers. 63-34.

Heart so afflicted. 6-8.

Heart so full of anguish. 6-8.

Heart so troubled. 6-8.

Heart sunk in the bitterness of desolation. 6-8.

Heart surrounded with the thorns which ungrateful men place therein at every moment by their blasphemies and ingratitude. 63-110.

Heart that didst love God more than all the Seraphim. 1-541.

Heart that is filled with grief. 51-84.

Heart the holiest, the purest, the most perfect, that the Almighty hath formed in any creature. 1-541.

Her heart is united with these secret transports which in Jesus are unfathomable depths. 20-179.

Her stainless heart enfolding held Redemption's saving flood. 34-113.

Home of the Word Incarnate. 24-94.

Humble heart of a virgin. 11-15.

Immaculate heart. 7-24.

Image of the adorable Heart of Jesus. 1-541.

Immaculate heart of Mary. 88-6.

Invincible heart. 5D-706, 5E-171.

Less sublime than the Heart of God, but it is unique in heaven and earth. 12-113.

Longing heart. 5D-54.

Lovable heart, burning with the living fire of love. 6-8.

Magnanimous heart. 5D-622.

Mary's loving heart. 34-376.

Mary's pure heart. 28-90.

Mary's virginal heart. 20-170.

Masterpiece of God's omnipotence. 64-25.

Maternal heart. 87-89.

Modeled on Jesus' own. 24-95.

Most affectionate heart. 6-8.

Most afflicted heart of Mary, pierced by the word of sorrow. 63-123.

Most amiable and kindest heart. 5D-710.

Most ardent and pure heart of our queen. 5D-16.

Most faithful heart. 5D-762.

Most holy and pure heart. 6-8.

Most holy heart of our good mother. 51-14.

Most lovable heart. 6-8.

Most loving heart. 16-72.

Most pure and innocent heart of Mary. 58-534.

Most pure heart of Mary, in which grows the beautiful lily of virginal purity. 63-123.

Most prudent and chaste heart. 5D-752.

Most sacred heart of the blessed and ever Virgin Mary Immaculate. 6-9.

Most sacred heart, transfixed with so many swords of grief. 6-9.

Most sincere and loving heart. 5D-114.

Motherly heart. 6-9.

My consolation in sorrow. 1-541.

My mother's heart protects you with God. 12-102.

My place of retreat from the enemies of my salvation. 1-541.

My refuge in affliction. 1-541.

Next to the Heart of Jesus, object of my tenderest devotion. 1-541.

O heart full of all grace and sweetness, throne of love and mercy, image of the adorable Heart of Jesus. 1-541.

O heart most amiable, the delight and admiration of the angels and the saints. 1-541.

O heart of Mary, ever Virgin. 1-541.

Our comfort in trouble. 6-9.

Our haven in persecution. 6-9.

Our help in need. 6-9.

Our present help in every danger and especially at the hour of death. 6-9.

Our refuge in time of trouble. 6-9.

Our solace in the midst of trial. 6-9.

Our strength against temptation. 6-9.

Overflowing heart. 2C-171.

Pain-scarred, valorous heart. 24-157.

Perfect mirror of God's majesty and goodness. 28-89.

Pious and humble heart. 5D-102

Precious treasury, wherein the Blessed Virgin kept the words of Jesus. 6-9.

Pure and candid heart. 5D-426.

Pure and compassionate heart. 50-586.

Purest and dove-like heart. 5D-11.

Purest heart of the heavenly mother. 5E-464.

Purest heart of this great queen so full of wisdom. 5E-144.

Queen by her heart, as she is queen by her human destiny. 12-113.

Queenly and magnanimous heart. 5D-40.

Refuge of the human race. 63-120.

Road leading to Jesus. 6-9.

Sacred heart in the passion of thy Son, was cruelly pierced by the sword foretold by the holy and aged Simeon. 16-88.

Safe harbor from the tempests which beset us on every side. 89-25.

Safe refuge in that very fountain of mercy. 6-9.

Sensitive heart. 6-9.

Sincerest heart. 5E-143.

Sinless heart of Mary. 2889.

Sinless mother's heart. 63-37; 74-2.

So filled with tenderness and compassion for us, that no one ever endured as much from his own sufferings as Mary has endured from the afflictions of others. 16-59.

Spotless heart and true. 34-19.

Spotless tabernacle of the Holy Ghost. 28-89.

Stainless heart. 6-9.

Stricken with grief and sorrow. 24-94.

Sweet heart of Mary. 6-9.

Tender heart, filled as it was with extraordinary charity and compassion for the afflicted. 20-171.

Tender, kind and loving heart. 5E-178.

Tenderest of mothers' hearts. 28-89.

That didst endure for love of us the bitter dolors at the foot of the cross. 1-541.

That didst procure more glory to the most holy Trinity than all of the saints together. 1-541.

That mirror fair is Mary's heart. 34-115.

That ocean of love which is her heart. 2~248.

The altar of her heart. 20-177.

The angel Gabriel hailed it "full of grace." 28-89.

The Godhead's shrine. 24-94.

The earthly resting place of the sacred and divine Heart of Jesus. 28-89.

The greatest of hearts after the Heart of Jesus. 12-113.

The heart of the Savior's mother. 24-156.

The heart of your most holy mother. 23-15.

The heart that sin has never marred. 34-115.

The home of love. 24-221.

The spotless tabernacle of the Holy Ghost. 28-89.

The tender heart of the Mother of God. 20-171.

The very heart of the Mystical Body. 2C-179.

The way which leads to Jesus. 6-9.

This heart which has loved with a mother's love an Infant God and which loves with the same maternal love all of the children of men. 12-113.

Thou, whose remembering heart to the forgotten was ever the one shield that naught could break. 24-133.

Throne of love and mercy. 1-541.

Throne-room. 11-33.

True heart. 63-38.

Unconquered but lacerated heart. 5D-589.

Unique in heaven and earth. 12-113.

Worthy of the veneration and love of all the angels and of all men. 6-9.

Wounded heart. 5D-37.

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