A comfort in age. 34-133.

A comforter in every pain. 24-239.

A sign of sure hope and solace for the Pilgrim People of God. 87-95.

Comfort of Christians. 70-115.

Comfort of mourners. 44-8; 9-6.

Comfort to the sorrowful. 16-64.

Comforter of the afflicted. 6-7.

Comfortress. 34-251.

Consolation of afflicted souls. 1 2-1 02.

Consolation of the human race. 10-22.

Consolation of all the souls in purgatory. 64-53.

Consoler. 28-119.

Consoler rare. 10-38.

Ever the aid and consolation of those who suffer. 12-11.

My comfort, sure and true. 34-102.

My consolation. 6-7.

Our comfort in life. 6-7.

Our consolation in the hour of death. 64-34.

Our unfailing comfort. 6-7.

Solace of our pilgrimage. 10-39.

Solace of the miserable. 10-22.

Solace of the wretched. 6-7.

Tender comforter. 28-119.

The one who carries to earth and to men the abundance of sweet consolations. 12-99.

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