Glories of Mary

A preeminent and altogether singular member of the Church 87-86.

Above all the angels, immaculate, pure, at the right of the King thou shalt sit evermore. 44-11.

Adorned with all the gifts of the Holy Ghost. 20-5.

After her Son, exalted by divine grace above all the angels and men. 87-94.

After the completion of her earthly life, Mary was assumed body and soul into the glory of heaven.14-90

All chaste and serene. 9-3.

All of the glory of the King's daughter is within, in golden borders, clothed round about with varieties. 36-215.

Already in the first moment of her conception, filled with such an abundance of graces as to surpass the graces of all the saints. 91-10.

Among the saints, she is the most holy. 5E-642

Beautiful as the sun. 4-324.

Beautiful surpassingly. 1-568.

Beloved daughter. 5E-643.

Beloved of God. 4-428.

Beloved spouse of the Spirit of God. 6-7.

Blessed among women. 6-7.

Blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb. 36-222.

Blessed art thou who believed. 88-5.

Blessed Mary ever a virgin. 8-31.

Blessed from generation to generation. 20-50.

Blessed one. 4-450.

Blessed root of glory. 16-68.

Bride of heaven. 20-22.

Bride of the blessed Trinity. 58-204.

Bride of the Holy Ghost. 6-7.

Bride of the Spirit with his sevenfold gifts. 6-7.

Bright as the sun. 2C-61.

Brightest glory of the human race. 10-13.

Called blessed by all generations. 14-18.

Celestial glories round thee blaze. 44-31.

Charity without measure. 4-397.

Cherished spouse of the Holy Ghost. 5E843.

Chief support of the primitive Church. 58-226.

Chosen from the ages. 20-7.

Chosen spouse of the Holy Spirit. 11-15.

Coadjutrix in the work of human redemption. 87-91.

Compared with thee, the Powers are weakness.20-17.

Conflagration of love. 28-237.

Constancy without parallel. 4-397.

Co-Redemptrix. 87-91.

Daughter of God the Father. 6-7.

Daughter of King David. 85-4.

Daughter of the Eternal Father. 6-7.

Delight of the Holy Trinity. 10-31.

Descendant of kings, patriarchs and prophets. 10-11.

Desired of all nations. 6-7.

Divine prodigy. 58-57.

Elect and predestined from all eternity. 6-7.

Endowed with all perfections and the whole range of infused virtues. 58- 1 84.

Ever glorious and blessed Mary. 36-138.

Every manner of honor, of grace, of merit and of glory is found in Mary. 16-78.

Exalted above all the choirs of angels and orders of saints. 20-14.

Exalted above all things save only God himself. 91-5.

Exalted by divine grace above all angels and men. 87-94.

Exalted by God above all the choirs of angels. 6-7.

Exalted in heaven above every living creature. 6-7.

Expected by the patriarchs. 6-7.

Fair daughter. 4-83.

Fair spouse of Jehovah, whose Son is thy child. 24-68.

Fairest amongst all the daughters of Jerusalem. 4-139.

Fairest among women. 10-12.

Fairest thou where all are fair. 1-568; 29-108.

Faithful handmaid. 16-40.

Faithful to grace in the highest degree. 73-86.

Favorite daughter of the Father. 87-86.

First of all God's creatures in heaven. 11-106.

Flower of God's choosing, that shall never fade. 3-152.

Forth-bringer of God. 70-116.

Full of grace. 87-88.

Full of the Holy Ghost. 58-156.

Gentlest of the gentle. 6-7.

Glorious and perpetual Virgin Mary. 87-86.

Glorious Mother of God. 36-239.

Glory of angels. 44-8.

Glory of God. 4-616.

Glory of our race. 34-23.

Glory of the Christian people. 6-7.

Glory of the priesthood. 10-22.

Glory of the works of the Almighty. 58-665.

God's garden of delights. 4-347.

God has chosen and pre-elected her, and has made her to dwell in his tabernacle.36-239.

God's masterpiece. 24-105.

Great lady at the right hand of her Divine Son. reigning through all the ages of eternity. 5E-658.

Great princess.4-273.

Greatest and most sublime of all creatures. 4-219.

Greatest work of the Divine Majesty. 10-16.

Hail Mary, full of grace. 1-224.

Handmaid of the Lord. 6-14.

Heavenly phoenix. 4-418.

Heavenly princess. 58-558.

Heir of a royal line which goes back to Joachim, to Solomon, to David, to Jesse, to Abraham, to Adam. 12-29.

Herald of Jesus. 10-11.

Higher than the angels. 20-17.

His companion for all eternity, possessing such a likeness to Him, that none greater can be possible between a God-man and a creature. 5E-643.

Holy, holy, holy Mary. 37-6.

Honor, glory and firmament of our Church. 4-83.

Honored with the glory of maternity. 20-55.

Humble because she was all for God. 76-49.

In Mary all created perfections, but in a most excellent manner and degree. 73-70.

In thy conception, 0 Virgin Mary, thou wast immaculate. 77-7.

Incomparably greater than all other creatures. 4-451.

Jesus is omnipotent of himself; Mary is all powerful through her Son. 73-70.

