A daughter of Israel. 20-135.

A daughter of the tribe of Judah. 28-19.

A daughter who shall be blessed among women. 58-153.

A daughter wonderful in all her doings and in all her life. 58-153.

A mere creature and a true daughter of man. 58-120.

Affectionate daughter. 5B-550.

Ann`s daughter. 52-32.

Beloved and chosen daughter. 5D-65.

Blessed daughter. 58-518.

Cherished daughter. 5E-645.

Daughter and handmaiden of the most high King. 77-14.

Daughter ever blest. 52-32.

Daughter of a mighty Father. 10-8.

Daughter of Adam by nature 50-551.

Daughter of Jerusalem. 10-7.

Daughter of men. 70-20.

Daughter of Saints Joachim and Anne. 34-349.

Daughter of the Church and our sister as well. 94-43

Daughter of the Light Eternal. 10-16.

Daughter of the Prince. 5B-516.

Daughter of the Sovereign King. 75-50.

"Daughter of Zion" who was to give the world the universal Redeemer. 94-6.

David's daughter, who hath brought forth life to the world. 70-16.

Dear daughter. 6-12.

Dearest daughter of the heavenly Father. 50-20.

Exalted daughter of Sion. 87-87.

First-born daughter and the first disciple of the Incarnate Word. 5D-18.

First-born daughter by adoption. 4-639.

First-born daughter of grace and life. 5E-597.

Glorious daughter. 52-4.

God's loved daughter and mother and bride. 24-248.

Heavenly daughter. 58-319.

Illustrious daughter of the House of David. 12-27.

Ineffable daughter. 5B-175.

Kind daughter. 52-12.

Most chaste and most holy of the daughters of Eve.2C-340

Most faithful daughter. 58-517.

Most fortunate daughter. 58-518.

Most holy daughter. 58-554.

Most luminous daughter of light. 34-124.

Most obedient daughter. 6-14.

Most pure daughter. 6-14.

Perfect daughter of the heavenly Father. 5D-84.

Purest and holiest daughter. 20-33.

Sole and only daughter not of death but of life. 206.

The firstborn daughter of the new law of grace. 5D-4.

The most beautiful daughter of all the children of Eve. 34-223.

The most dutiful of all daughters. 28-17.

The one and only daughter of life. 4-288.

Thou art fair and comely, 0 daughter of Jerusalem. 29-25.

Well-beloved daughter. 6-15.

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