Joseph's spouse. 70-117.

Joy of paradise. 4-616.

Joy of the blest. 10-6.

Joy of the universal Church. 6-7.

Light of the faithful. 4-566.

Lily of spotless whiteness. 3-156.

Loveliest whom in heaven they see. 29-107.

More beautiful than the sun. 4-214.

More fair than morn's refulgent rays that flame in eastern majesty. 44-34.

More glorious than the Cherubim. 20-23, 24.

More glorious than the supernal spirits. 34-227.

More honorable than the Seraphim. 20-24.

Most glorious Virgin Mary. 40-168.

Most perfect woman. 58-92.

Most pure and holy of all creatures. 3-150.

Mother and spouse of God. 58-205.

Mother of the Eternal Son. 6-8.

Mother of the only begotten Son of the Eternal Father. 6-8.

New Eve. 70-119.

Noble daughter, most beloved of our common Lord. 4-340.

0 wonder, who, after all wonders, art still the most wonderful. 20-17.

Omnipotent in prayer. 6-8.

Omnipotent through grace. 68.

Paradise of delights. 4-273.

Paradise of God. 4-274.

Partaker of perpetual benediction. 20-5.

Patroness of graces. 4-189.

Peerless and singular creature. 58-66.

Perfect beatitude. 14-90.

Powerful vanquisher of all heresies. 6-8.

Prepared for himself by the Most High. 20-7.

Preserved from the inherited guilt of original sin. 14-14.

Purest, holiest, fairest of creatures. 10-14.

Purest humanity. 19-3.

Ravisher of hearts. 4-65.

Reparatrix. 70-120.

Rose of all roses. 3-152.

Sagacious woman. 4-125.

Saint of saints. 6-8.

Seat of all divine graces. 20-5.

Seat of wisdom. 6-8.

Servant of the Spirit. 87-39, 40.

She by herself is more like to her Son than all the saints together. 5E-642.

She obtains a splendor and eminence surpassing the excellence of all created things. 91-10.

Singular and chosen creature. 5E-133.

So lowly in thine own eyes, but so great in the eyes of the Lord. 4-373.

Sovereign of angels. 9-3.

Splendor of all heaven. 34-204.

Spouse and temple of the Holy Ghost. 5E-581.

Spouse of the Blessed Trinity. 58-204.

Spouse of the Canticle of Canticles. 10-12.

Spouse of the divine Spirit. 6-8.

Spouse of the Holy Ghost. 6-8.

Spouse of the Most High. 58-304.

Supereffulgent star. 4-85.

Sweeter than honey. 4-214, 215.

The all-holy one. 94-34.

The chosen one, who is to be acceptable above all creatures. 58-151.

The crown and joy of all of the saints. 20-13.

The daughters of Sion beheld her and declared her most blessed, and queens have praised her. 36-237.

The desired of nations. 11-18.

The exaltation of humanity. 20-17.

The fairest of all creatures. 4-428.

The fruit of benediction. 58-152.

The glories of Mary for the sake of her Son. 94-23.

The glory of Jerusalem. 6-8.

The glory of paradise. 4-428.

The great honor of our people. 6-8.

The greatest of women and none can compare. 34-14.

The Holy One who will be born of thee shall be called the Son of God. 36-228.

The honor of our race. 10-11.

The honor of the martyrs. 20-13.

The honor of us all. 4-428.

The immaculate virgin mother of God, after completing her earthly course, was assumed body and soul into heavenly glory. 14-85.

The joy of Israel. 6-8.

The joy of our country. 4-428.

The most illustrious glory and ornament, and most firm guardian of the Holy Church. 20-13.

The one blessed beyond all others. 94-34.

The one without the slightest stain. 94-34.

The praise of the prophets and apostles. 20-13.

The sacred Spirit's fruitful spouse. 36-207.

The Spirit's chosen spouse. 24-136.

The true and only spouse of the Holy Spirit. 73-71.

The victor in all the battles of God. 51-132.

The Virgin Mary is taken up to the heavenly chamber, in which the King of Kings sits upon his starry throne. 36-257.

There is an infinite difference between God's servants and His mother. 91-10.

Thou art blessed and venerable. 83-571.

Thou hast begotten life and glory for all generations of men. 4-84.

Thou has far excelled every other work of God. 20-17.

Thou hast found grace with the Lord. 36-227.

Thou lookest down on the lofty seats of the Thrones. 20-17.

Thou wast far purer than any other creature. 20-17.

Through grace perfectly free from every stain of sin. 20-7.

Thy rank taketh precedence before the rank of the Principalities. 20-17.

Treasure of goodness. 4-215.

Unsurpassed in sanctity. 58-102.

Veiled glory in this lampless universe. 34-384.

Victor over the serpent. 70-121.

Victress in all God's battles. 16-119.

Virgin Mary, Mother of the Church. 92-6.

Whom all generations shall call blessed. 34-7.

Without equal among things created. 58-205.

Woman clothed with the sun. 4-65.

Woman on whose head is a crown of twelve stars, that is a crown of all the saints. 21-21.

Wonder of wonders. 6-8.

Wonderful woman. 58-98.

Worthy throne for the Divinity. 10-15.

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